Turn Off Autoplay In Youtube

Turn Off Autoplay In Youtube – With all the content available, it’s very easy to fall down the rabbit hole of YouTube videos and lose track of all the songs in time. It’s easier to turn it off if you enable the Autoplay feature that allows the platform to automatically play related videos, which will turn on when you watch a video.

YouTube’s autoplay feature is on by default, so if you have a problem, you’ll have to physically resolve to disable it.

Turn Off Autoplay In Youtube

Turn Off Autoplay In Youtube

Additionally, even though this feature is meant to play videos related to what you’re watching, some users often miss the mark. In this article, we will show you how to disable autoplay on YouTube.

Soundcloud Disable Autoplay

YouTube Autoplay was introduced to users in 2015 and is available on all devices that support YouTube. This includes Windows PCs, Macs, and Chromebooks. When you click on a video, YouTube automatically queues that video to play when the first video finishes.

Turn Off Autoplay In Youtube

For example, if you’re watching a music video, AutoPlay queues up songs by the same artist. This can be a handy option if you don’t want to search your device for a new song every time a video ends.

However, it can be annoying if YouTube does something you want to make the wrong choice. So, let’s see how to disable autoplay on YouTube on a computer using an existing browser:

Turn Off Autoplay In Youtube

Turn Off Autoplay Of Youtube Videos

Note that YouTube has recently improved this feature and now has an autoplay toggle outside the video, in the top right of the screen. If you’re used to seeing it there, don’t worry, the feature is still there. It was recently moved.

Autoplay is also available on mobile devices – smartphones and tablets. Whether you’re an Android or iPhone user, the process to turn off Autoplay is the same:

Turn Off Autoplay In Youtube

It all boils down to this. YouTube videos will no longer play automatically on your mobile device.

Autoplay On Home Option Has Gone Missing, And Is Not Working.

YouTube Music is a streaming service that allows users to listen to all their favorite music from YouTube based on their preferences. The platform automatically queues up a list of songs to play when you start listening to music.

Turn Off Autoplay In Youtube

There is no way to disable this feature. Best of all, you can click on a song and play it on loop. You can do this by clicking on the “Repeat One” feature in the lower right corner of the screen.

As with YouTube Music, you can’t turn off autoplay on YouTube when you click on a YouTube playlist. Actually, the concept of playlists is to play videos in sequence or shuffle.

Turn Off Autoplay In Youtube

How To Stop ‘up Next’ Videos From Autoplaying On Youtube

If you have a YouTube TV subscription, you can also turn off Autoplay if you’re not using it. Here’s how you do it:

YouTube introduced a playback feature a few years ago that allowed users to preview videos while scrolling the home screen. It also creates subtitles so you can better understand what the video is about. However, this can affect your Wi-Fi and data, so you may want to disable it. Here:u003cbru003eu003cbru003e• Open the YouTube app and go to the “Settings” section. 7.jpgu0022 alt=u0022u0022u003eu003cbru003e• Pilih “General,” dituturkeun ku “Muted playback dina feeds.”u003cbru003eu003cimg class=u0022wp-image-246880u0022 style=u0022222/wid0002222222000/wid00222222 style=u0022222220u002222u002d/u002222222u002u00222u002u0022u002u002u002u002u002u002u02u002u002u0000u00000u0000u0000000000000000000000 /04/9-5.jpgu0022 alt =u0022u0022u003eu003cbru003e• Select “Off”. u003cbru003eu003cimg class=u0022wp-image-246878u0022 style=u00222px/u003cbru003eu03; -7.jpgu0022 alt=u0022u0022u003eu003cbru003e This disables autoplay while scrolling. You can also select Wi-Fi Only to make sure it only works when you’re connected to a wireless network and not using phone data.

Turn Off Autoplay In Youtube

Even if you choose to opt out of autoplay, remember that this setting applies every time you use the platform, regardless of device. For example, listen to back-to-back podcast episodes. Other times, letting YouTube automatically choose the next video might not seem like a good idea. Ultimately, it comes down to the user and their personal preference.

How To Disable Autoplay On Youtube (turn Off Youtube Auto Views )

YouTube sets Autoplay by default because they want users to spend as much time as possible on the platform. This means more subscriptions, more ads and ultimately more revenue for the company.

