Why Zoro Is Loyal To Luffy

Why Zoro Is Loyal To Luffy – Loyalty is a very difficult trait to find these days and some relationships these days are on the verge of breaking up due to this factor. Although finding a reliable mate or companion is rare, the same cannot be said for the most loyal anime characters who are praised for their solid personality in society.

Every great leader always has a sidekick or ally watching his back. They are not only reliable, but also willing to make significant personal sacrifices. They always stand by their leader through thick and thin and trust completely in the hands of their commander. But sometimes their dedication does not get due recognition.

Why Zoro Is Loyal To Luffy

Why Zoro Is Loyal To Luffy

Also, in today’s article, we will look at some of the most loyal anime characters who stick with their partner till the end, either for a righteous reason or a cruel ambition. So without further delay let’s get started.

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Those who have watched the Dragon Ball series cannot deny the fact that Krillin is one of the most loyal anime characters in history. Despite his many years at the center of comics, Krillin has always remained loyal to Goku and the other Z-Warriors. Although Goku and Krillin’s iconic friendship began as a rivalry, he stood by Goku throughout his many failures and achievements.

Why Zoro Is Loyal To Luffy

Goku and Krillin both trained under the legendary Master Roshi. Krillin stood by Goku against the great threats of Saiyans, Androids, Cell, Buu and more. Even on a distant planet, Krillin had faith that Goku would join the team and save the day. Similarly, Krillin has become an uncle and an ever-reliable companion to the likes of Gohan and Goten.

Killua was an assassin who came from a very powerful bloodline, the Soltyx. As he grew up, he didn’t trust anyone and loyalty was just a word for him. However, his meeting with Kon turned out to be the best thing that ever happened to him. Not only did they become good friends, but they trusted each other wholeheartedly.

Why Zoro Is Loyal To Luffy

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Killua tried every means to train his partner and kept Kon alive throughout the series. Kon’s stubbornness and drive to prepare for battle often lead the two into life-threatening situations, and each time Killua miraculously saved the day. From Gon saving Killua after a suicide attempt, to Killua using Nanika to revive Gon’s body, their lives literally owe each other.

Baji was portrayed as a traitor in the first half of Tokyo Avengers. At first, he doesn’t seem particularly loyal, leaving Doman for a gang that is one of Doman’s greatest enemies. But it was only an act and his loyalty to his friends never wavered. He loved Doman, and more importantly, he loved the close friends he started the band with.

Why Zoro Is Loyal To Luffy

He deliberately joined Valhalla to destroy the gang from within, especially Teta Kisaki who was the biggest threat to Touma. But his loyalty went further. To keep his close friends Kazutora and Mikey from hurting each other, and Kazutora from taking responsibility for his death, Baji took his own life. Even in the last moments of death he never parted from his friend.

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Pets are supposed to be very loyal to their owner, and this is true to an extent. Pikachu is very similar to a pet, although he is a Pokemon, which has proven to be a reliable helper in the anime. Despite having several hundred Pokémon over the generations, Pikachu has remained Ash’s loyal companion throughout his many adventures – each time retaining a place on his team.

Why Zoro Is Loyal To Luffy

Their bond is so deep that each of them is willing to do anything for the other. Both trust each other completely and choose each other as partners for everything they do together. Whether it’s Ash’s first defeat or his historic victory as Pokemon Champion, Pikachu is always there for him.

Kira’s voice would have stopped if Misa Amane hadn’t appeared. It was Misa’s passion and loyalty that helped light clear the obstacles in her path. Although Misa’s loyalty to him as a love interest is certainly admirable and it’s there. She doesn’t understand Kira’s identity, but she also devotes herself completely to him.

Why Zoro Is Loyal To Luffy

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Misa willingly halved his lifespan not once but twice in exchange for shinigami eyes. Misa gives everything to Kira in exchange for a love corner with Trita. But on the other hand, Trita always used him as a useful ally and treated Misa well because of her complete trust in him.

How loyal are you to your partner and do you have the patience to wait for the love of your life? Maybe, not as much as Hagi from Blood Plus. Throughout his life, even before becoming a knight, Hagi has always been loyal not only to his love interest Saya, but also to her friends and family. This guy has seen Saya through her 30 years of hibernation and is not tired of it.

Why Zoro Is Loyal To Luffy

The only time he disobeys Saya is to save her from suffering and pain. Despite everything he went through, Hagi always cared for Saja. At the time of cheating and walking away from a lifelong relationship, Hagi proves to be not only one of the most loyal anime characters, but also the most reliable and trustworthy partner you’ll ever get.

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Yu-Gi-Oh! Basically a series about the power of friendship, and Yuki has no friend more loyal than Joey Wheeler. However, Joey tends to bully Yuki, but eventually becomes his best friend and companion. Despite his charm, wit, and unique sense of humor, Joey has always been a part of every Yu-Gi-Oh! match

Why Zoro Is Loyal To Luffy

Joey has always had complete faith in Yugi’s abilities and will step in to protect him if he is threatened. It is a testament to the power and energy of friendship. His persistence and sheer courage remind Yuki and Pharaoh that sometimes daring to dream can get you halfway to victory. Joey is a man of his word who doesn’t back down.

Speedwagon started out as a criminal from the worst part of London, surviving by killing and robbing people. But his life changes completely after he meets Jonathan Zoster, who beats him in a head-to-head fight and then saves his life. Jonathan was impressed by the nobility shown by him, and as a result, Speedwagon becomes Jonathan’s staunch supporter forever.

Why Zoro Is Loyal To Luffy

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The two begin a lifelong friendship that extends beyond both their lives, and Jonathan’s loyalty continues even after his untimely death. He has proven to be a valuable friend to his family, and the Speedwagon Foundation he founded provides invaluable resources to the Joestar family. Even if they can’t trust anyone else, they know they can trust the good old Speedwagon.

Riza Hawkeye served as Colonel Roy Mustang’s personal companion and bodyguard. He is not only a colleague, but a very supportive and reliable asset to Mustang. Risa truly admired Mustang and his ideals, and did everything in her power to not only protect him, but also help him succeed.

Why Zoro Is Loyal To Luffy

She always put her personal duties aside and looked out for the Colonel’s welfare. Without him, even Mustang would have had a hard time keeping his cool. Because of her unwavering loyalty, she was able to criticize him and take her seriously. Risa’s belief in Mustang’s path of justice makes him one of the most loyal sidekicks in anime.

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Zoro was originally a pirate hunter who became the first official crew member of the Straw Hats until he met Luffy. Throughout One Piece, Zoro’s loyalty to his captain is absolutely insane. He truly admires and respects Luffy to an incredible degree. He never disobeys Luffy’s orders and stands by his side every time.

Why Zoro Is Loyal To Luffy

Despite hiding it, Zoro is always there to fight for his captain and protect his back. There were many situations where he almost died, but he didn’t care as long as it was for his captain. Zoro is the best example of loyal anime characters and it is almost impossible to find a loyal partner like him.

Which of the following loyal anime characters is your favorite? Feel free to comment your thoughts, and don’t forget to suggest some other characters like the ones listed above, and don’t forget to share this article with your other otaku friends.

Why Zoro Is Loyal To Luffy

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