Turn Off Automatic Subscription Iphone

Turn Off Automatic Subscription Iphone – Was made available to the public last week alongside the iOS 8.4 update. Many of us jump right in and start the 3-month free trial to see if the service lives up to expectations. However, to be able to take advantage of this offer, you must subscribe, access your iTunes account, and select the membership plan you wish to follow after the trial period ends. This means some action is required on your end if you don’t want to be charged after the three month trial period is over.

If you like Apple Music and want to continue using the service, no further action is required once you start subscribing to the service. The default setting charges your credit card link to your iTunes account automatically each month. As you already know, it costs $9.99 for an individual membership, or $14.99 for a family plan, available for up to 6 members.

Turn Off Automatic Subscription Iphone

Turn Off Automatic Subscription Iphone

If you don’t like the service, or your budget won’t allow you to pay for it, or you just want to switch between individual and family plans, here’s how to change your Apple Music Membership settings.

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1. Open Apple Music and tap on the red silhouette icon available at the top left corner of the screen. The icon appears on all pages of this application.

Turn Off Automatic Subscription Iphone

By turning off automatic payments, you’re essentially canceling your subscription to Apple’s music service. This means you won’t be charged at all after the trial ends.

Settings menu. You can check your subscription status here, at the top of the screen. To regain access to the millions of songs available with this service, get a membership from

Turn Off Automatic Subscription Iphone

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Tip: If you’re on a budget and you’re a music lover, membership is definitely worth it. Additionally, you may find that Apple Music subscription prices vary from country to country. You can even see a one-month trial if you’re a former subscriber. Although not very obvious, there is a way to cancel the free trial from automatic updates. That way, you don’t have to deal with Apple support trying to get your money back because you forgot.

The process for turning off auto-renewal for Apple Music on your iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch is relatively simple, whether you’re using version 13 or earlier. And the same goes for ending your Apple News+ and Apple Arcade trial. However, before we walk you through the cancellation process, let’s activate your one or three month free trial as soon as possible.

Turn Off Automatic Subscription Iphone

To start the trial, you must subscribe to Apple Music and have a credit card linked to your Apple ID. You also need to make sure to “buy” the $9.99/month subscription. However, you won’t actually be billed until the trial ends, and you can change the price if you’re a student (proof required) or want a family plan.

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In the Apple Music app, tap the “For You” tab and you should see either a full-screen modal display or a link to start a free trial on any page. After you tap the button to get your free trial, Apple Pay will open and you’ll need to confirm the transaction.

Turn Off Automatic Subscription Iphone

After the trial period ends, Apple will start billing you every month (unless you switch to a cheaper annual plan). The process to change your Apple Music plan is the same as canceling your subscription, so you can check out the steps below to see how to get there. That said, if you want to cancel, make sure you do so at least 24 hours before your next payment date.

Your subscription can be renewed unless you cancel it more than 24 hours before the renewal date. – Apples

Turn Off Automatic Subscription Iphone

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There are several ways to access the management settings for your Apple Music subscription. The first one below is the easiest, but you can choose any of the options to get the job done.

At 12 or 13, start by accessing the About tab in your Music app. Next, tap the profile icon at the top of the page (you may be asked to authenticate using Face ID or Touch ID), then select Manage Subscription.

Turn Off Automatic Subscription Iphone

Note: If you’re on 10 or 11, after selecting your profile icon, tap Show Apple ID, then enter your password or authenticate with Touch ID. Then tap on “Subscribe”. For 9 and below, do the same, but tap Set below

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On the subscription settings page, you will be able to see the exact date your trial period ends. You can set the date in your calendar or Reminders app or change to another paid plan.

Turn Off Automatic Subscription Iphone

Note that Apple states, “Your service terminates immediately if you cancel your trial,” in fine print. This does not always happen. Before November 2018, you could cancel and enjoy the rest of the trial, but Apple updated the rules so that some countries immediately lose access. The following month, Apple changed it in all countries.

To stop your trial immediately, tap Cancel Free Trial or Cancel Trial below, then Confirm. Doing so will immediately end your free trial. (If you’re on 9 or earlier, just turn off Automatic Updates, then tap Off.)

Turn Off Automatic Subscription Iphone

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Alternatively, you can access your subscription settings from within the App Store. In 12 and 13, on any tab below except Search, tap your profile icon in the upper right. Then, press “Manage Subscription”.

Note: On 11, you’ll also tap on your profile icon as described above, but then select your name, then “Subscription.” On 10 and below, you’ll scroll down to the Review tab, tap your Apple ID, tap Show Apple ID, then choose Subscribe.

Turn Off Automatic Subscription Iphone

Then, select “Apple Music Membership” in your list of subscriptions and you can switch to another paid plan or tap “Cancel Free Trial” or “Cancel Trial” and “Confirm” to finish it.

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You can also open Settings and select iTunes & App Store. Next, tap your Apple ID at the top and “Show Apple ID” in the window that pops up. Enter your password or use Face ID or Touch ID for authentication, if necessary.

Turn Off Automatic Subscription Iphone

,” then “Apple Music Membership” in your subscription list. You can then switch to another paid plan or tap “Cancel Free Trial” or “Cancel Trial” and “Confirm” to complete it.

The last way is to open Settings, then tap on your name at the top. Next, tap iTunes & App Stores and follow the instructions from Option 3. This is the exact same process, just a different way to get there.

Turn Off Automatic Subscription Iphone

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It’s great that Apple includes access to unregister directly from the iPhone, even if it’s buried. But we would like to see them revert to the industry standard or allow you to continue with the free trial even if you cancel it.

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Turn Off Automatic Subscription Iphone

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