Turn Off Wifi On Router

Turn Off Wifi On Router – In most homes, the largest single source of EMF radiation is WiFi The WiFi that keeps all your devices connected from your home router does so via EMF radiation called radio frequencies. This radio frequency that keeps you connected to the internet is very helpful (and almost mandatory these days) but it’s also hugely dangerous.

One of the best ways to significantly reduce your exposure, improve your health, and get better sleep is to turn off your WiFi at night.

Turn Off Wifi On Router

Turn Off Wifi On Router

Turning off, or turning off, your WiFi at night has no effect, because you’re usually asleep Your phone will automatically connect to your cellular network, so you’ll get all the notifications you need (although I’d encourage you to sleep next to your cell phone.)

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In this article, I’d like to talk about the real reasons WiFi radiation is dangerous, why turning on your WiFi at night can help protect you, and then explain several simple ways you can do it.

Turn Off Wifi On Router

I would also like to mention that you may want to turn off the WiFi at night to let your kids watch YouTube in the evening. If so, click here to jump to the “how to” section of this article!

First, to clarify, when we talk about “WiFi radiation,” we’re primarily talking about radio frequency radiation, a type of electromagnetic frequency (EMF) radiation. This type of radiation can be easily measured with an EMF meter, and is very capable of penetrating the walls of your home or office, and can travel great distances.

Turn Off Wifi On Router

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Radio frequency radiation is the same type that your cell phone uses to communicate with nearby cell towers, and it’s the same type of radiation that causes so much damage to our brains and bodies when we use our cell phones and other wireless devices.

I won’t go into too much depth in this post about the wealth of research available on the health effects of EMF radiation exposure, as I’ve covered it extensively in other posts (see the Knowledge section for these). However, I want to talk specifically about a few ways that WiFi from your home router can affect you and your family.

Turn Off Wifi On Router

This gives us the context we need to understand why turning off your WiFi at night is worth it

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I just want to quickly say that if you are concerned about EMF radiation, there is an e-book that I cannot recommend highly enough called “The Non-Tinfoil Guide to EMFs” that I would encourage you to study. I didn’t write it, but it’s just one of the best resources out there

Turn Off Wifi On Router

Also, if you want a product that blocks 90% of radiation from your WiFi router, without affecting your connection or speed, I use this WiFi Router Guard, which you can read more about in my full guide here.

This is probably the best reason to consider turning off your WiFi at night, and for the same reason, you shouldn’t sleep next to your cell phone.

Turn Off Wifi On Router

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In 2013, the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering at the University of Melbourne completed a comprehensive study on how EMF radiation affects the quality of our sleep, specifically the pineal gland.

What they found is that our bodies perceive EMF radiation in a similar way to light As our bodies react to this radiation, the pineal gland (the gland responsible for producing melatonin, the hormone that regulates our sleep and circadian rhythms) slows down production.

Turn Off Wifi On Router

When we don’t get proper sleep, our ability to fight disease, repair damage, grow muscle, and eliminate toxins is impaired. Sleep is one of the most important parts of a healthy lifestyle, and EMF radiation greatly affects our ability to get that sleep.

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This is one of the reasons why EMF protection products are so popular For products I use and recommend, check out the Products I Recommend page

Turn Off Wifi On Router

Next we’ll talk a little about how EMF radiation actually damages the body, a topic that many articles ignore.

Our bodies are constantly producing new red blood cells, in fact just over 2 million every second. This rapid production of healthy blood cells makes them vulnerable to disturbances, stresses on the body such as from EMF radiation.

Turn Off Wifi On Router

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Each of these red blood cells has a microscopic antenna-like receptor inside the cell membrane. This receptor is very responsible, as it is our body’s main way of communicating messages through chemical signals The problem is that this bit has also been shown to receive signals from EMF radiation

They perceive this radiation as a threat and take steps to protect the body which eventually damages it When cells sense radio frequency radiation from something like WiFi in your home, three things happen almost immediately:

Turn Off Wifi On Router

The combination of these things creates a domino effect that affects the health of your body Your body can’t get the nutrients it needs, free radicals build up in your cells, and your abnormally formed cells can’t carry oxygen like your body does. Ask for it

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Now, I’m not saying any of this to scare you, and it’s probably a little more dramatic than research sounds. However, the bottom line is that EMF radio frequency radiation from your home WiFi router is not good for you, and the less exposure you have, the healthier you will be.

Turn Off Wifi On Router

In my article on cell phone radiation (a type of radio frequency radiation similar to WiFi) I go into depth about the hundreds of studies that show EMF radiation and increased risk of certain cancers.

For that reason, I will not go too deep in this article on these specific studies However, just be aware that several studies have linked cell phone use to brain tumor risk. Additionally, there are more detailed studies that show that the risk of cancer is higher from radio frequencies from any source, including WiFi, from your router.

Turn Off Wifi On Router

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It is important to note here that damage from EMF radiation is cumulative in nature, so anything we can do to reduce our exposure will help protect our health. This is also one of the reasons why WiFi is dangerous because we are always open

Even doing something as simple as turning off WiFi at night can go a long way in reducing your exposure to EMF radiation.

Turn Off Wifi On Router

Just a few things I wanted to note First of all, if you live in the US like I do, talk about the dangers of WiFi and EMF radiation is probably unfamiliar to you. This is largely because the telecom industry is working with powerful lobbyists to fight against regulations and changes that would affect the ability to sell mobile phones and data plans.

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However, as more and more science and research comes out, these changes are inevitable In fact, changes are already underway in other countries

Turn Off Wifi On Router

OK, enough about the dangers of radio frequency radiation, let’s talk about turning off your router at night.

So for most homes, your WiFi will come from your own router, or it will come from a modem provided by your Internet company. A modem is a small (usually black) box that has a large coaxial cable attached to it This box actually takes the internet connection and translates it into a way that can connect you to the internet

Turn Off Wifi On Router

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You usually have a simple Ethernet cable that runs from that modem to a router The router is usually what pushes the WiFi into the home, and what you connect your devices to.

Turning off or turning off this WiFi can go a long way in reducing your radiation exposure, so let’s look at some of the best ways to do it.

Turn Off Wifi On Router

This is my favorite tip for reducing EMF radiation in general because it’s so cheap and effective

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The concept is simple Have you ever been told by your internet company to “power up” your router when things aren’t working? Basically this is just unplugging it, waiting about 30 seconds and plugging it back in.

Turn Off Wifi On Router

It cleans things up and generally helps it work better It also ensures that your WiFi bounces right back after plugging it in without issue.

These timers are completely mechanical, so they do not use electricity and do not produce EMF radiation themselves

Turn Off Wifi On Router

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You simply set the time of day you want the router to turn off, say between midnight and 6 a.m., and it will disconnect power from your router at that time and reconnect it in the morning.

This is a very simple, inexpensive way to turn off your WiFi at night, which is why I wanted to mention it in the first place.

Turn Off Wifi On Router

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