What Is 404 Page Not Found

What Is 404 Page Not Found – The 404 not found error is one of the most common problems you may encounter while searching. This HTTP status code means that the requested page cannot be found on the web server. It may indicate an error in your hosting service or domain name system (DNS) settings.

Encountering this error can have a negative impact on your website visitors. It can also negatively affect search engine optimization (SEO) and website rankings. Dead pages impair the ability of search engines to properly crawl your site.

What Is 404 Page Not Found

What Is 404 Page Not Found

Fortunately, since it’s mostly a client-side issue, it’s easy for website owners to fix the 404 error. This article will explain the possible causes of the 404 error and show you four effective ways to fix it.

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A 404 error is a client error stating that the requested URL cannot be found on the server. This can happen for a variety of reasons, such as the domain not being specified correctly, a broken .htaccess file, or incorrect permissions.

What Is 404 Page Not Found

A 404 not found error means the browser has contacted and sent the request to the web server. However, the latter cannot find the requested resource. As a result, the browser cannot load the webpage, showing a 404 error.

A 404 error can happen on any website. The error code may be slightly different depending on what you are using.

What Is 404 Page Not Found

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Mozilla Firefox displays a direct message showing a 404 Not Found page with the description: “The requested resource was not found on this server!”.

If you encounter a 404 error page in Chrome, the browser will display a descriptive message below the HTTP status code.

What Is 404 Page Not Found

When a 404 error occurs in Opera, the browser displays a description of the status page at the top of the page.

How To Optimize Your 404 Error Page And Make It Useful For Your Visitor

Many websites show 404 not found error. While not essential, it helps to let visitors know that the site is working, but the page they are looking for is missing.

What Is 404 Page Not Found

Sometimes fixing the 404 not found error just needs a quick fix. Therefore, we recommend trying these simple steps before looking for other ways to resolve the issue:

If the 404 error persists, your site may have an underlying issue. The next section will explain four ways to fix the error message – checking DNS settings, updating file permissions, removing .htaccess code, and restoring backup files.

What Is 404 Page Not Found

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If the domain is still distributed, you may see a 404 error page. To resolve this, you need to wait until propagation is complete. It typically takes at least 24 hours for DNS to resolve.

Also, a 404 error can be caused by incorrect DNS settings. You may have pointed the domain to the wrong nameserver or wrong IP address using file A. Therefore, you need to verify that the domain is pointed correctly to resolve this issue.

What Is 404 Page Not Found

There are two ways to connect a domain to your hosting – using nameservers or IP addresses via A files.

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There are many tools online to check which DNS server you are pointing to, such as DNS Checker, DNSMap and whatsmydns.net.

What Is 404 Page Not Found

When you use web hosting, the server handles your files and sends them to your browser so that it can load the website.

File and folder permissions tell the server who can run, read, or modify data in the hosting account. However, if the values ​​are set incorrectly, the web page may display a 404 error.

What Is 404 Page Not Found

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So, you need to change the file permissions to resolve this issue. If you are a user, the default values ​​are 644 for files and 755 for folders.

In most cases, this should resolve the 404 page not found error. However, if you still encounter the issue, go to the next step.

What Is 404 Page Not Found

URL redirection, access control, site security and performance are managed using a directory configuration file called .htaccess or Hypertext Access.

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As an essential part of a website, .htaccess is located inside the public_html folder along with other critical data. However, it can get corrupted for various reasons like incompatible plugins and misconfiguration.

What Is 404 Page Not Found

A broken .htaccess can mess up the site’s appearance and cause 404 error pages. To fix this problem, remove it and replace it with a new one.

If you can access the site after removing and creating a new .htaccess file, the 404 page could not be found.

What Is 404 Page Not Found

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404 error messages can occur when internet users come from external links from other websites that redirect them to deleted web pages. To resolve this issue, restore the site backup.

404 Not Found is an HTTP error code that indicates that the specific page you are trying to visit does not exist.

What Is 404 Page Not Found

This typically happens when the domain points to the wrong DNS address, has the wrong file or folder permissions, or the system is running a corrupt .htaccess file.

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When the 404 error appears, it is necessary to resolve the issue immediately. This article has compiled four effective ways to fix it:

What Is 404 Page Not Found

We hope this article helped you to resolve the 404 not found error. If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to post them in the comments section below.

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What Is 404 Page Not Found

Create A Custom 404 Page With Joomla Website Builder Gridbox

Among the errors you can find on your WordPress site, Error 404 Not Found is one of the most tamers. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t annoying when you or your visitors try to browse your site and keep getting 404 not found error messages. πŸ˜’ This is the last thing you want your brand’s first customer to see. A 404 error can also be a signal to you that something has changed or changed and you may need to add a 301 for SEO.

In this article, we will try to help you restore your site by explaining a few things:

What Is 404 Page Not Found

A 404 (Not Found) code indicates that the source server has not found a current representation for the target resource or is not ready to declare its existence. Clause 404 does not indicate whether this absence of representation is temporary or permanent; a 410 (Forgone) code is preferable to a 404 if the origin server knows, perhaps through some controllable method, that the condition is likely to persist.

Examples Of 404 Pages

Every time you or one of your visitors visits your website, the browser sends a request to the web server and receives a piece of data called an HTTP header. The HTTP header contains an HTTP status code to explain “what happened” to the request.

What Is 404 Page Not Found

Most of the time the request works fine and you never see the HTTP status code (

, your browser usually displays a message with an HTTP status code to indicate the actual problem.

What Is 404 Page Not Found

Fixing A 404 Not Found Nginx Error

Like other error messages (Error 500, Error 502, Error 503, Error 504, etc.), the Error 404 Not Found message is the result of a process.

πŸ‡§πŸ‡· Visitors will see a 404 error because even if your web server is working normally, the requested resource is not available.

What Is 404 Page Not Found

Not just text or pages, missing assets can cause a 404 error on the server like missing image files, missing JavaScript, missing CSS, etc.

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If you see this error with any content on your site, it is usually due to an issue with your WordPress site’s permalinks. If you only see individual content, it’s probably because you edited content without setting a redirect.

What Is 404 Page Not Found

Also, a 404 error isn’t always a bad thing – it’s only bad when it interferes with usability. And sometimes things are out of your control!

For example, sometimes a person may just type a wrong URL in their address. In this case, they will still see a 404 error, but there is no problem with your site setup. That’s the answer you want, and you can create your own 404 page to help direct visitors to the right place (

What Is 404 Page Not Found

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Because different browsers display error messages differently, you may see different messages about this error. There are other common types:

The Error 404 Not Found message is also unique in that many sites create a dedicated page to resolve the error but display one of the above messages. Some WordPress themes also include custom 404 pages. For this reason, you may never see the error message because many sites use funny or creative 404 pages.

What Is 404 Page Not Found

Below is an example of our 404 page in . We’ve included a search box and some of our recent blog posts to help visitors find what they might be looking for. Always include a search function on your 404 page.

How To Fix A 404 Page Not Found Error

The 404 Not Found error has no negative impact on SEO. But it can have negative effects depending on the cause of the error.

What Is 404 Page Not Found

For example, if you are just a visitor

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