Fix Corrupted Hard Drive Mac

Fix Corrupted Hard Drive Mac – A damaged hard drive on a Mac can feel like a loud alarm. Unlike Windows computers, Macs are not built by default to repair and repair damaged hard drives. So what can you do?

There are many ways to repair a Mac hard drive. Whether you’re having a problem with an external device or internal storage on your Mac, we’ve got all the steps you need to know to fix the problem.

Fix Corrupted Hard Drive Mac

Fix Corrupted Hard Drive Mac

External storage devices such as hard drives, especially HDDs, are prone to damage due to the way they are constructed. HDDs often spin around the disk that stores your files, and sudden movements or forces can shake or damage the disk.

Solved] How To Recover Files From A Corrupted Hard Drive On Mac

If you don’t get any of these errors at all, even if you’re rushing your Mac if the hard drive is installed, then the problem could be something else. Contrary to popular belief and gaming culture, don’t blow into your USB hard drive like a Nintendo cartridge. There may be something wrong with the hard drive cabling rather than damage to the drive or the main storage chip.

Fix Corrupted Hard Drive Mac

Regardless, we recommend that you go through all the steps below to try to repair your external hard drive. If nothing works all the way, keep in mind that maybe the problem is connecting the hard drive to the USB port. You can easily have it repaired and rewired by a local technician.

Although Apple is known for its security, your Mac’s internal hard drive is not completely immune to damage. You may have installed malicious software or had a recent crash that caused unsaved corrupt files to appear on your system.

Fix Corrupted Hard Drive Mac

Three Possible Ways To Fix A Corrupted External Hard Drive On Mac

With all that said, luckily there are as many ways to deal with these problems as there are symptoms!

Before we start looking for settings and trying to repair your Mac hard drive, let’s make sure to backup and save all the data inside it first. If worse, we may need to reformat the hard drive.

Fix Corrupted Hard Drive Mac

Now, there are many data recovery programs out there, but we recommend you try Disk Drill. It’s our best data recovery software and it’s free to use!

Quickly Repair Mac Disk Using First Aid

If you support an external hard drive, you can use your Mac to back up files if you have the space. However, if you’re backing up Mac files, you’ll need a working external hard drive to back up.

Fix Corrupted Hard Drive Mac

Saving files may take more or less than 30 minutes, depending on the size of the files you are saving.

Disk Drill will send you a warning if your backup hard drive doesn’t have enough space. You can try to free up space on that hard drive or find one with more space. If your hard drive has enough space, Disk Drill will immediately start backing up your files.

Fix Corrupted Hard Drive Mac

How To Repair Corrupted External Hard Drive Without Losing Data

Now that you’ve finished saving your files, we can troubleshoot your hard drive. The steps to fix hard drive problems will be listed below in the article.

In the meantime, we recommend learning how Disk Drill lets you scan the new byte in the next step.

Fix Corrupted Hard Drive Mac

Anytime you use a third-party tool to scan and recover files, you risk overwriting your drive or making the corruption worse. Whenever you’re restoring data, the main thing to avoid is overwriting the data on the drive you’re coming from.

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So making a byte-by-byte backup and then scanning it is a safe way to save your original files and scan a new backup without fear of losing your data.

Fix Corrupted Hard Drive Mac

That way, even if the original disc is damaged, you don’t have to worry about having a chance to recover your files.

We recommend using Disk Drill to perform these steps, as it allows users to view and scan files that cannot be accessed through normal macOS methods.

Fix Corrupted Hard Drive Mac

How To Recover Data From A Hard Drive

You can repeat this process over and over with a byte-by-byte backup without fear of losing your data.

There is a macOS setting responsible for showing hard drives, CDs, DVDs, and more on the desktop. If you can’t find your hard drive, it may be hidden and undamaged. Hopefully this is the case, so you won’t have to repair your hard drive later.

Fix Corrupted Hard Drive Mac

If this option is disabled when you open Finder preferences, then this should solve your problem. Go and check your desktop hard drive.

Recover Files Disappeared From External Hard Drive On Mac

Even if the hard drive is connected, a simple cable pull can disconnect it. At the same time, a bad hard drive can have difficulty connecting to your Mac.

