Windows 98 Command Prompt Commands

Windows 98 Command Prompt Commands – Jeff is a computer user who enjoys running a clean machine and saving money.

In the previous article, I introduced you to the CMD prompt and gave you some basic Windows commands and useful tips: how to copy and paste a command to and from the console, help, ipconfig for network information, etc.

Windows 98 Command Prompt Commands

Windows 98 Command Prompt Commands

Need to synchronize your clock on your computer? The easiest way is to use the Windows 7 command line. Just type Time and you will be prompted to enter the new time. If you don’t want to change the time, just close the window.

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Sometimes you may need to open a new CMD window. Type CMD and you will have a new window.

Windows 98 Command Prompt Commands

If you just want to clear the screen in the same window, type CLS. (CLS = Clear Screen).

Tired of the same old black and white look? The first type of color /? for a list of options. You will enter two options: the first is for the background color and the second is for the text letters.

Windows 98 Command Prompt Commands

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Tip: If you want to change the default color scheme of the CMD interface, the easiest way is to right click on the top bar and go to “Properties”. Then use the “Colors” tab to choose the background and text colors.

It’s one of my favorites. Type TREE in any given directory, such as C, and you’ll get a detailed tree view of that directory and its subdirectories. Type Tree when you first open your CMD line interface and you will see the directory structure of your user profile.

Windows 98 Command Prompt Commands

Tip: If you’re running out of space (like I did when testing TREE on my profile) and the output is truncated, right click on the top bar and go to “properties”. Then go to the “Layout” tab. Change the default height setting from 300 to something taller. I use 500.

Bug Report: Crashing Cmd Window · Issue #1281 · Microsoft/terminal · Github

Durable File Copy for Windows. In my first Windows 7 CMD Line hub, I mentioned XCOPY. We can now explore Robocopy. Starting with Windows Vista, Robocopy was added as a default command-line tool feature.

Windows 98 Command Prompt Commands

Robocopy has some advantages over XCOPY, such as a progress indicator, the ability to withstand network failures, and a very nice output that shows the number of files copied, missed, or skipped.

If you’re interested, you can read more about Robocopy on Microsoft’s website. In my image, I use the same syntax as in my XCOPY examples with the /s and /e switches.

Windows 98 Command Prompt Commands

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Robocopy (robustcopy) is one of the most useful Windows 7 commands you can use. Tips. You can also download the Windows Resource Kit for older versions of Windows.

Want to quickly test your PC’s performance? Try typing PERFMON /RES. This Windows 7 command will take you directly to the Resource Monitor window.

Windows 98 Command Prompt Commands

Tips. You can also access Resource Manager from the Windows 7 Task Manager console. Right-click on the bottom desktop bar, select “Start Task Manager”, then go to the “Performance” tab . Then click on the “Resource Monitor” tab.

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Anyone who has worked with a Windows computer for any length of time knows (or should know) the importance of an occasional defrag. One of the best analogies I’ve ever heard equates defragmentation with “putting the books in the library back on the shelf where they belong.” You can start by typing Defrag /? for a list of options. DEFRAG /C /V /V will give you a nice result.

Windows 98 Command Prompt Commands

Did you know that you can search using the CMD prompt in Windows 7? First type Search /? for a list of options and correct syntax. An example might be: Find /C “test” to search all volumes for strings containing “test”. Be sure to enclose the text in quotes.

Tired of waiting for search results with the Search command? Press CTRL+C to stop the current task and prompt (without closing the window).

Windows 98 Command Prompt Commands

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You can shut down your computer or any computer on the network directly from the command line. Start by typing Stop /? for a list of options.

If I want to restart the computer, I will type shutdown /r. If I want to shut it down, I type shutdown /s. A pop-up message will appear indicating that the computer will shut down in less than a minute.

Windows 98 Command Prompt Commands

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If you’re using Windows 98 or earlier, you probably own a computer with an SSD. In this case, defragmentation is not only useless, but also harmful for your computer.

