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View My Birth Certificate Online Free – If your family history research takes you back to England or Wales, the General Register Office (GRO) and online GRO index records should definitely be on your list of great resources. The GRO has been recording vital information for the people of England and Wales since 1837. Nearly all births, marriages and deaths over the past 180 years have been recorded and indexed by the GRO.

Whether you’re just starting out in Welsh or English genealogical research or looking for distant relatives, this vast collection of information is sure to be one of the most useful resources out there. But where do you find it?

View My Birth Certificate Online Free

View My Birth Certificate Online Free

If you want free access to the index (who doesn’t?) then you have two options – each offering different pros and cons depending on your needs.

Full Birth Certificate Vs Short Form Birth Certificate

See how you can access GRO birth, death and marriage records for free.

View My Birth Certificate Online Free

Will offer free direct access to the index, but there are a few things you should know before you start browsing directly from the site.

The most important thing to know is that while the index to these records is free to use, you can only view the portion of the index that covers births recorded from 1837-1915 and deaths from 1837-1957.

View My Birth Certificate Online Free

Searching For A Gro Index Reference

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View My Birth Certificate Online Free

Unfortunately, this version of the index, released to the public late last year, does not include the marriage records found in the full index, and likely won’t soon. The GRO had the following to say about future plans to digitize records.

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“Completing the digitization of records will require significant investment and there are currently no plans to continue this work, but we continue to monitor the scope of future opportunities to complete the digitization of all birth, death and marriage records.”

View My Birth Certificate Online Free

To access the index through the GRO website, you must first create an account here. You should start with a page like this:

This account is a bit more complicated than standard account setup, so you must enter your full name, mailing address, payment information, and limited information about the type of account you want to access. Because this account will be used to purchase copies of GRO certificates if you wish.

View My Birth Certificate Online Free

Free Family History Research

Please note: viewing the index is free, and your card will only be charged if you purchase a copy of the certificate.

Once you’ve set up your account, you can log in and view the birth and death index as it’s available on the website, and get a copy of the certificate from them quickly and easily. Read more about how to get the most out of GRO site research here.

View My Birth Certificate Online Free

One of the big advantages of viewing the index directly through the Registry is the exciting facts shared on their extensive FAQ page.

Simple Ways To Get A Copy Of A Birth Certificate In The Uk

“The new index will include additional fields of information already available, which will help family historians identify the correct record. Furthermore, the index is created from digital records and is not a copy of an index already made available by a third party.”

View My Birth Certificate Online Free

This means that even if you’ve already looked at other copies of the index online, you can still get additional information or corrections about English or Welsh origins.

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View My Birth Certificate Online Free

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Another advantage? If you decide to order a real certificate, the transition from viewing the GRO index entry to ordering is completely easy. Skipping the elaborate account creation process is a real benefit: when you’re ready to order, complete the process with just a few clicks and get your certificate in the mail within a few business days.

If your goal in browsing the GRO index is to get complete birth and death certificates for your ancestors (and you don’t want to miss a marriage record), browsing the index directly from the source is the way to go. go. After all, having a copy of these certificates will give you a lot of additional information.

View My Birth Certificate Online Free

But what if you’re not ready to apply for certification? Or are you looking for an English child born after 1915? Or maybe it’s a Welsh marriage register?

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The FreeBMD database contains the GRO Index, also known as the Civil Registration Index, which includes entries from 1837 to 1983. Copied by a large group of volunteers, this huge database provides free access to over 250 million Welsh and English searchable indexes. registration of births, deaths and marriages. FreeBMD is a project of CIO’s Free UK Genealogy, which includes the free UK census database, FreeCEN and FreeREG, the free church register database previously mentioned in our list of 50 free genealogy websites and our online genealogy course .

View My Birth Certificate Online Free

FreeBMD search has two mandatory fields: surname and record type (birth, death, marriage or all types). If there is a record you are looking for

Unusual name, you can perform a very broad search using only these parameters, but there is a good chance that your search will return a message that the results have exceeded the maximum return limit of 3000 records.

View My Birth Certificate Online Free

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At this point, you’ll need to narrow your search. You can easily do this by adding a surname, but check the “exact name match” box carefully, as source index and copy errors are relatively common.

Another simple way to focus on the results you want? Add a date range to your search. GRO index data is divided into March, June, September and December. This means that you cannot search for events by month, but by groups of three months, for example: 3rd quarter includes January, February and March.

View My Birth Certificate Online Free

It’s important to remember that the event you’re looking for isn’t necessarily recorded in the season in which the event occurred (this is especially true for births). So, suppose an individual is born at the end of the 6th quarter of a given year; Your birth may not be listed in the index until the end of September or December.

Standard Dbs Checks

FreeBMD allows you to widen or narrow the date range you choose, but if you limit your search to a quarter or two, you’re likely to come up empty. need..

View My Birth Certificate Online Free

As you can see, there are many other fields you can use to narrow your search. However, some will only be relevant for searching records after a certain date, including: age/type of death and wife/mother’s last name fields.

This is because some information has been added to the index in recent years, so searches that include these parameters before the date of addition will not return any results. See below for a breakdown of when these additional facts were added.

View My Birth Certificate Online Free

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After entering enough details to return a list of results (remember we’re looking at tens of millions of English and Welsh records here), which takes a few tries, you should see a page with results similar to this. shown below.

Click the red data button to view the recording. You can scan the index page directly by selecting the glasses icon.

View My Birth Certificate Online Free

After selecting your entry, you will be taken to a page like below. All records contain the person’s first and last name, the district where the event occurred, the volume (which is a numerical representation of the district), and the index page number.

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Other entries may contain additional information such as the mother’s maiden name or DOB, depending on the year and type of record you are viewing.

View My Birth Certificate Online Free

On this page, you can also scroll down the original index page (either manually or typed, depending on how old it is). You first select a format on the right side of the page shown above, then select “view source” on the left side to download the file to your device.

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View My Birth Certificate Online Free

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