Turn Laptop Into Wifi Hotspot

Turn Laptop Into Wifi Hotspot – I’ve been getting a lot of messages lately asking for recommendations on “iter iter”. Summer is here and people want to stay safe while they go out. Who doesn’t?

Whether it’s in a hotel room or an Airbnb, secure Wi-Fi helps make your home feel like a temporary accommodation, at least when you’re connected.

Turn Laptop Into Wifi Hotspot

Turn Laptop Into Wifi Hotspot

Along with privacy and security, a private network is also beneficial. It will not be necessary to enter a new Wi-Fi network and its password

How To Turn On Your Mobile Wi Fi Hotspot

It will be a pain if you bring your thoughts, even streaming thoughts — I’ve always had a Fire TV on trips.

Turn Laptop Into Wifi Hotspot

But packing a travel itinerary can also be a pain – not all deals are out of the box. Most importantly, connecting to an existing Wi-Fi network is sometimes impossible, and most places do not offer a wired connection.

This is where the latter comes together. I’ll show you how to turn a laptop into an all-in-one mobile router that allows you to connect only one device to your computer — to a new Wi-Fi network and keep the rest automatically connected, just like at home.

Turn Laptop Into Wifi Hotspot

How To Create Wifi Hotspot On Windows 10 Without Softwares

I have done this on my travels over the years. By the time you’re done with this post, chances are, getting on the road doesn’t matter anymore if you have a laptop.

I first published this piece on December 29, 2019 and updated it on May 25, 2022 with the most recent and relevant information.

Turn Laptop Into Wifi Hotspot

Your computer as a router: The key is to have your (external) computer share an available Wi-Fi network to connect to the Internet.

Windows 10 Help Forums

You probably already know how to turn your personal phone into a Wi-Fi hotspot. If not, look for “hotspot” in your phone’s settings. The rest is self-explanatory.

Turn Laptop Into Wifi Hotspot

The idea is to use a mobile hotspot, like the Verizon JetPack, to share the mobile phone’s connection with other Wi-Fi devices.

Specifically, the phone connects to the Internet via a cellular connection, then communicates signals via a Wi-Fi Wi-Fi adapter. The phone uses a Wi-Fi adapter in reverse and thus acts as a small router.

Turn Laptop Into Wifi Hotspot

Tenda U3 Wireless Usb 300mbps Network Adapter Mini Portable Networking Card Wifi Repeater Wi Fi Hotspot For Windows/mac/linux

You can do the same with one PC. Here, there are more on the Internet. This can be via cellular, Wi-Fi or wired networks.

This type of temporary internet sharing is intended for convenience, not a full Wi-Fi solution. No mobile hotspot or router can beat a real home Wi-Fi router.

Turn Laptop Into Wifi Hotspot

Especially online gaming, lag-free video calls, etc. if you expect high performance and consistently good enough connection quality, you may be disappointed. But this can also be true when you use a local Wi-Fi service directly.

Step By Step Guide On How To Turn Your Windows Pc Into A Wifi Hotspot

First, you need a computer (running Windows 10 or macOS) and a live Internet connection. And then you need a little more. The computer must have a free Wi-Fi card (or band).

Turn Laptop Into Wifi Hotspot

However, if you want to use the laptop’s internal Wi-Fi adapter to broadcast Wi-Fi signals, the device must access the Internet through various means, one of which is;

A single built-in Wi-Fi adapter is usually sufficient for a Windows computer. The computer can use one of the adapter bands (2.4GHz, 5GHz or 6GHz) for Internet reception and the other for the hotspot function (Internet communication). But buying a 2nd adapter will give users more benefits.

Turn Laptop Into Wifi Hotspot

How To Turn Your Samsung Galaxy S3 Into A Free Wi Fi Hotspot « Samsung :: Gadget Hacks

I used all three above and the installation process was similar in both cases. Although I chose #3 for this post, it easily applies to everyone. Specifically, I used the Netgear A7000 USB Wi-Fi adapter.

Hardware wise, if you’re using a Windows PC, they’re easy – usually a USB adapter (Wi-Fi or Ethernet) will work and there are plenty of options.

Turn Laptop Into Wifi Hotspot

If you use macOS, things are complicated. Below is my brief opinion that can be taken from my experience.

How To Connect Your Windows Laptop To A Mobile Hotspot

Big Sur — If you have a Mac running macOS version 11 or later, an existing third-party USB Wi-Fi 5 or 6 adapter will not officially work. The future may change that, but that seems to remain.

Turn Laptop Into Wifi Hotspot

Unless you want to do some hacking, the only optional network adapter accessory for the Big Sur and Monterey is the USB Air adapter.

Apple should always be safe to use. But if you want a third-party option, I recommend the 5Gbps TRENDnet TUC-ET5G or the 2.5Gbps TUC-ET2G. Both are natively supported or built in drivers for Windows and macOS 10. I have used both since I reviewed them.

