Recover Files Using Command Prompt

Recover Files Using Command Prompt – Editorials How to Recover Deleted Files Using Windows 10 Command Prompt December 1, 2021 6 min read

Reading time: 6 minutes Deliberately deleted files can be problematic because it is not immediately clear how to recover these files. However, there are methods to recover these files. One way to do this in Windows 10 is to use the command prompt.

Recover Files Using Command Prompt

Recover Files Using Command Prompt

Command Prompt is a text-based command line interpreter for Windows. It is used to run commands that can be used to open programs, automate tasks, run scripts, and fix Windows problems.

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Note: To perform more advanced tasks using the command prompt, you must run it with administrator privileges.

Recover Files Using Command Prompt

The simplest way to recover a deleted file is to restore it from the Recycle Bin if it hasn’t been permanently deleted yet. It is also possible to recover “permanently” deleted files using the Windows 10 command prompt. Even if the file is deleted from the Windows Recycle Bin, it remains on the device’s storage medium.

The operating system reserves the space taken by the file for overwriting, allowing users to restore the files. If you’re quick, files can be recovered using a few methods, including using the command prompt. Third-party software can also be used as an alternative, as seen below.

Recover Files Using Command Prompt

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If you want to recover files from the Recycle Bin via Command Prompt, open Command Prompt with administrator rights. This can be done by opening the Windows taskbar, searching for Command Prompt, and right-clicking on the Command Prompt icon.

The most effective way to recover deleted files in Windows 10 using the command prompt is to use the command line-based Windows File Recovery application. How to use the app:

Recover Files Using Command Prompt

Step 1: After downloading the app from Windows Store, launch it. The application requests permission to make changes to the device. Grant these permissions.

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. For example, if you want to retrieve files from the Documents folder, type the following:

Recover Files Using Command Prompt

Drive forward. If you run this command, you must change the drives that apply in your case. This means you need to replace in the example above with your computer’s username.

Note that the destination drive must be different from the source drive or the process will not work.

Recover Files Using Command Prompt

Rename Command (examples, Options, Switches, & More)

Start the recovery process. If you want to stop the restore process for any reason, press

Step 5: Now you can browse the files you tried to recover from your destination drive. They are in a folder called Recovery.

Recover Files Using Command Prompt

You can repeat the method described above in advanced mode. A complete list of all modes and switches can be found on the Microsoft website.

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Although Windows File Recovery is a powerful option when using a command-line tool, not everyone is happy with the command-line interface. As a command-line recovery option, a better option is to use an application with a graphical user interface (GUI), such as Disk Drill.

Recover Files Using Command Prompt

The disc drill is easy to use, but still offers users professional-level features and functions. This sets it apart as one of the best Windows file recovery apps. To recover files with Disk Drill in Windows, follow these steps:

After installation is complete, Windows User Account Control will ask you to grant Disk Drill administrator rights. This allows DiskDrill to perform advanced data recovery algorithms. When Disk Drill opens, you need to select the drive from which you want to recover files. Do this and then select all recovery methods. This way you can recover as many files as possible.

Recover Files Using Command Prompt

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Step 3. You can now browse the list of files to restore to see if you have found the files you are looking for.

Browse through the list of files and select the ones you want to restore. You can choose the file category that best matches what you are looking for. You can narrow your search by selecting options such as documents and audio.

Recover Files Using Command Prompt

It is recommended to save these files on another storage device. This ensures that you don’t overwrite the files you’re trying to restore. A confirmation message appears on the screen, telling you whether the restore was successful or not.

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This can be done by retrieving the files from the Recycle Bin via a command prompt or by using a command-line-based Windows file recovery tool.

Recover Files Using Command Prompt

It is possible to recover deleted files using CMD from USB if the files are corrupted using Windows File Recovery Tool. The command should be:

Replace C drive above with the drive letter of your USB drive. You have to change

Recover Files Using Command Prompt

How To Recover Deleted Files In Windows

Change the destination station from station E to the station you want using the path you want in your station.

In general, CHKDSK does not delete files. It is a tool used to repair file system errors. However, interrupting the CHKDSK process or running CHKDSK on a damaged drive can result in data loss.

Recover Files Using Command Prompt

Even if you think your file is permanently deleted, it is not. Users can try to recover files using command prompt or even GUI tools. As for Command Prompt, using Windows File Recovery from Command Prompt is the best option for file recovery. Otherwise, a third-party tool like Disk Drill with a GUI is a great option. While using the computer, we come across some command prompts, but few know what these prompts mean. In fact, a command prompt is a functional prompt for command entry in the operating system. A command line differs from a graphical user interface in that it usually requires the user to remember the commands to operate, so it is kind of complicated. It has many uses, but we often use it for recovery.

How To Start System Restore From The Command Prompt

In the following article, I will give you three ways to tell you how to recover permanently deleted files using Command Prompt. By reading this post, you can understand Command Prompt more deeply.

Recover Files Using Command Prompt

If you don’t want to recover deleted files without software, attribcommandis a good choice. It can recover files from USB, HDD, SD card and other external hard drives due to virus attack and misconfiguration, but it may not be able to recover your desired files successfully.

After entering the attrib command line, wait for some time and you will find the recovered file on your target drive. By the way, its application is not wide, so you can try the following two methods.

Recover Files Using Command Prompt

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Windows File Recovery is a command-line data recovery software provided by Microsoft in 2020 that only supports Windows 10 and above. Windows File Recovery is a command-line tool that must be run through a command-line script.

When you use it, you need to find the command structure and then type the corresponding command line. Next, I will teach you how to recover deleted files using cmd. You can get this software from the Microsoft Store.

Recover Files Using Command Prompt

After installation, you need to know the parameters you use on the command line. See the table below:

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Finally, type the last command line on your computer using your preferred command prompts and after some time your target file will be restored.

Recover Files Using Command Prompt

In fact, recovering deleted files using Command Prompt is more complicated because many people do not understand the professional terminology of computers, which causes many problems in the file recovery process.

You can try a more convenient free program. GUI is a user-friendly software that can recover files without entering complicated command lines with a few clicks of the mouse according to the provided graphical user interface. I believe you are very interested, and the functions of Windows file recovery and GUI are fully requested, corresponding to its usage effect.

Recover Files Using Command Prompt

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As you can see, it is more powerful software for file recovery and at the same time, its protection factor is also very high.

This is a good way to recover deleted files using command prompt, but not an easy way. In contrast, GUI uses a graphical user interface to present the recovery process, which is more concise and easier to understand. You can choose the method that suits you according to your needs. Losing important files can be a nightmare, especially if they are permanently deleted. But don’t panic, there are several ways to get them back, including Command Prompt. However, it works in a prescriptive manner, which may confuse you. So don’t worry. Next, we will briefly introduce Command Prompt and provide steps to recover permanently deleted files using CMD in Windows 10/11. Finally, provide alternate options for your reference.

Recover Files Using Command Prompt

Windows PC’s Command Prompt (CMD) is a powerful tool that can unlock a new level of system management. Despite the scary appearance, the possibilities

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