What Does Stop Running This Script Message Mean

What Does Stop Running This Script Message Mean – “Too many redirects”, also known as redirect loops, is an error returned by a browser when it fails to load a requested web page due to a large number of redirects to retrieve content from the server. Ad loops are often caused by conflicting redirects on the server side or misconfiguration of the CDN.

In this comprehensive guide to fixing the “too many redirects” error, you’ll learn where to configure redirects, common causes of redirect loops, and how to fix them step-by-step.

What Does Stop Running This Script Message Mean

What Does Stop Running This Script Message Mean

Website redirection can be defined as the steps taken while sending content to find the requested web page. Although the conversion achieved by the redirect rule will show you how the website’s address bar will show up, your browser performs several operations behind the scenes to determine where each redirect goes. The content from the endpoint is defined by the routing path.

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Forcing the www version of a website to HTTPS or loading another domain name is a common practice in website hosting that allows you to customize the delivery of content. There are many ways to set up domain redirects, and as long as they are configured correctly, browsers should have no problem following the rules you create.

What Does Stop Running This Script Message Mean

There are two main redirects that can be configured – temporary and permanent. Depending on the type of redirect specified, the web server will return a 302 or 301 HTTP status code.

A 302 HTTP response code indicates that a specific web address has been temporarily redirected. However, sometimes even if you have removed the permanent redirect rule from your website and cleared its cache, the temporary redirect continues.

What Does Stop Running This Script Message Mean

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This can happen if you use a caching solution, including one of the WordPress caching plugins. Your browser will keep a cached version of any website you visit, including old redirects.

Permanent redirects return a 301 HTTP status code, which indicates that your website or a specific page on it is being permanently redirected if it redirects to the HTTPS or www version of the website, not its host. The file system has changed.

What Does Stop Running This Script Message Mean

Two common rules are configured to redirect from HTTP to HTTPS web protocol and to the www version of a non-www site. HTTPS redirection ensures that all web traffic is encrypted using an SSL certificate, while www redirection coordinates the content delivery network with your website using a CNAME record.

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Redirecting HTTP to HTTPS, also known as forcing HTTPS, can be configured to prevent website visitors from serving content over a secure HTTP connection. If your website has a valid SSL/TLS certificate installed, you usually don’t need to force HTTPS manually, but enabling such a redirect is one way to handle mixed content.

What Does Stop Running This Script Message Mean

Mixed content on a website may identify the main HTML file as being loaded over HTTPS, but other displayed resources, including images, Javascript or CSS files, are served to the visitor over HTTP. Even if you have installed a valid SSL certificate, browsers will issue a security warning if they find mixed content on a web page.

To solve the problem with mixed content, placing redirects is usually not the best solution. Instead, all URLs (Uniform Resource Locators) in the website database should be updated to include the HTTPS protocol instead of HTTP. You can do this by using the WP CLI preferences or by using the search-and-replace functionality of the WordPress plugin. For other content management systems, you must modify the MySQL/MariaDB query using a database management tool such as phpMyAdmin or using the command line.

What Does Stop Running This Script Message Mean

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You can set local routing rules in one of the configuration files that the web server reads. When Apache is used as a web server, redirection rules are usually set in the site’s local .htaccess file. If NGINX is used, redirects are configured in the NGINX server module, representing the global configuration of your site.

Below you will find two redirects that you can add to your .htaccess – one that forces HTTPS and the other that redirects all web requests to the www version of your website. Strict syntax rules must be followed or Apache may disable your website if it finds syntax errors in your local configuration files.

What Does Stop Running This Script Message Mean

If you use any redirect plugins for WordPress, they will also write your redirects to your local .htaccess file.

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WordPress and other content management systems store the website address in a database, and the system loads it every time any content is requested. An address refers to a URL consisting of a domain name and an Internet protocol, HTTP or HTTPS. By changing the URL in the database, you can redirect your site to www or force HTTPS if an SSL/TLS certificate is installed.

What Does Stop Running This Script Message Mean

WordPress defines WP_HOME as the default WordPress address system and WP_SITEURL as the site address, which are stored in the wp_options table as siteurl and home. The WordPress address system refers to the location of your WordPress installation, while the site address refers to the URL you type in your browser’s address bar to open your website.

Your content delivery network configuration determines how requested web pages are retrieved from the server and delivered to website visitors – over HTTP or HTTPS. Correct procedures are determined by the chosen encryption mode. There are three main types of encryption offered by modern content delivery networks:

What Does Stop Running This Script Message Mean

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The CDN tries to initiate the connection over HTTPS, but if your web server redirects HTTPS requests to HTTP, a redirect loop is created, resulting in multiple redirect errors on your site.

“Too many redirects”, often referred to as a redirect loop, is an error message that indicates a content delivery conflict caused by two competing redirects. If a redirect loop is detected, modern browsers will return one of the following variations of the error:

What Does Stop Running This Script Message Mean

To fix multiple redirect errors, you need to look at the .htaccess configured and the redirects sent by your content management system.

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Going through all the redirects to detect a conflict is not an easy task, especially if the global configuration of the web server will be applied server-wide. However, some frequent misconfigurations inevitably lead to a loop.

What Does Stop Running This Script Message Mean

A CA-signed SSL/TLS certificate installed on a website ensures that all Internet traffic is encrypted when sent from the server to the browser. Also, HTTPS can be forced at the server level, which works fine until your SSL certificate expires and is not automatically renewed. This can be due to the following reasons:

Use an SSL checker to verify that your website has the correct certificate installed. If it has expired or the SSL check shows other problems, re-install the certificate. If it’s encrypted or Sectigo can’t issue a free certificate, you need to check what’s blocking the verification request.

What Does Stop Running This Script Message Mean

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One of the reasons why SSL domain verification fails is because the content delivery network is integrated, especially if you didn’t configure it the last time Encrypt or Sectiko issued a certificate. If you need to install a new free SSL certificate, disable the CDN so your website points directly to the server, giving the primary IP address and not the IP address of the content delivery network. That way, you can renew the certificate on the original server and continue to use end-to-end encryption.

WordPress and other content management systems can force redirects to HTTPS or www, store the website address in a database and load the content each time it is requested. If the site’s address settings are set incorrectly – using the wrong protocol or domain name – this can cause problems, including multiple redirect errors.

What Does Stop Running This Script Message Mean

If you’ve installed an SSL certificate, especially if encryption is enabled with your CDN configuration, use HTTPS in your WordPress address and site address settings. If your website redirects to the www version, both the WP_SITEURL and WP_HOME entries should reflect this.

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Open the General Settings menu of the WordPress dashboard and adjust the values ​​set to WordPress URL and Site URL. Click the Save Changes button to change the settings in the WordPress database.

What Does Stop Running This Script Message Mean

There can be no conflict between the redirects configured on the origin server and the encryption method used.

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