Top Action Fantasy Anime

Top Action Fantasy Anime – Fantasy anime often use magic or the supernatural and place it in a fantasy world for the story. Like a fairy tale, but in anime the story can be different.

The genre of fantasy and anime is similar to the genre of action, which talks about fighting in a fantasy world with magic and things like fairy tales become real. Based on my love of watching various fantasy anime, I published a list of the most amazing fantasy anime. This is my opinion, if you are free, please share your opinion in the comments. Action Anime Premiere Coming in 2022 Fantasy Premiere Coming in 2023 15. Blade & Soul

Top Action Fantasy Anime

Top Action Fantasy Anime

The story follows Alka, a former member of the Tsurugi family who is desperate for memories of the past as a murderer. One day, he met people who wanted to kill him, then became friends. Even if he had to kill again, he would still kill to live.

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An MMORPG developed by NCSoft with the same name, this series brings a lot of fanservice, especially almost female characters with big breasts. The fighting is still beautiful, but maybe it’s still not in the story and sometimes it feels boring.

Top Action Fantasy Anime

The background story is in England when Queen Victoria still reigns, and Ciel is the queen’s “guard” to protect the stability of the “other side” of the country.

Sebastion himself is a picky eater, and does all his homework flawlessly. Ciel made a deal with Sebastion with his soul as payment for finding his parents’ killer, so when Ciel’s soul killer was found Sebastian Ciel would consume Ciel’s soul.

Top Action Fantasy Anime

Best Fantasy Anime

The story of William, the son of a very intelligent family. One day, his uncle broke up and to protect his family’s reputation, he and his servants looked for something valuable. In the course of research, he discovers a cellar containing the magical symbols of his ancestors. William suddenly summoned a demon named Dantalion, and he told William that he was the chosen one who could rule the demon world.

Anime shows jokes and funny scenes, but you can say that anime is a light story but still meaningful. A unique story, where a very intelligent person who does not believe in the supernatural, suddenly heard that he will rule the demonic world from the devil himself.

Top Action Fantasy Anime

Berserk is set in the past, a tragic story about a man struggling to find his own way, through many unimaginable disasters that became the beginning of fate’s decision.

Best Action Anime Like Demon Slayer

The main character is Guts, a young man born to his grandmother. Where is the battle for survival. Until he met Griffith, the leader of the mercenary group Band of Hawk. With a bet, Guts joins Griffith.

Top Action Fantasy Anime

They are respected by the whole kingdom, until one day, figjt and their eternal enemies. They are close to death, and immortality says that Guts and Griffith’s friendship will turn into an enemy.

Talk about a human civilization that survived the giant replica wall of the titan attack. Until one day, a titan that is bigger and taller than the wall appears and destroys the wall, so that the smaller titan can enter to attack and eat humans.

Top Action Fantasy Anime

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Eren Jeager, the main character of this anime lost his mother because he was killed by a titan. Then he decided to join the army and become part of the Recon Corps assigned only outside the walls. Soldiers use 3D Maneuver Gear, man-made equipment with multiple movements to kill the titan by targeting the back of the titan’s neck.

The story behind it is a kingdom ruled by a young king and a cunning prime minister, who constantly motivates the royal family. The president made the country full of conflict. This makes revolutionaries in the case of rebellion for the kingdom.

Top Action Fantasy Anime

The revolutionaries have an assassination team called Night Raid. Night Raid does dirty things to achieve revolutionary success.

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Tatsumi is someone who accidentally got involved in the Night Raid project and then became a member of Night Raid. He fought for reform because the kings killed two of his friends.

Top Action Fantasy Anime

Mushibugyou is a story about Japan’s feudal history. People in Edo are surrounded by giant insects. That is why an exterminator called Mushibugyou was formed.

The story focuses on Tsukishima Jinbee, a young man who strives to become a hero like his father. To make a difference, he tried to take his father’s position in Mushibugyou’s office. On the way to the office, he meets Haru, a girl who helps his family manage a restaurant and has a big crush.

