Why Is Big Mom Afraid Of Shanks

Why Is Big Mom Afraid Of Shanks – So, my point about Kaido was more accepted than I thought, and now I’m ready for the hard truth, it pains me to say, but all the evidence points to one side, “Oden and Kaido were better than Whitbard and Roger. in terms of power” and now it’s bad, bad, but Oda is the strongest Samurai and can’t. If I do something and accept the truth, I hope I’m wrong, but I hope there’s no proof.

By the way, if things are discussed, I’d like to publish my old post as an important one, so you can use it.

Why Is Big Mom Afraid Of Shanks

Why Is Big Mom Afraid Of Shanks

Man, I don’t care who would win in a Reilly vs Katakuri fight, but stop comparing him to Oden, Oden is different compared to Reilly.

What Shanks Actually Told The Gorosei During That Meeting (1044 Spoilers)

Oden’s story is similar to that of Big Mom (which gives Oden the upper hand as Big Mom) and the story that Enma used when the boy was 4 years old.

Why Is Big Mom Afraid Of Shanks

Witbard knew that no one in the crew could fight Oden, and compared Oden to his former crew, including Big Mom, Kaido, Shiki, and others.

The fact that Roger, like Whitbard, didn’t allow his crew to fight Oden (even though it was a bit late, Oden defeated some of them) was shown in a funny way, but it doesn’t change the reality of Roger and Whitbard. They confronted Oden and even teamed up with Reilly and Miss Oden. If Oden was in Rayle’s situation, Roger doesn’t like Oden, he wanted to emulate him because Oden looks a bit like him, not in Roger’s situation, but in the same situation.

Why Is Big Mom Afraid Of Shanks

One Piece: 5 Characters Who Can Defeat Big Mom (& 5 Who Can’t)

In the Roger Pirates vs Whitbeard Pirates panel, we don’t get to see Oden because Oden is fighting Roger, Oden knows he doesn’t like Reilly and will try to test his strength by force.

Who did Luffy and Sabo fight to test their strength? Yes, against Ace’s son Roger, Sabo was Ace’s equal and even beat him a few times, but Luffy was always defeated by Ace and he was the same force.

Why Is Big Mom Afraid Of Shanks

I believe Roger fought Oden and always lost like Luffy, and Whitbard is like Sabo and Ace like Roger, even his injuries are in the same place.

Kaido Redemption Arc

Oden has lost track of Kaido, which even Witbard and Roger failed to do, and we learn that Witbit fought Kaido.

Why Is Big Mom Afraid Of Shanks

Oda is once again insulted by Oden in favor of Whitbeard and Roger (Oden himself said that if he can’t defeat Kaido, no one can), which means that Oden is more like Whitbeard.

Stop comparing Oden to Reilly and that’s why you say you’re the biggest Oden hater, I hate this character for ruining my Wano arc, I hate his stupidity, I hate his design and I hate it, but I can accept the simple truth. Reilly is my top three. What Reilly did in Sabaody is similar to what Marco did in Mareanford, Reilly blocked Kizaru’s attack, Marco blocked Kizaru’s attack and fought, stopped being real and stopped BS.

Why Is Big Mom Afraid Of Shanks

Kaido And Big Mom Are Foils To Each Other

The conclusion, based on evidence from the manga, showed that Oden never fought Reilly, only Roger. At that time, Oden became weaker and stronger as he traveled with Roger and Whitbard for about ten years (see Luffy’s strength with 2 years of training and Oden’s 5-10 years of experience from Roger and Whitbard) and returned. Wano is stronger than Wano.

In my thread about Kaido, people said that Kaido is stronger now than it was 20 years ago, so I replied to the polite lessons.

