When To Turn Off Sprinklers

When To Turn Off Sprinklers – Irrigation systems can be a huge benefit to your lawn and we all know that lawns need to be watered regularly to stay healthy.

An irrigation system, especially one with timers, helps take the guesswork out of when to water your lawn. In order to keep your irrigation system working properly, you need to make sure that it is regularly maintained. You should also ensure that your system is turned off during the winter season if you live in an area that experiences cold temperatures.

When To Turn Off Sprinklers

When To Turn Off Sprinklers

You should turn off your irrigation system just before the temperatures in your area start to drop below freezing at night.

Time To Winterize Your Irrigation System

Don’t shut off your irrigation system too soon. Homeowners often turn off their systems as soon as fall arrives because they believe their lawns need less water. It’s just not true. Unless your lawn has been watered due to adequate rainfall, you still need to water it during the fall season. Your lawn should receive 1″ of water per week unless it is dormant.

When To Turn Off Sprinklers

Shutting off irrigation systems just before the temperature starts to drop below freezing will help ensure that your system is not damaged. Excess water can remain in your system after use, either in the pipes or in the sprinkler heads themselves. If this water freezes, it can cause cracks or other damage to your system, which can be very expensive.

When you’re ready to winterize your system, be sure to consult your owner’s manual to determine the best steps for your unique setup. Here are some helpful tips to point you in the right direction:

When To Turn Off Sprinklers

Lawn Sprinkler Spring Turn On And Winterization

How to choose the right type of grass for your lawn When it comes to choosing the right grass for your lawn, there is no one-size-fits-all solution for homeowners in Raleigh and Charlotte.March 22, 2023Ct This article will tell you how to find a shut-off valve for your irrigation system and how to turn it on or off once it’s found.

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When To Turn Off Sprinklers

Irrigation systems obviously require a water source. Unless, of course, you have a magical irrigation system. And if your irrigation system is magical, it probably doesn’t need regular, non-magical maintenance.

Rain Bird Rsd Bex Rain Sensor Sprinkler Shut Off

But if your irrigation system isn’t magical, you’ll need to know where the water source is. It will probably be in one of several places:

When To Turn Off Sprinklers

I don’t know. I have never been there. For some reason, you never invited me. And frankly, it hurts a little. But regardless, if you think the water source for your irrigation system is in your basement, here are some tips for you.

If you have an unfinished area for your basement, this is a great place to start looking. It can be near your water heater or your washer and dryer. If you are at the well, you are probably near your expansion tank.

When To Turn Off Sprinklers

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The previous owner, or the original builder, or the irrigation contractor who installed or maintained the system in the past?

It would make life so much easier. Or if the irrigation valve itself does not have labels, maybe some of the shut-off valves under you are labeled, and by removing you can find out which valves of the irrigation system.

When To Turn Off Sprinklers

If none are labeled, start by looking to see if there are any downspouts coming out of the basement. Apart from the irrigation hose and your bibs, there are usually not many other pipes that can exit the house through a hole in the wall.

Do You Need Lawn Irrigation?

It should be easy to remove hose bibs because hose bibs are almost always ½” hose, while the main watering hose is always larger than ½”.

When To Turn Off Sprinklers

Half-inch irrigation systems are available. But they are not ideal without something like a small micro-drip system. Low pressure and flow in a ½” main system. 1″ and ¾” are the most common line sizes for residential irrigation systems. 1 ¼” and 1 ½” are also possible. Mostly large But chances are your shut off valve your sprinkler system is 1″ or ¾”.

Another thing to remember is that most homes have two hose bibs and almost all irrigation systems have a single connection point / shut-off valve. There are rare and rare configurations where one water pipe comes out of the front of the house and the other comes out of the back or side, but this is rare.

When To Turn Off Sprinklers

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This means that if you can find garden hoses in your basement, they can help you find a shut-off irrigation valve; if you are still lost. Usually the main watering pipe comes out of the wall like one of the garden faucets. Therefore, by finding a garden hose, you may be able to find a shut-off valve for the irrigation system.

If you don’t know about basement irrigation and garden hose shut-off valves, you can try backing up from the house to see where the ¾” or 1″ pipe runs through the wall.

When To Turn Off Sprinklers

Look for the pipe that goes through the wall, then approach that wall in the basement and see if you can find the shut off valve.

How To Make A Diy Sprinkler System

Then, once you know which wall the main irrigation pipe enters, you can go down to that wall and follow the pipe until you see the shut-off valve of that pipe.

When To Turn Off Sprinklers

If you know where your outside check valve is and you don’t know where your irrigation shutoff valve is, go out to your check valve and see if there is a nearby copper, PVC, or polyethylene pipe that goes into your property. at home. near the non-return valve.

Once you go outside and see where the pipe exits the house, you can go to the basement to find the corresponding shutoff valve in the basement.

When To Turn Off Sprinklers

Your Sprinklers Won’t Turn Off? Try These Tips

Sometimes the main irrigation pipe goes through the underground wall and sometimes it comes out of the wall above the ground outside. If the sprinkler installs a large pipe underground in the basement wall, you can look outside near the outside pipe at ground level for a green, round (

If you open the hood and look down, you may notice that the large irrigation pipes run through the basement.

When To Turn Off Sprinklers

Determine which wall is below and go down and follow the pipe until you see the shut-off valve. This may be an irrigation shut-off valve.

Troubleshooting Sprinkler Systems

If you use city water, your sprinkler shutoff valve probably looks like a shutoff valve for the rest of the house. And it’s probably close again. These are usually 1 inch pipes.

When To Turn Off Sprinklers

It’s also possible that the irrigation shutoff valve is behind a drywall cutout somewhere in the basement. If so, it is usually molded around a culture or a small latch or something that can indicate something important hidden behind it.

Keep it up. Maybe you’ll get lucky and find a secret diamond or an original copy of the Declaration of Independence or an old bag of mushrooms or something.

When To Turn Off Sprinklers

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Or if your basement has drop tiles anywhere, you may need to remove a tile or two to get to the sprinkler system shut-off valve.

To show intelligence. Imagine a scavenger hunt where the winner gets a first issue of a rare Action Comics. Because you might find one on the walls like this couple did.

When To Turn Off Sprinklers

If you have not been able to find the main source or your shut off valve, the connection point of your irrigation system may be connected directly to your city water outside. If so, the irrigation shutoff valve will probably be in the green plastic valve box next to your water meter. It can be round, square or rectangular. The water meter pot is usually larger than the irrigation valve box, so you may need to get the water meter before you get the irrigation valve box. So, let’s start by getting your water meter.

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If you are still having trouble finding your water meter, check the pavement in front of your house. Sometimes there will be a marker or blue paint that shows where the city line ends at the main city water main.

When To Turn Off Sprinklers

If not, you may need to remove the old metal detector. Oh, you don’t have a metal detector? Me too. I think we’ll just need to get a shovel or a big screwdriver and start digging to see if we’re covered or if the grass is stuck to the lid of the water jar.

Once you’ve found your water meter, you’ll probably find your irrigation system

When To Turn Off Sprinklers

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