Turn Off Autoplay In Youtube

Let’s face it, YouTube has a lot of content. There’s something for everyone, and Autoplay might just be right for you. But if you want to turn it off, now you know how to do it.

Disclaimer: Some pages on this site may contain affiliate links. This does not affect our editorial in any way. We’ve all been there. You are watching YouTube and after your video ends, another unrelated video provided by YouTube automatically starts. This so-called autoplay feature may be great for entertainment, but it sacrifices productivity. Let’s discuss how to disable autoplay on YouTube.

Turn Off Autoplay In Youtube

How To Turn Off Youtube Autoplay Videos

To turn off autoplay on YouTube, click on the video and hover over the main video area to start playing it. The autoplay slider is located in the video controls; click it to turn the function on or off.

Autoplay is YouTube’s way of letting you watch more content. Instead of stopping playback at the end of a video you’ve voluntarily started watching, YouTube’s algorithm selects videos that contain content related to the current video or videos related to your viewing history. The video will then autoplay or play automatically.

Turn Off Autoplay In Youtube

To do so, tap Profile picture > Settings > Autoplay. In the Autoplay menu, you can tap the next Autoplay slider to turn the feature on or off.

How To Turn Off Youtube Tv’s Autoplay Feature

To find autoplay controls, open any video you want and start playing it in the YouTube app. Tap anywhere on the video to open the controls.

Turn Off Autoplay In Youtube

The Autoplay slider is at the top, next to the Stream, Subtitles/CC, and Options buttons. Tap the slider to turn the feature on or off.

If the slider is to the right and the play triangle is in the middle, Autoplay is enabled. If the slider is on the left and there is a dash in the middle, it means that Autoplay is off.

Turn Off Autoplay In Youtube

Looking For Youtube’s Autoplay Option? Google Moved It!

Autoplay on YouTube is one of the most frequently enabled features by default. Follow the steps above to turn off autoplay.Live: CES 2023 Live Blog LG OLED TV Netflix ‘1899’ Quadrantids Denied Meteor Shower New Dell Laptops Nvidia, Foxconn Nvidia GeForce Ultimate Free Trial for Autonomous Cars Will Improve Your Mental Health

Matt Elliott, a technology writer for over a decade, is a New Hampshire-based computer tester and Mac user.

Turn Off Autoplay In Youtube

All we need is an easy way to enter the YouTube vortex where you innocently come with the intention of watching a video or two, only to find yourself jumping from one related video to the next an hour later. YouTube has added an autoplay feature that automatically starts a new video after the current video ends. If you want to protect yourself from the time-sucking YouTube whirlwind, learn how to disable the feature.

How To Ensure Youtube Doesn’t Consume Your Life

To turn off the feature, click the blue Autoplay slider in the upper right column of the Next video. It’s very easy, when I turn it off, YouTube remembers that I did it after restarting the browser and system.

Turn Off Autoplay In Youtube

You can also keep autoplay on and stop the next video from starting when your current video ends. Autoplay will load the next video, but give you a few seconds before it starts playing. Click Cancel to stop the process during these few seconds.

Looks like YouTube just added autoplay to their desktop site. Their mobile app doesn’t seem to have this feature.

Turn Off Autoplay In Youtube

How To Turn Off Autoplay On Your Youtube Channel Trailer

It’s been a YouTube-focused week here. Learn about YouTube’s new interactive maps, plus 3 ways to disable YouTube annotations and maps. One of my YouTube pet peeves is when after you finish a video, the service shoves a new video down your throat with a feature called “Next,” which gives you 15 seconds to press the “X” button on the screen. at the top right of the video before the next video starts. will be played.

Sound familiar? If you feel the same way, you’ve come to the right tutorial because we’ll show you how to disable this feature from the YouTube website without installing plugins, hacks, or other crazy stuff. . Autoplay on YouTube is a user’s worst nightmare

Turn Off Autoplay In Youtube

It’s especially annoying when I have multiple tabs of YouTube videos open in my web browser and when I finish one video and switch to another video in another tab, I forget that YouTube starts another video in the background on the original video. tab.

How To Turn Off Youtube Autoplay On Android

Another problem is that when the video you are watching changes to a new video, the URL of the page changes. If you want to share that video with someone after watching it and let the video go to you automatically,

Turn Off Autoplay In Youtube

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