Why Is Big Mom Afraid Of Shanks

It’s true that he’s getting stronger, but not as much as you think… Oden’s words “no one can defeat Kaido in his generation” imply that Kaido is the strongest to protect him. against the admirals and ononchos, I say that he was great at that time, and I will not deny the words of Auden, because it is contrary to your truth. This idea of ​​Kaido not being strong enough in the last 20 years comes from what Sengoku said about his mother and Kaido, but people forget that he’s talking about the rock age, not the last 20 years. Why do people forget that Whitbard reached his peak at age 38? Meaning Shanks became ononko at 39, 6 years ago, so he became ononko at 33, Blackbeard at 40, Aokiji at 49 and admiral ten years ago. He’s an admiral at 39, Luffy at 20, pirate king at 25, and you tell me 20 years ago Kaido was weak, but now? It’s just as stupid as it gets to the person.

One Piece / Oh Crap

Yes, Kaido has gotten stronger since then and I agree with you 100%, but the gap between Kaido 20 years ago and now is very small, almost negligible.

Why Is Big Mom Afraid Of Shanks

We know that Kaido fought the rock crew many times, we know that Roger and Garp faced off against Kaido for a few seconds, we know that Kaido fought Marians and Ononkos, but he was the only one who managed to intimidate Kaido. Oden made it as casual as a normal game, and if you think it happened when Kaido was an apprentice on the Rocks team, look no further.

Big Mom and Kaido both battled for 24 hours, no one was said to be hurt or intimidated (big things for Big Mom), Shanks and Kaido looked at Kaido and faced off to the side… Big. seems really big. A large print in one piece, Oden’s size is 4 feet high, Oden’s AP is fu:k:d up.

Why Is Big Mom Afraid Of Shanks

How Shanks Successfully Managed To Make Luffy The New Joy Boy!

Remember Kaido was named WSC after Oden died, Oden was the most powerful man on Earth and became WSC after Kaido killed him. It’s not wrong for Kaido to be afraid of Oden because he has the power to kill him, remember Kaido is not in power and Oden is human after death, or only Oden can do it. Kill Kaido, but now the world is so boring that he can just kill Kaido?

And here Oden proves my point. Oden is above Whitbeard because Whitbeard is still alive and well, I wouldn’t think Oden is mentally ill because Oden > Whitbread = Roger like Kaido > Whitbeard = Roger Oden claims he’s the only one out of everyone in the world with a chance to kill Kaido and if he can’t, he can’t do it alone, which means Kaido is stronger and more powerful than Roger and Witbit. I don’t care if there’s only one side/evidence, but I have a lot to dismiss.

Why Is Big Mom Afraid Of Shanks

When I first made this thread, people said, and I quote: Whitbard and Roger are stronger than Kaido and Oden, their weapons don’t touch, etc.

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I also told them, and I’ll quote: We’ve never seen Ononkos hack, so we can’t say that Witbard and Roger’s hacks are more powerful than theirs.

Why Is Big Mom Afraid Of Shanks

But we also received a response to another question/complaint. Some of you: Auden can’t be the same as Whitbard and Roger, because Roger’s attack drove him, and I said Auden was stronger in his journey with Roger.

Contrary to what you said, my story supported the manga, but the main problem is that Oden and Roger only have a year, but some of you say that Oden is not strong enough.

Why Is Big Mom Afraid Of Shanks

One Piece: Why Does The World Government Want To Kill [spoiler]?

Here we can see Luffy using his advanced CoC technique after Kaido’s CoC attack. Luffy figured it out in a few days, you think Oden can’t do it after Roger’s CoC attack!? It’s not like Luffy Oden has a year to learn when surrounded by so many CoC hacker users. Do you think Oden, who agrees with everything, won’t ask Roger and Whitbard about their rights, especially when he’s surprised that their weapons aren’t touching?! Of course it will, maybe Roger has thought of how to use the CoC more highly.

Both Luffy and Oden clearly used a combination of CoA and high CoC to seriously damage Kaido. Kaido has/had a reason to be afraid

Why Is Big Mom Afraid Of Shanks

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