Why Wont My Sprinklers Turn Off

Why Wont My Sprinklers Turn Off – We have this awesome sprinkler system. It’s automated so you don’t have to remember to water your lawn or plants. It’s the height of comfort except when it’s not working.

One of the worst feelings is turning the system on and no water coming out. Before you allow frustration to build up, understand that this will inevitably happen. There are many reasons why your sprinkler system won’t turn on, and we can fix them all. Below are the most common reasons your sprinkler system won’t turn on and how to deal with the problem.

Why Wont My Sprinklers Turn Off

Why Wont My Sprinklers Turn Off

The controller is what tells the sprinklers to turn on in the first place. This is the first place to look for spring problems.

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If you have a programmable sprinkler, the program itself will signal to open the valve and activate the sprinkler. There are a lot of things that can go wrong, but it’s best to verify that the jumper is actually programmed to run before assuming there is a real problem. This is always the first thing we check (you should check yourself before asking for help). If the programming looks good and the jumper still doesn’t turn off, you can move on to troubleshooting the rest of the system.

Why Wont My Sprinklers Turn Off

Controllers can have absolute functional issues, and there are several common points of failure. In most cases, these points of failure involve a voltage or resistance problem somewhere in the system. This is what we look for when diagnosing control problems. Test the circuit at key points to ensure current is flowing.

It’s worth noting that the voltage problem may be coming from the valve, not the controller itself. This is the circuit that physically allows the controller to turn on the water and is a common cause of the problem. Fortunately, voltage and valve issues are common repairs for us.

Why Wont My Sprinklers Turn Off

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It is common for sprinkler systems to have rain and ice sensors connected directly to the controller (wired or wireless), or smart controllers to have built-in connectivity and programming for different weather scenarios. With either enabled, the controller automatically skips the watering session when a weather event is detected. Problems with the rain and freeze sensors or internal connections can cause the controller to malfunction. Since this type of problem can be the result of multiple causes, it’s usually best to have a technician fully diagnose the problem.

A sprinkler system has more than just a smart controller. It sends water through the pipes and may have many sprinklers installed due to water flow problems and do nothing even after turning on the power.

Why Wont My Sprinklers Turn Off

Sprinkler heads are in the dirt. People and animals step on them all the time, lawn mowers and edging can damage them, and they are constantly exposed to expanding and contracting soil and weather events. High-quality caps are designed to withstand all of this, but normal wear and tear does occur. One of the most common problems is a clogged nozzle. Sometimes all you need to do is use a small tool or brush to clear the clog. In other cases, the nozzle may be irreversibly damaged and a new nozzle will be required.

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If cleaning or replacing the nozzle does not solve the problem, the next place to look is the actual head. In this case, the sprinkler can absorb the water instead of spraying it. Or, the water doesn’t actually come out of the head, and there’s a leak underground, or the flow of water to the rest of the system is stopped. You may need to completely replace the head.

Why Wont My Sprinklers Turn Off

If it’s a plumbing problem, you can keep water from hitting your head. This usually stems from a leak or blockage, both of which can be in multiple locations. Our trained and licensed technicians repair sprinkler systems for a living, so they know the right places to look to diagnose problems. This expertise allows us to isolate the cause of the problem and ultimately minimize the excavation required to repair the pipe. If you think you have a plumbing problem, it’s best to call us right away. Leaky pipes can lead to water damage and can get out of control very quickly.

Valve problems fall into two categories. Like the controller, the valve can be turned off intentionally. The system has a master valve that can completely turn off the water. This is usually done in the winter and when performing various maintenance tasks, so making sure the system has access to water in the first place is not a problem.

Why Wont My Sprinklers Turn Off

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In addition to the master valve, there are also valves for each zone in the system. These can be more difficult to access and are controlled by electronics attached to the sprinklers. Do not manually open this valve, if it is closed you will need to troubleshoot. There are cases when the valve is broken or clogged. In other cases, the fix is ​​a bit more complicated.

Whatever the cause of your sprinkler problem, we can help you find and fix it. The above are the most common, but there are many other options as well. If you have sprinkler problems, call Andy’s Sprinkler, Drainage, & Lighting. We are happy to help. For some reason, the jumper is working when it shouldn’t, and I’ve tried everything. I turned off my controller. I disconnected the controller. I took the controller off the wall and smashed it with a baseball bat, but the sprinklers are still working!

Why Wont My Sprinklers Turn Off

The sprinkler mains must be turned off. Just as you should have a red key next to your gas meter in an emergency, you should have the key you need to know where your sprinkler main valve is and turn it off if necessary. If not, it’s a good idea to ask the sprinkler operator to tell you where and how. If there is a flood, turn off the sidewalk water meter and call for help. This YouTube video may help – http://youtu.be/cQNaPiziel4

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After turning off the sprinkler main line, open the check valve box. If you have an older system with hidden or buried valve boxes, have your sprinkler personnel find all valve boxes. You’ll want to know where they are all before this happens. You don’t want to own a car with a hood that doesn’t open. Valves should be serviced regularly. Moving parts wear out just like in a car.

Why Wont My Sprinklers Turn Off

Next check the valve for a loose bleed pin or solenoid. This post has some good photos and how to check the different types of valves. http:///tips-for-the-do-it-yourselfer-dont/

If that doesn’t help, there may be a foreign object inside that is preventing the rubber diaphragm from closing. This is usually dirt, rock and pipe cuts that come into the main line when there is a break. I usually find the last tab in main and open it to flush after main repair.

Why Wont My Sprinklers Turn Off

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See that stone over there on the left vent? You did a good job installing the red switch valve on the right. Instead of going back and forth to the main circuit, you can shut off the main line and flush the valve here. You can see here that I cleaned the valves, but there is a pesky stone stuck in the intake channels of the valves. Tools are needed.

This convenient Rainbird pop-up tool is designed to hold sprayhead risers for nozzles. It is also effective for getting into tight spaces and pulling rocks out. Do you remember playing surgery as a child? Buttering!

Why Wont My Sprinklers Turn Off

Aha! After some twists and turns, he pulled out the wrong pebble and cried to his teammates about not cleaning it properly. end

Resolve Pressure Issues

A time-saving sprinkler system you’ve installed is a lifesaver to keep your garden lush, but a broken irrigation system can quickly cause trouble for your garden paradise. Use the watering tips in this guide to learn what to do if your sprinklers won’t turn off.

Why Wont My Sprinklers Turn Off

Whether you have your irrigation system installed by a local sprinkler installer or yourself, the basic components are the same. All automatic irrigation systems have:

Don’t panic if your system is messed up. Even if you need to hire a professional, there are a few steps you can try to resolve why your sprinkler won’t turn off first.

Why Wont My Sprinklers Turn Off

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If the valve closes and the sprinklers continue to operate, the valve is defective. The valve may be foreign or not closing properly. You need to replace it.

A backflow preventer is another way to shut down your system. Look for a backflow preventer, usually by looking for a green box next to your property’s water meter.

Why Wont My Sprinklers Turn Off

If sprinklers still do not turn off or backflow preventers do not operate

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