Fix Corrupted Hard Drive Mac

You can try mounting the hard drive using Disk Utility. This allows your Mac to attempt to read and mount any hard drive installed on it.

I don’t know what it’s called, but the slowest hang is when you slowly insert your hard drive into a Mac’s USB port. It’s one of those fixes that doesn’t have a solid explanation behind it, but it’s been a tried and tested method that works time and time again.

Fix Corrupted Hard Drive Mac

How To Easily Fix A Corrupted Hard Drive On Windows 10 (2022)

Try connecting your hard drive to a different USB port. Chances are there’s a problem with the USB port you’re plugging the hard drive into. Or, maybe changing the USB ports will reset the hard drive enough to read and work.

A twisted USB cable is a bad USB cable. Try placing the hard drive on the floor, away from sudden movements, and keep the cable directly connected to the Mac. Often times older hard drives will have weak wires and need to be somewhere to read and work.

Fix Corrupted Hard Drive Mac

For those using a USB hub, try removing it and plugging the external hard drive directly into your Mac. If it works and solves the problem, there may be a problem with the USB hub.

External Hard Drive Not Showing Up On Mac? Here’s What To Do

Console reports are a great way to find out what’s going on behind the scenes. Even if you don’t see the hard drive on the desktop, the activity should be reported in the Console and other reported issues.

Fix Corrupted Hard Drive Mac

You won’t want to look at Mac Analytics data and system.log reports for this problem. Find out why your drive won’t mount. It should indicate whether the problem is caused by a crash, a corrupt file, or an inability to read and connect the hard drive to the Mac.

Disk Utility has a lot of features designed for hard drives, and First Aid is one of them. It is designed to repair and troubleshoot storage devices.

Fix Corrupted Hard Drive Mac

How To Fix No Startup Disk Error On Mac?

If the storage device you’re looking at is your startup disk or startup volume, you’ll need to restart your Mac into macOS recovery first.

Just click Finish when you’re done with everything, and that will give Disk Utility enough information to repair your storage device or tell you if there’s something wrong with it.

Fix Corrupted Hard Drive Mac

Finally, if Disk Drill tells you that the drive is about to fail, back up your data as soon as possible. You must have the disc replaced at an Apple-authorized repair shop.

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You can also use the terminal to access First Aid and repair the damaged hard drive you are dealing with. This step is very simple, but we do not recommend it for users who are not familiar with the Site.

Fix Corrupted Hard Drive Mac

This may take a few minutes or so, so now would be a good time to grab a cup of coffee or lie down.

A chip built into your Mac’s logic board called the SMC is responsible for many functions, primarily powering and configuring your macOS. The chip’s parameters are constantly changing, sometimes causing malfunctions that a good reset can fix.

Fix Corrupted Hard Drive Mac

How To Reinstall Mac Os

Resetting the SMC will restore the settings on the computer, which can solve the hard drive corruption problem if the hard drive is not connected or unreadable. It’s a bit long, but it all helps when you’re fixing hardware issues like this.

The steps will be different for different Mac models, so check your Mac model and read the instructions there.

Fix Corrupted Hard Drive Mac

M1 Macs do not have an SMC chip. All functions are already included in the M1 processor, so you just need to reset your computer.

How To Read External Hard Drive Not Showing Up On Mac [2022]

Although the SMC primarily deals with the battery, fans, and LED indicators, among other things, a reset should help fix any hard drive hardware issues.

Fix Corrupted Hard Drive Mac

Here is another method that involves resetting the object. Your NVRAM is responsible for storing your preferences and settings. Although the saved data is not personal data, a reset restores the personal preferences you previously set in your Mac’s settings.

On Macs that play a startup sound, you can release the keys immediately after the second startup sound.

Fix Corrupted Hard Drive Mac

How To Fix Corrupted External Hard Drive Using Cmd

On Macs with the T2 security chip, you can take your fingers off the keys when the Apple logo appears and disappears from the screen after a second.

You can see if you have done this correctly

Fix Corrupted Hard Drive Mac

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