Write Automated Test Scripts Selenium

Write Automated Test Scripts Selenium – Access Cloud Selenium Grid instantly from 3000+ browsers and real devices. Say hello to the internal Selenium Grid!

Selenium WebDriver is one of the most important components of Selenium test suite. Before learning about Selenium WebDriver, Let’s start with some basics about Selenium.

Write Automated Test Scripts Selenium

Write Automated Test Scripts Selenium

Selenium represents a set of tools commonly used in the testing community for cross-browser testing. Selenium desktop applications are not available automatically. Can only be used in browsers. It is considered one of the favorite tools for web application automation testing because it supports popular web browsers.

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It supports multiple browsers (Google Chrome 12+, Internet Explorer 7, 8, 9, 10, Safari 5.1+, Opera 11.5, Firefox 3+) and operating systems (Windows, Mac, Linux/Unix).

Write Automated Test Scripts Selenium

Selenium also supports compatibility with various programming languages ​​- C#, Java, JavaScript, Ruby, Python, PHP. Testers can choose which language to use to create their test cases, making Selenium ideal for flexibility.

Selenium code does not need to be written in the same language as the application. for example, If the application under test is written in PHP; Testers don’t need to write Selenium code in PHP. Therefore, If a website is written in C#; Selenium code can also be written in PHP.

Write Automated Test Scripts Selenium

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Now the first cloud-based test automation platform to announce full support for Selenium 4 and its BiDi APIs. learn more.

Selenium IDE (Integrated Development Environment) is basically a write/execute tool. It’s a Firefox and Chrome add-on that quickly creates tests with record and replay functionality. You don’t need to learn a test scripting language to create functional tests.

Write Automated Test Scripts Selenium

When working with Selenium RC (remote control) tool; You should know at least one programming language well. This tool allows you to create responsive design tests in the scripting language of your choice. The server and client libraries are the two main components of Selenium RC. Its architecture is complex and has limitations.

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Selenium WebDriver is an advanced version of Selenium RC. It was introduced in the market to overcome the limitations faced in Selenium RC. It is an improved version of RC but its structure is completely different from RC. Like Selenium RC, Selenium WebDriver supports multiple programs to provide greater flexibility and requires no programming language knowledge.

Write Automated Test Scripts Selenium

Selenium Grid is compatible with different browsers; A tool used to run simultaneous tests on machines and operating systems. This tool makes it very easy to check cross-browser compatibility. There are two versions of Selenium Grid – the older version is called Grid 1 and the latest version is called Grid 2.

Selenium WebDriver is a web builder that allows you to run cross-browser tests. This tool is used to automate the testing of web-based applications to verify that they function as expected.

Write Automated Test Scripts Selenium

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Selenium WebDriver lets you choose a programming language for creating test scripts. As mentioned above, It is an improvement over Selenium RC to overcome several limitations. Selenium WebDriver does not have the ability to handle window components, but Sikuli, Auto IT etc can overcome this shortcoming. It can be overcome by using tools like

Selenium Ruby Python Java and more. supports many libraries such as for example, If you want to use a browser driver in Python, use Python Bindings. You can download all the supported language packs of your choice from the Selenium official site.

Write Automated Test Scripts Selenium

JSON stands for JavaScript Object Notation. It is an open standard that provides a transport mechanism for transferring data between a client and a server on the Internet. It supports various data structures such as arrays and objects, making it easy to read and write JSON data.

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JSON serves as a REST (Representational State Transfer) API that exchanges information between HTTP servers. Learn more about the REST API for using Selenium.

Write Automated Test Scripts Selenium

Selenium provides specific drivers for each browser, without exposing the internal logic of browser functionality. The browser driver interacts with the respective browser by establishing a secure connection. These browser drivers include C#, Python Includes Java and more. The language used to automate the test cases is also specified.

You can download the browser driver according to the language requirement. for example, You can configure the Selenium web driver for Python.