Turn Laptop Into Wifi Hotspot

How To Create A Wi Fi Hotspot On Ubuntu

However, the rule of thumb is to check the vendor’s support page to make sure the driver software is available for your OS before purchasing it.

Additionally, almost any USB Ethernet adapter will work, including the aforementioned Multi-Gig ones. But Apple is safer to buy.

Turn Laptop Into Wifi Hotspot

Finally, many USB adapters use a USB-A connector – if your computer only has a USB-C (Thunderbolt) port, you’ll also need an adapter.

The Best Mobile Hotspots For Travel In 2023

For this part, the computer will use the existing Wi-Fi network using an optional USB Wi-Fi adapter and built-in Wi-Fi adapter to broadcast Wi-Fi clients.

Turn Laptop Into Wifi Hotspot

However, if you use the adapters in the transfer functions, the steps will be the same as long as you leave one of the Wi-Fi adapters free.

So connect the computer to an existing Internet-ready Wi-Fi network using the adapter of your choice. We will connect that broadband internet using our Wi-Fi network.

Turn Laptop Into Wifi Hotspot

How To Force A Public Wi Fi Login Page To Open

In the Start Menu — you can search for it — and click to open a dialog where you can turn this feature on and make it custom.

Your Windows PC as a router: You can quickly find any setting by searching in Windows 10’s Start menu, including the mobile hotspot feature.

Turn Laptop Into Wifi Hotspot

Use your Windows PC as a router: Turn on a mobile hotspot, choose Wi-Fi (default) as the sharing method, and click Edit to customize the settings (recommended), or you can use the defaults.

Free Tools To Set Up A Wi Fi Hotspot In Windows

Change the Wi-Fi network settings as desired. If you want to connect your other devices automatically, here you can choose the same SSID and password as your home Wi-Fi.

Turn Laptop Into Wifi Hotspot

If you use one router adapter, you only have one band left for the hotspot function. Getting the 2nd adapter will give you more options as shown in the screenshot below.

Use your Windows PC as a router: It’s a good idea to use your mobile Wi-Fi network to match your home Wi-Fi.

Turn Laptop Into Wifi Hotspot

Wi Fi Routers For 100mbps Speed For A Continuous Internet Access

That’s it. For example, you can find a new Wi-Fi network — “Dong-Knows-Tech-Mobile” in the air space for other devices.

If you want to use Wi-Fi to share your Internet connection, you need to get a 2nd Wi-Fi adapter for macOS. You cannot use one band for receiving and another for sharing, as in Windows.

Turn Laptop Into Wifi Hotspot

Note that any USB Wi-Fi or Ethernet adapter on your Mac is labeled “Apple USB Ethernet Adapter.”

Usb Vs Wifi

I used this feature by adding a card to connect to an existing Wi-Fi network, leaving the computer’s internal card designated “Wi-Fi” free to broadcast signals to clients.

Turn Laptop Into Wifi Hotspot

Your Mac as a router: The Internet Sharing feature is part of the Partner program in Computer System Options.

Your Mac as a router: First, you need to choose a free Wi-Fi adapter and a network client.

Turn Laptop Into Wifi Hotspot

Solved] Laptop Won’t Connect To Wifi But Phone Will

Mobile Wi-Fi for your home. Again, it’s a good idea to name it after your home Wi-Fi with the same password. But home however you want. Then click OK.

That’s it. Now the new mobile Wi-Fi network – in this example “MacBook Pro Dong” – is ready to be used by other clients. If you choose the same Wi-Fi name and password as your home, your other devices will connect automatically.

Turn Laptop Into Wifi Hotspot

In general, you can connect up to 15 mobile hotspot Mac devices, but the number on your laptop may vary.

How To Build A Large Citywide Wifi Hotspot/zone

I came. Turning a laptop into a mobile hotspot – or as a Wi-Fi router – has many advantages:

Turn Laptop Into Wifi Hotspot

By the way, you can use this setup at home too. When set up correctly, turning a desktop computer into a router can be a quick and cost-effective way to have a dedicated Wi-Fi network, for example when you want to host wireless VR headsets. WiFi hotspots give you multiple devices and internet access to them. If you have internet access on your various devices and your laptop, you may want to share the internet with other devices. The best way to do this is to turn the laptop into a Wi-Fi hotspot.

Windows can do more than this. If you have Windows on your laptop or desktop, you’re pretty much good to go. But the process is not as simple as you might think.

Turn Laptop Into Wifi Hotspot

The Best Mobile Hotspots Of 2023

One of the easiest ways to make your laptop work as a Wi-Fi hotspot is to use software. There are plenty of apps that offer a one-click option to turn your car into a Wi-Fi hotspot. The only thing you need for it to work effectively is that you have Windows on your system

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