Turn Off Ads Youtube App

Turn Off Ads Youtube App – Have you thought that blocking ads on YouTube is almost impossible? There are reasons for this. YouTube ads have become the main “content” of the website. The problem with commercials is no joke. Let’s face it, you’re an iPhone user looking for ways to block YouTube ads or not?

When was the last time you tuned into a regular TV station? Don’t worry if it takes a while to think about it, you’re not alone. Almost two billion people around the world watch YouTube every day with you. Online streaming is much better than traditional broadcasting: not only do you choose what to watch and when, but you don’t have to pay for it.

Turn Off Ads Youtube App

Turn Off Ads Youtube App

Wait, of course, we pay – by seeing tons of ads every time! Today it is no different from traditional television. Additionally, ads are served to every YouTube video. Since they are short, it is no longer clear, whether we are seeing more real content or just ads. Most of the time the ads are unacceptable, and if you plan to watch a long video, there is no escape: the ads will come in the middle of the show. Buying the newest and most expensive Apple model doesn’t help.

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That’s probably why you found this article. And, lucky for you, we know several ways to block YouTube ads on iPad and iPhone. We’ve compiled a neat list of solutions and considerations for using a YouTube ad blocker on iPhone. Which option would be better? Let’s jump into the topic and find out!

Turn Off Ads Youtube App

YouTube isn’t the only source of annoying ads – they come from browsers, system apps, games, and more. If you want to know if there is a way to block all ads on iPhone once and for all, we have you covered.

The types and methods of advertising on YouTube have changed over the years. From banner ads to transition videos and pre/mid/post rolls. And although banners are still used out there, the most popular type of YouTube ads are video ads. You might not like a weird type of ads and we have an interesting article for that case. Follow the link for information on how to block certain ads on YouTube.

Turn Off Ads Youtube App

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We won’t tell you how to get rid of embedded content ads (except maybe changing your favorite channels), but all other ads can actually be blocked. what kind? The answer lies in the amount of investment you are willing to make, as well as your technical skills.

The issue of ads is very common for all platforms and there are different ways to solve it. If you also want to find ways to block YouTube ads on Android, you should definitely read our article and get insight!

Turn Off Ads Youtube App

The easiest solution, as always, is the most expensive: $11.99 per month will buy you a YouTube Premium subscription. With this paid monthly plan, you can enjoy all YouTube content completely ad-free. It also has other benefits:

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Looks good to you? Then see if you qualify for a one-month free trial, as well as discounted subscription plans (family or student). YouTube Premium is definitely an option to consider if you use the service a lot, and not just for watching videos, but also for enjoying music through your fancy AirPods. What to do if you have YouTube Premium but still have ads? We have the ultimate guide on how to fix it.

Turn Off Ads Youtube App

Well, a premium subscription is an obvious way to get rid of ads. Paying a monthly fee for premium usage is a personal choice for everyone. But what about ad blockers? Can they clean up the original YouTube app? Sad news, friends: YouTube’s main application today is an impregnable fortress wall on iOS and Android. None of the popular ad blockers in the market are yet able to clear the YouTube app. However, some of them provide alternative means for the unique entertainment of YouTube. Therefore, if you don’t want to look for alternative solutions and instead watch the original YouTube app, a YouTube Premium subscription is the only reliable way to remove ads from the YouTube iOS app.

For all those interested in alternative ways to watch the best content creators on YouTube without ads on iOS, we have some tips. Let’s see what can be done.

Turn Off Ads Youtube App

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Fortunately, there are other ways to remove YouTube ads without paying so much. Using an independent secure browser won’t surprise some of you while others will raise their eyebrows. Today, there are dozens of different options, but we should consider only reliable and reliable units on the market. As we already mentioned in one of our articles, there are five major secure browsers that provide excellent privacy protection, a built-in VPN, ad blocking, etc.

To be sure, each option from the list offers its own unique features. For example, Brave has an integrated crypto rewards system (you get tokens for web surfing), DuckDuckGo unlocks websites restricted in certain regions/countries, etc. On top of data protection, browsers block spammy ads that annoy users every day.

Turn Off Ads Youtube App

So, at the end of the day, why not choose an alternative for your browser if it offers such features?

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New iPhone and iPad models come fully equipped with software out of the box. This includes the web browser, Safari, which also has a block pop-up feature. The block pop-up function is limited to prevent downloading malicious and unreliable ad scripts while surfing the web. This can be useful in certain scenarios but, unfortunately, not for watching YouTube. Video ads are legal on the platform which makes them part of the block pop-up whitelist.

Turn Off Ads Youtube App

Fortunately, there are third-party ad blocking apps in the AppStore that can help you with this. Ad blockers of this type are designed to remove any type of advertisement from the website, as directed by the user, regardless of the type and origin of the advertisement. Once installed on an iOS device, the ad blocker must be added to Safari’s list of content blockers to be enabled. Just follow these steps:

The types of ad blocking software in the AppStore can be confusing, as the apps look similar. Not all of them are equally effective though. If you are looking for an app that combines reliability, simplicity and $0 cost, is a perfect choice.

Turn Off Ads Youtube App

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YouTube is simply the best ad blocker for iPhone and iPad because of the very nature of its technology. Unlike Safari Block Popup or other third-party content blockers, it comes with a pre-populated whitelist of “good” ads. Blocks all types of ads from YouTube immediately after activation in Safari settings. Instead of some ads, you may see a pure white screen with a skip button, but usually the video goes without interruption when you use it. So easy!

Not only YouTube, but all online ads and pop-ups can be blocked by filters. Imagine how much better mobile web browsing could be without annoying banners and annoying ads, and add to that other benefits, such as:

Turn Off Ads Youtube App

And, by the way, a promotion allows you to buy a single license for 5 devices at a huge discount. With it, you can count on reliable ad blocking not only on your mobile phone but also on Mac, PC and Android. From iPhones and iPads to any Android-powered smartphone or tablet – no YouTube ads in sight!

Ways To Watch Youtube Without Ads

We just released a significant update for iOS, so users now get the possibility to watch free YouTube videos in 2 ways.

Turn Off Ads Youtube App

By engaging a special script created and edited by our development team, or by the player. Now, how do you do that?

2. Use our custom YouTube player – a unique solution that combines simplicity, convenience and many features:

Turn Off Ads Youtube App

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Given that intrusive ads are a big issue, it’s no surprise that users are looking for many different tools and ways of working. Some are easy, others are more complicated. Pursuing the desired idle YouTube, tech people have developed software solutions. Among these are end holes, captain extensions, substitute players and more. Here, in this section of the article, we consider the most popular additional methods to block YouTube ads on iOS.

For those who don’t know, Pi-hole is an open source Linux ad blocker that was launched back in 2014. Originally, it was developed for low power devices with networking capability, but it does not support any hardware with Linux OS.

Turn Off Ads Youtube App

If you’re wondering if Pi-hole blocks YouTube ads, the short answer is no. As for the long answer, Reddit provides complete information on this topic.

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Another way to reduce the ad content you see on YouTube is an app that automatically creates a “skip” button. Today, there are many software development companies that offer their advertisers, so you may have seen names like “Cygery AdSkip”, “Ad Skipper on YouTube”, etc.

Turn Off Ads Youtube App

Basically, every ad skipper offered on the market is a macro script that, when following an ad,

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