Top Action Fantasy Anime

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Magi: Sinbad no Bouken is a sequel to the main series, Magi. Join Sinbad, who is the epitome of the Arabian Nights. In this series, Sinbad is the founder of Sindria Kingdom, the most peaceful kingdom. Apart from the king, he is also the conqueror of prisons who controls seven prisons.

The main story is Magi tells the journey of Alibaba, Aladdin and Morgiana to conquer dungeons and travel around the world to improve their skills. Sinbad is also their friend who meets Balbadd’s side, where Sinbad is not wearing clothes.

Top Action Fantasy Anime

Now, in this series, will tell about Sinbad when he was a child and went on a journey to conquer all seven dungeons.

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Humans and Devils are two sides of the same coin, referring to the story of this anime. Like the world of Asia and Gehenna, where humans live there in the form called Asia and Gehenna is where demons live. Satan, the king of Ghena, did not find a human body suitable for him, so he decided to send his son to Assyria.

Top Action Fantasy Anime

Son of the Devil is the main character of the series, Okumura Rin. At first, Satan sent him to help rule the world, but Rin fought against Satan. Rin and his brother, Yukio are also outcasts.

The main attraction of this anime is the cool art scene, and of course the amazing story. The battlefield is also very good.

Top Action Fantasy Anime

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Soul Eater is the main character of this series that can be a weapon, called Death Scythe. He is a student of the school that teaches Meister and Demon Weapon, fighting evil in the world, especially those related to magic, demons and spirit weapons.

Each weapon has a Meister, who can answer. Soul Eater is Maka Albarn. Another Meister in Weapons is Tsubaki who has an alliance with Tsubaki. The death of the child who became a Meister for twin sisters Liz and Patty.

Top Action Fantasy Anime

Fantasy action from serious is very interesting. Set against the Shinigami Academy’s Meister Death Weapon, Soul Eater and Maka Albarn the Kishin hunter (human innocent spirit hunter).

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Telling a teenage boy named Takigawa Yoshino who is secretly dating Mahiro Sista, Mahiro is his best friend. Suddenly. Aika’s death makes Mahiro very sad and he is determined to find out who caused her death and take revenge.

Top Action Fantasy Anime

On the way to find Aika’s killer, they meet Kusariba Hakaze and ask for help to find Aika’s killer.

The story is full of sayings that require the audience to think a little hard, really play with the spice of the love story. Animals are also good, for those who like fairy tales, you should watch it.

Top Action Fantasy Anime

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7 children from different legends and years around the world call at one time The goal is to win the battle for the holy grail, which as a legend can give anything. All the servants of the master gathered and formed a covenant, and they will cover the master. All users are Saber, Archer, Lancer, Caster, Rider, Berserker and Assassins.

The main character is Emiya Shirou, who is not a wizard, but has adopted the son of a former rival of the previous Holy Grail War. Shirou was able to make a magical upgrade from his father, who was later able to make a magical sword that made him appear. He and Tohsaka Rin are determined to end the war.

Top Action Fantasy Anime

Fate/stay night: One direction action of the infinite blade from the new novel Fate/stay night. The anime has an original sequel that aired in 2006 called Fate/Stay Night. The most significant difference between the 2006 version and UBW is the increase in graphics, the UBW version is better than the original version.

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Fate/Zero will follow the Fourth Grail War and its story before the events of Fate/Stay Night. The main character is Emiya Shirou’s father, Emiya Kiritsugu. Together with his wife and servant, Saber, he is destined to win the Holy Grail War.

Top Action Fantasy Anime

For those of you who love good graphics and wow, Fate/zeri is a must see. Every fight between master and slave is terrifying, the effect is amazing.

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brothers ranks in the top 3 on my Anime List. The story of two brothers who cut off their hands and feet to try to revive their mother but failed. Elward Elric realized that he had done something forbidden, and it made him lose his right hand

Top Action Fantasy Anime

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