Windows 98 Command Prompt Commands

Hi stfu what, you don’t like cmd prompt? Are you one of those who think Powershell is better? (it actually is) :), but the cmd prompt has its uses

Windowspain…Your comments show that the command prompt is old and decrepit. In fact, it is one of the best tools for diagnosing computer problems. I use it every day at work to troubleshoot computer and network issues.

Windows 98 Command Prompt Commands

Windows Command Prompt Font

Another great Hubpage howler! Great tips. Believe it or not, there will be times when Windows just won’t work and you’ll need these tips. (TIP: print them now, not “later”)

Reading your tips brought back memories of my first computer experience in the early 80’s before Windows had a GUI. (good) Graphical user interface (pointing and clicking on objects with the mouse).

Windows 98 Command Prompt Commands

We were up against a monochrome screen, an 8086 processor and, if you really liked it, a hard drive instead of a dual-floppy system.

Menu For Windows Command Prompt Via Batch File Tutorial

Some of those hard drives weighed in at 40 megabytes, which we excitedly explained to anyone who wanted to listen: “Huge, man! More than we’ll ever need!”

Windows 98 Command Prompt Commands

Of course, all those Apple hippies were really smug until Windows 3.0 (then 3.1) arrived. Then we could point and click and then every moron (hey, sorry) I mean “all normal people” could go into the computing frenzy. Are you a Windows PC user? Looking for a collection of Command Prompt (CMD) commands that can make your device easier to use?

Even though all the great features of the Windows operating system can now be accessed directly from the beautiful GUI (Graphical User Interface) mode, the reality is that its users still cannot get away from CMD.

Windows 98 Command Prompt Commands

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From helping with basic functions to performing highly technical tasks. In fact, many of them are looking for CMD commands to hack websites.

Speaking of Command Prompt, this article will provide you with a collection of CMD commands and their features that you can try. Come take a look!

Windows 98 Command Prompt Commands

(CLI) that exists on Windows. CMD commands are used to perform various operations on the computer.

Ten Awesome Windows 7 Command Line

In fact, these commands have been around since the days of MS-DOS. However, regular Windows users rarely use the CMD command because the same function is now more easily accessible through a menu.

Windows 98 Command Prompt Commands

However, the CMD command gives you more control over the operation of your computer. The variety is great. Don’t worry though. You can use the list in this article as a cheat sheet!

Before getting into this list of CMD commands, you should know that not all commands can be used in all versions of Windows. See the explanation below for the basic CMD commands you can use.

Windows 98 Command Prompt Commands

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The mount command allows you to open files located in another directory, even if you are not in that directory. An example of its use is as follows:

The purpose of this command is to open and edit a file called myfile.txt. If the file is not in the directory you are opening, the command will look for it in the c:docs and c:letters directories.

Windows 98 Command Prompt Commands

If you want to add multiple search directories, use a semicolon (;) to separate each directory.

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Here is an example of using the arp command. Let’s say your IP address is If you want to replace it, just run the following command:

Windows 98 Command Prompt Commands

The assoc command is used to check the file extension associated with a file type. For example, suppose you want to display a description of the .txt extension. To do this, you need to run the following command.

After entering the command, it will display the words .txt=txtfile, which means .txt is a text file extension.

Windows 98 Command Prompt Commands

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Additionally, the assoc command can also be used to change or remove a file extension’s association with a file type. Here is an example usage for deletion:

If you want to use the above command, remember to add a space after the equal sign (=).

Windows 98 Command Prompt Commands

The at command is used to automate various other commands at some point. Although it’s only supported on three older versions of Windows, it can actually be used on Vista and 7, although the status is

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Starting with Windows 8, at has been replaced by schtasks, which has a similar function. This team will also be discussed later.

Windows 98 Command Prompt Commands

The command itself has several uses. If you just type at, the command prompt will display a list of automatic commands.

Note that each of

Windows 98 Command Prompt Commands

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