Write Automated Test Scripts Selenium

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When running the test script using WebDriver; The following operations are performed in the background:

Curious about Selenium 4? Simon Stewart; Selenium Project Lead; Try this in-depth webinar on Selenium 4 by Simon Stewart, creator of WebDriver and co-editor of the W3C WebDriver specification.

Write Automated Test Scripts Selenium

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After writing the code, run the program. The above code will launch the Chrome browser that will navigate to the website.

Write Automated Test Scripts Selenium

Let’s understand what’s behind the story when you press the “Run” button until the Chrome browser starts.

After running the program, Each line of code/script is converted to a URL. The JSON Wire protocol over HTTP makes this possible. This URL is then passed to the browser drivers (in our example, ChromeDriver). At this point our client library (Python in our example) translates the code into JSON format and interacts with ChromeDriver.

Write Automated Test Scripts Selenium

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Every browser driver uses an HTTP server to receive HTTP requests. Once the browser driver receives the URL, It processes the request by sending it to the actual browser over HTTP. Then all commands from Selenium scripts are executed.

If this is a GET request; This causes a response to be generated at the browser’s end, which is sent to the browser driver via HTTP, and finally the browser driver sends it to the UI (Eclipse) using the JSON wire protocol. IDE).

Write Automated Test Scripts Selenium

When you run the code; Selenium will go to the Chrome browser and open the login page. Then log in using the appropriate credentials. It also checks the test condition using Assert and tries to match the URL.

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All Selenium tests must be run on real machines to get accurate results. Run tests on a cloud of real browsers and over 2,000 devices. Run parallel tests on Cloud Selenium Grid for faster results without compromising accuracy. Identify errors before users create by automatically testing your software in real user scenarios.

Write Automated Test Scripts Selenium

This tutorial aims to introduce new users to the many functions and uses of Selenium WebDriver. Once you’ve covered the basics, explore the many Selenium tutorials in the guide to discover why Selenium WebDriver is one of the most powerful resources in a tester’s toolkit.

We use cookies to improve your user experience. By continuing to view or closing this banner, you agree to our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service. Selenium is a tool for testing web applications. Selenium tests are run directly in browsers. Supported browsers include IE (7, 8, 9, 10, 11); Mozilla, Firefox Safari Google Chrome opera including edge etc. included The main functions of this tool are: cross-browser compatibility testing – and checking applications; So that they work well in different browsers and operating systems. System Functionality Testing – Conduct regression tests to verify software functionality and user requirements. Autowrite and Net; Java Support for automated writing and automated generation of test scripts in Perl and various other languages.

Write Automated Test Scripts Selenium

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JavaScript is used at the bottom of the panel to simulate real users to control the browser. When running the test script; The browser automatically clicks; entering opening Inspection and other actions are performed according to the script code. Just like real users. Even if there are subtle differences between different browsers; Even if there are subtle differences between different browsers. Test the app from the user’s perspective, allowing you to automate cross-browser compatibility testing.

How you build and configure WebDriver depends on your tests and the programming language environment you want to use. There is an out-of-the-box package for installing on most popular OS.

Write Automated Test Scripts Selenium

We’ll skip the Selenium RC implementation since we’ve already deprecated it. The other three tools are introduced as follows.

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If you are looking to create problem-reproduction scripts to automate exploratory testing; Your first choice is Chrome; Chrome, plugins for Firefox and edge; Firefox and edge can record and replay browser interactions.

Write Automated Test Scripts Selenium

The advantage of Selenium IDE is that tests written using plugins can be run in Java, Ruby, It can be exported in various programming languages ​​such as Python.

Selenium Grid should be used if you need to quickly distribute and run tests on multiple devices to scale and manage multiple environments to run tests with different browsers/operating systems.

Write Automated Test Scripts Selenium

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Many online platforms provide an online Selenium grid so that you can use Selenium automation scripts. I might get it.

It gives you a strong, It also lets you create browser-based regression automation suites and tests.

Write Automated Test Scripts Selenium

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