Why Sabo Killed Nefertari Cobra

Why Sabo Killed Nefertari Cobra – The One Piece saga has seen tons of exciting plot twists, and Cobra’s death left fans shaking their heads. Cobra’s death leaves a lot of questions, especially in terms of details. One of those questions is why did Sabo kill Cobra?

Sabo is said to have killed Cobra, but many theories point to the World Government or some other powerful agency using Sabo as a criminal. Cobra was asking a lot of questions and Nefertari’s family was seen as traitors, giving subjects like WG and Gorosei a side goal.

Why Sabo Killed Nefertari Cobra

Although it seems that Sabo was a villain because he killed Cobra, Sabo is still a hero for many reasons. Join us as we discuss what may have happened between Sabo and Cobra, including who else may have been involved, possible motives, and if Cobra is expected to reappear later.

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At first it was not clear who killed the Cobra since it was killed – many thought that other people could have done it. It was hard to see Sabo killing Cobra, especially if he was working with Vivi in ​​Reverie.

Many people believe that Sabo was framed for killing Kobra, and that he is innocent. However, many other fans believe that Sabo killing Cobra would create a major conflict – which could lead to a bad plot. According to One Fandom:

“Nefertari Cobra was the 12th king of the Arab kingdom, he was the patriarch of the Nefertari family, the husband of the late Nefertari Titi, and the father of Nefertari Vivi. In the last Levely, Cobra is said to have been killed by the commander of the Revolutionary Army, Sabo. ”

Chapter 1054 started when the world government ‘discovered’ Sabo killed Cobra. This was considered true by many soldiers in One Piece – although some of the admirals in One Piece did not know who killed Cobra.

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Fans were initially shocked by Sabo’s idea of ​​killing Cobra, and many felt it was something they had never thought of Sabo. It is still an unpopular theory about the Cobra being killed – there are many other theories that can help explain what actually happened.

Many of the One Piece community still believe that Sabo was set up in the event, and the possible culprits could be the Assassins, Gorosei, CP0, World Government (WG), Sky Dragon, or maybe someone else. This could also work because Sabo might have been caught at the time and the real killer might have seen him as an easy trap.

Another theory is that Sabo was involved and knows more than he is letting on. This theory will be based on Sabobeing being involved in faking Cobra’s death in order to escape safety – and then being responsible for Cobra’s murder.

A third theory is that Cobra and Vivi were put in danger or that Vivi wanted to be killed for some reason. This theory is based on Cobra trying to fight him to escape, though he is killed in the process, and Sabo is blamed for his ‘murder’ based on evidence.

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The only news fans have been given comes from a statement from the world government – that Cobra was killed by Sabo. The word ‘killed’ is not clear and we do not know the details of how he was killed.

There are many mysteries surrounding the death of Cobra. Was he even killed? If he was killed, who really killed him? The reason for his death would depend largely on his previous problems.

But if someone did kill him (Sabo or not), most likely everything would revolve around his actions at the time. Cobra has started asking a lot of questions that can cause problems in powerful organizations, and this is definitely considered as the main reason to remove him from the picture.

If so, then most people suspect the world government or its ally. But one would think they are pulling strings, especially considering how eager they are to reveal Sab as the killer. This is mainly because Cobra’s death was a big deal considering Nefertari’s clan was one of the original WG founding clans.

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As for the possibility that Gorosei’s side was behind his death, it may have more to do with his bloodline than his problems. Facet Gorosei was looking for traitors from Nefertari’s family, who probably deserved to be destroyed.

They also asked for blessings of “greater/greater blessings”. This could also reveal the reason for killing Cobra – and Vivi as well which could tie us into some fan fiction.

If Sabo did indeed kill Cobra, it would mark a major turning point for the superhero we all know. But after Cobra’s death, he was considered a very powerful person, so it is possible that Sabo killed Cobra to become a new revolutionary figure in Piece.

But even so, this is the most drastic change from what Sabo fans have seen so far. Many fans think that if he killed Cobra, there would be no real reason – either he was forced to or in a situation where he had no other choice.

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Since there are so many questions about Cobra’s death, many fans are wondering – is Cobra dead? He may have escaped security and will return at some point, which is consistent with the idea that Sabo helped him fake his death.

But it appears that Cobra was actually killed. When he was amazing he was old and weak, meaning he couldn’t do much damage running. Still, it’s a lot of fun to think about – who knows, Piece fans might get the surprise they’re hoping for! former patriarch of the Nefertari clan, husband of the late Nefertari Titi and father of Nefertari Vivi. He is a major figure in the Arcasta Arc and has twice participated in Levely, playing a key role in the voice that led to the destruction of the Seven Marines.

In the last Levely, Cobra, who was suffering from a mental illness, was allegedly killed by the commander of the revolutionary army, Sabo.

Cobra was a man of medium height. He had a wrinkled face, a bushy beard and long brown hair. She wears a green dress with a yellow tint, an orange and beige belt around her waist, and a purple coat. She is also wearing black shoes and a necklace.

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After a while, he grew a beard, his beard was completely gray, and half of his hair was brown. His rump was grey, but the upper back and top were black. She wore a light colored coat and jacket and no longer wore a necklace.

A close up of Cobra’s face after a period of time. Color drawing of Cobra in the manga after the season. Cobra in colorful manga. Cobra art from the anime. Cobra’s post-timeskip concept art from the anime. Cobra is 26 years old. Cobra is 37 years old. Cobra is 42 years old. Cobra in “Boss Luffy Special History”. Cobra in the Arabast team in one episode: Going to Baseball.

Cobra was an honest person, who cared about his kingdom and people even after their rebellion, knowing that their coup was based only on the desire to preserve the welfare of the people of Arabia. He was loyal to the line of kings and emperors of the Arabs and was ready to face death to prevent the Crocodile from taking the throne. However, as a sign of his character, loyalty to the throne was replaced by compassion for his subjects and he put their lives and well-being before his own, even willing to allow the capture and destruction of his capital if necessary. to prevent the shedding of the blood of his people, to regard the life of his people as the very heart of his kingdom.

In general, he was objective, able to see the future and not make rash decisions. This was clearly seen when Koza asked to use dance powder to alleviate the problems of the current drought, Cobra explained that other countries need rain and hoarding is not the right solution. He continues to humble himself, even bowing to the Straw Hat in the bathroom for helping his daughter, insisting that without his clothes he has no place to be a king, and he does it like a father. In addition, he was a philanthropist, paying without delay to provide the villagers of Koza with the money to live in the royal family.

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