Turn Your Ashes Into A Tree

Turn Your Ashes Into A Tree – Tree burials, learn more about our tree urn for cremation and bio urn What is a tree urn (biological urn)?

A tree urn is a biodegradable or bio-based urn that grows a tree along with ashes or cremated remains. Living Urn® ​​​​is a patented tree planting system that makes it easy to turn your lost loved one’s ashes into a living tree memorial to honor your loved one and give back to nature. Many people plant on their property or in a special location and others may consider planting a memorial tree in a memorial garden or cemetery, such as a Forest of Remembrance.

Turn Your Ashes Into A Tree

Turn Your Ashes Into A Tree

With The Living Urn® ​​​​​​​a tree is first planted with cremated ashes, transferring the ashes to the BioUrn®. Then, a bag of RootProtect® ash mixture is poured over the remains and the urn is placed in a planting hole in the ground. Then the small tree is lowered into the urn and the area around the roots of the urn is filled with soil and the hole where the urn and tree are is filled with soil. Then press down to ensure your tree or shrub is stable. Apply a thick layer of mulch over the water around the tree and water it thoroughly and regularly. Your tree will grow from the BioUrn® into a beautiful lifetime keepsake.

Ashes To Ashes And Into Trees

The patented Living Urn® ​​​​is the ultimate tree urn (or burial pod) and the BioUrn® itself is made from 100% biodegradable, all natural materials. Even our cremation tree packaging is made from bamboo, which is a durable material and an excellent choice as an environmentally friendly building or packaging material.

Turn Your Ashes Into A Tree

Yes! The Living Urn® ​​​​BioUrn® and planting system are 100% biodegradable and completely natural. Even the packaging of our cremation tree is made from bamboo, a sustainable and ecological material.

The Living Urn® ​​tree urn comes with a real living tree that is 2 to 4 feet tall and comes in a pot with strong, sturdy roots. This makes it easier for families to thrive and grow a beautiful memorial tree. We offer over 40 varieties of trees and shrubs, restricted by zip code to best grow in each location. Below we highlight some of the most popular tree options:

Turn Your Ashes Into A Tree

Memorial Hourglass With Cremation Ash

A beautiful hardwood with one of the largest growing areas in the USA. – from the southern tip of Florida to the northern tip of Maine!

A symbol of strength and longevity, red oak is one of the most popular choices offered by The Living Urn®.

Turn Your Ashes Into A Tree

The majestic White Oak is a symbol of strength and longevity. It has spectacular autumn colors and its acorns are the favorite food of many animals.

Mountain Ash Tree: A Profile Of A Tree

A beautiful tree that displays its stunning pink flowers in spring and makes a stunning addition to any landscape!

Turn Your Ashes Into A Tree

A beautiful landscape tree for all four seasons, the White Dogwood displays stunning white flowers in spring and purple-red leaves in fall.

A peaceful beauty that offers a striking appearance, Weeping Willow is a popular choice for families in the Midwest and Eastern US.

Turn Your Ashes Into A Tree

While Enjoying Denver’s Fall Color, Appreciate Our Ashes

A symbol of Spring’s beauty, this special tree displays pinkish-white flowers and beautiful branch patterns – it’s a sight to behold!

A small tree, the Japanese red maple is a popular choice for families who don’t have much space to plant. This particular tree displays its beautiful color in the fall and is a hardy choice found in many areas of the US.

Turn Your Ashes Into A Tree

A True Supplier Sugar Maple is one of the most popular trees in America! It is the state tree of New York, West Virginia, Wisconsin, and Vermont and produces brilliant colors of yellow, orange, and red in the fall!

Just Saw This On Facebook, Made Me Think Of The Pequeninos Going Into Their Third Life!

A small, fast-growing tree, Crape Myrtle is a favorite of many families in warm climates. Known as the ‘lilac of the South’, this special tree has spectacular flowers and is a hardy variety that tolerates extreme drought.

Turn Your Ashes Into A Tree

A beautiful, unique tree that blooms in late spring prevents potential frost problems. With its beautiful shape and white flowers with a lemon scent, it is a good souvenir option for families.

With its dense foliage, the sycamore provides great shade and is one of the longest-lived trees available!

Turn Your Ashes Into A Tree

Bios Urn ®

A wonderful flowering tree that is resistant to many diseases and other problems. It is also a great shade tree and one of the favorite foods of many animals.

A unique tree with fan-shaped leaves that turn a beautiful bright yellow every fall! This particular tree is very resilient and can live for thousands of years!

Turn Your Ashes Into A Tree

Native to Central and Eastern America, the American Elm is a stunning shade tree that speaks boldly!

Seven Things You Need To Know About Keeping Or Scattering Ashes

Tree memorials have existed for centuries, and many cultures throughout history have coveted their power and even worshiped them. It brings a new life that can continue to grow and honor and represent the person who passed away in a good way. There are many types of trees, each with its own special meaning. Furthermore, trees, including the many enclosures of the Tree of Life, are prevalent in several religious texts.

Turn Your Ashes Into A Tree

To turn ash into a tree, you will need to burn it first. Cremation costs vary depending on where you live, whether you work directly with a funeral home or a funeral director, and what services you choose to include in the cremation (service, viewing, and so on). After a loved one is cremated, you will need to purchase The Living Urn and choose a tree, which costs $129.00 to $159.00, depending on the type of tree or shrub and the Living Urn system you choose.

Yes! There is an indoor version of The Living Urn® ​​​​with an indoor bonsai tree and a selection of indoor plants. To learn more, click here.

Turn Your Ashes Into A Tree

What To Expect When Receiving Cremation Ashes Of Loved Ones

Yes, and this is very normal! Many families will choose to have multiple memorials for their loved ones – either with more than one Living Urn® ​​tree memorial, or using The Living Urn® ​​with ashes and scattering the ashes.

Yes, and many families hold a funeral or celebration of life with their loved one’s body present (before cremation), or after their loved one’s body has been cremated with urine. Additionally, The Living Urn® ​​comes with a beautiful bamboo casing that many families choose to display at a loved one’s funeral. Additionally, many families also choose cremation jewelry or other keepsakes to keep in addition to the memorial tree.

Turn Your Ashes Into A Tree

Not all trees will grow well in your area – we want to make sure you find the right tree for you!

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Unlike Evergreens, which we ship year-round, seasonal trees ship in early spring and fall again and are shipped based on the climate in your area and this year’s weather. This is done to ensure your tree is planted at the right time. Additionally, to ensure your greenhouse arrives strong and healthy, we need to ship Seasonals when they are dormant in the Spring and Fall. Email us at info@ or call (800) 495-7022 with questions or to learn more about your tree’s delivery date. Bios Incube is a biodegradable urn that turns your ashes into a tree. *Cue Lion King music*

Turn Your Ashes Into A Tree

Instead of seeing death as the end, the creators of Bios Incube wanted to celebrate life in a different way. Whether human or pet, city dweller or non-traditionalist, Bios Incube offers a sustainable way to celebrate the cycle of life. They want to change a taboo topic and turn it into something that can help us remember loved ones in a meaningful way.

The urn itself is biodegradable and contains the cremated ashes of a loved one. It comes with an incubator that helps with growth and, of course, even an app.

Turn Your Ashes Into A Tree

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The Bios Incube has a special sensor that monitors the environmental conditions of your urn, such as light conditions, electrical conductivity, humidity and temperature of the atmosphere and soil. The Incube then sends the information to the built-in irrigation system, which helps you water and care for your seeds. This information is also sent to the app, so you can track growth even when you’re away.

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Turn Your Ashes Into A Tree

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