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Is your iPhone or iPad suddenly updating without your permission or intent? If so, you are not alone! The automatic update feature in iOS 12+ and iPadOS is either bad or a pleasant surprise, depending on how you look at things.

Turn Off Auto Software Update Iphone

Turn Off Auto Software Update Iphone

Starting with iOS 12 and continuing into iPadOS and iOS13+, your iPhone can auto-update your device. For those of us who don’t want to think about updating our iPhone or iPad or see those update nags – this feature is awesome! Our iDevice software stays up-to-date with iOS’s automatic software updates without requiring any action.

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But for people like me, like Control, or on older iDevices with limited storage or only using cellular data (no WiFi available, ) automatic updates are a hindrance. And of course, some of us don’t like updating often (or at all!).

Turn Off Auto Software Update Iphone

In this short article, we will see how you can disable automatic updates on iPhone for iOS and iPadOS. Next step

Whenever you have enabled automatic updates for your iPhone or iPad, this means that your device will be automatically updated whenever a new version of the software is released. In most cases, your device will update while it is charging and not actively being used. Apple does this to avoid any interruptions when you’re trying to use your iPhone or iPad throughout the day.

Turn Off Auto Software Update Iphone

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There’s a lot to know when it comes to automatic updates, because there’s more to it than just leaving your iPhone on the charger overnight. First, the software itself must be installed, and this happens in the background, and by default, only when you’re connected to Wi-Fi. This has been the case for years, but when the iPhone 12 launched with onboard 5G connectivity, Apple made it possible for you to download software updates over 5G as opposed to a slower 4G or LTE connection.

However, once the update is finished downloading, you don’t need to worry about the prompt asking if you want to install it. Instead, a notification will pop-up telling you what’s happening, as well as letting you know that the update will be installed overnight.

Turn Off Auto Software Update Iphone

The basic premise behind pushing auto-updates is to keep your iPhone up-to-date with the latest iOS upgrades so that your device is not only up-to-date with all the latest features and bug fixes, but also with all security. Updates.

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When Auto-Update is turned on, it automatically downloads and applies iOS updates. You will see a notification when a new software update is available.

Turn Off Auto Software Update Iphone

For now, Apple wisely decided to turn off automatic updates by default. This means that your iPhone or iPad’s default behavior for software updates is still manual. But there’s always the possibility that Apple could change course with a future release of iOS or iPadOS.

Many iPhone users who use their smartphone as a daily driver back up their devices regularly, however, some of us still don’t like automatic iCloud backups and prefer to do our backups manually instead.

Turn Off Auto Software Update Iphone

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Before updating your iPhone or iPad to a new iOS, you should consider making a full backup of your device, just in case problems arise later and you need to restore your device. When you are in auto-update mode, it can update your iOS device when you have not completed your backup task.

In some cases, you may find that enabling automatic updates is not the best way to use your iPhone. This is especially true for those who rely heavily on their devices and don’t want to worry about a random bug causing your most-used apps to stop working completely. A good practice to keep in mind is to wait a few days for a new iOS or iPadOS version to be released before installing on your primary devices.

Turn Off Auto Software Update Iphone

When you download a new iOS (or iPadOS) update on your iPhone, you see various welcome screens. One of these screens is simply titled “Keep your iPhone up to date.”

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On this screen, if you select ‘Continue’, the iOS auto-update feature is turned on by default. However, even with auto-update turned on you will get a notification before any update is installed. And if you don’t want to enable automatic updates, you can proceed by tapping on ‘Manually install updates’.

Turn Off Auto Software Update Iphone

For whatever reason, some of us want our software to stay where it is! Maybe we love our current iOS or hate relearning the wheel with every change.

Fortunately, this is not the only option to choose manual updates in iOS or iPadOS. Here are the steps to help you change the setting from Auto to Manual once you’ve decided to make the change.

Turn Off Auto Software Update Iphone

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By doing this, it will download updates when you’re connected to Wi-Fi, but won’t automatically install any pending updates unless your iPhone is on the charger.

Connected to Wi-Fi. If you have toggled both options, updates will be installed manually by simply navigating to the Software Updates section and following the on-screen steps.

Turn Off Auto Software Update Iphone

With iPhone 12 or newer and a 5G connection, you don’t need to wait for a Wi-Fi connection to download software updates. Here’s how you can download iOS updates over 5G.

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One thing to be careful about is the data used by downloading these software updates through your cellular network. If you’re on a plan with a “data cap,” chances are you’ll hit the cap sooner than usual.

Turn Off Auto Software Update Iphone

As before, your iDevice waits for you to manually tap the Install button while Apple releases the update. However, for most devices, iOS still downloads any new updates in the background—it just doesn’t install those updates.

We hope you find this short tip informative and helpful. If you have any questions or comments, please let us know in the comments below.

Turn Off Auto Software Update Iphone

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Turn Off Auto Software Update Iphone

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How To Disable Ios 12 Automatic Updates

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Turn Off Auto Software Update Iphone

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It’s easy to turn off automatic updates for software or apps on your iPhone. Avery Hartmans/Business Insider

Turn Off Auto Software Update Iphone

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There are many good reasons to automatically update your iPhone. An updated phone will run the latest version of apps and other software, which means the best possible user experience and possibly fewer bugs.

IOS updates also help keep your iPhone as secure as possible. And best of all, with automatic updates, you don’t have to do anything.

Turn Off Auto Software Update Iphone

On the other hand, there are also reasons to disable automatic iPhone updates. Maybe you have an important conference call coming up and don’t want the phone to automatically reboot to install an iOS update before or during that call, or are facing an emergency and need to be reachable.

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Or maybe you prefer to control how and when your iPhone updates — whatever the reason, it’s easy to turn off automatic updates on iPhone.

Turn Off Auto Software Update Iphone

Quick tip: If the toggle switch has a white background, it means the option is disabled. If its background is green, it is enabled. To re-enable automatic installation, you tap the switch again so that its background turns green.

This will disable the automatic installation of iOS updates on your iPhone, but will not prevent them from downloading while connected to a WiFi network. To stop downloading updates entirely, also turn off the Download iOS Updates toggle on this screen.

Turn Off Auto Software Update Iphone

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You can now manually update the app from the App Store’s Updates tab or turn on automatic updates by toggling the green top tab again.

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Turn Off Auto Software Update Iphone

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