Setup Ftp Server On Windows

Setup Ftp Server On Windows – In this step-by-step guide to setting up a secure FTP server (FTP over SSL), we go through setting up IIS with an FTP over SSL website, an SSL certificate get, create a user with permission, and test (in addition to troubleshooting) connections.

FTPS (FTP over SSL) relies on SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) to establish a secure channel between the client and the server. SSL uses certificates to prove identity and ensure the security of communication across internal or external networks (the Internet).

Setup Ftp Server On Windows

Setup Ftp Server On Windows

By itself, FTP does not provide any form of encryption or authentication. Instead, FTP relies on SSL (aka FTPS) to establish an SSL tunnel so that FTP can send all data in clear text through the tunnel. In simple terms, FTPS is classic FTP but with added SSL support.

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What is FTPS? FTPS (FTP over SSL) is not SFTP (FTP over SSH). Both are completely different file transfer mechanisms. Although you can install OpenSSH in your Windows Server to create an SFTP server, IIS does not support SFTP.

Setup Ftp Server On Windows

Whether you are installing IIS or it is already installed, you must enable the FTP server feature. In your Server Manager, when you set the “Web Server (IIS) Role”, set the FTP server functionality as an IIS “role service”. The FTP server function is disabled by default.

You cannot create an FTPS server without an SSL certificate. Your FTP server must have an SSL certificate to establish an SSL connection between the client and the server. This SSL certificate provides information about the identity of the server along with the encryption technique used to establish the secure channel. Certificates help end users verify the identity of a remote computer.

Setup Ftp Server On Windows

How To Install And Configure The Ftp Server With Powershell

With IIS, you can generate a self-signed certificate and a domain certificate, but if you allow external users to connect to your FTPS server, you must obtain a CA-signed certificate.

Remember that although your self-signed certificate should be safe to use, not all web browsers and FTP clients know this, so your FTP clients will be warned.

Setup Ftp Server On Windows

In addition to creating your own certificates with IIS, you can also use third-party tools. For example, using a multi-protocol file server like SolarWinds Serv-U helps you generate self-signed certificates or certificate requests (CSRs).

How To Install Ftp Server On Windows

Another useful third-party certificate management service is Certify The Web. This service allows you to manage (install and auto-renew) SSL/TLS certificates for IIS, Windows and other services.

Setup Ftp Server On Windows

We have created a user, but we still need to access our FTP site to access our content folder.

You can create an FTP server without an SSL certificate, but it will technically be an FTP server, not an FTPS server. Alternatively, you can have an FTPS server, but you also need a user to connect to it and authenticate. If you have not created a certificate and user, go back to the previous sections.

Setup Ftp Server On Windows

How To Enable & Setup Ftp Server On Windows 10 Machines

On the next screen, you will be able to specify who and how users connect to your FTPS server. You can choose Anonymous (encryption-enabled) or Basic (no encryption), depending on the type of SSL certificate.

To verify that your FTPS server is working, you can start your test from localhost and then use third-party clients.

Setup Ftp Server On Windows

If you’re trying to connect remotely but can’t FTP, it’s probably because your server is behind a firewall or NAT. To allow “passive mode” FTP connections, specify the IP address of the external firewall.

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This option will cause the FTP server to accept passive connections when you are using FTP over SSL or when your firewall does not filter packets.

Setup Ftp Server On Windows

Additionally, the firewall must accept incoming connections from both FTPS ports 21 and 990. Although when you initially set up the IIS FTP server, Windows Firewall automatically configures port 21 and 990 rules. But this is not the case for some specific versions of Windows. So you need to find FTP server rules and enable them.

If you enable the rules, you must restart the FTP service. Go to open Administrative Tools and Services (or services.msc), find Microsoft FTP Service and click “Restart Service”.

Setup Ftp Server On Windows

Adding An Ftp Server

An FTP server on Windows Server requires a Windows Server operating system (Windows Server 2008 or newer), at least 2 GB of RAM and 1 GB of free disk space.

To configure an FTP server on Windows Server, perform the following steps: Configure user accounts: Define and authorize users who should access the FTP server. Specify the FTP root folder: Select the location on your server where the FTP files will be stored. Define firewall rules: Allow incoming FTP traffic by creating a firewall rule. Windows Server has IIS which also offers an FTP server option. File Transfer Protocol (FTP) is still a very popular protocol that allows users to easily upload and download files. Of course, today you have more modern options, but it is still often used, and many older applications still support it. In this blog post, I will quickly explain how you can set up FTP server on Windows Server. I’m doing this on the new Windows Server 2019 operating system, but it hasn’t really changed since the early versions of Windows Server.

Setup Ftp Server On Windows

First, install the FTP function. I usually do this by using PowerShell to set up the FTP server feature in Windows Server. You can also do it using Server Manager. But if you want to use PowerShell, you can use the following command:

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Now you need to configure the site FTP server on Windows Server. Open Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager, right-click on the server name and select Add FTP Site…

Setup Ftp Server On Windows

Next, you configure settings for authentication and authorization information. By default you will enable anonymous authentication, if it is not a read-only FTP site I would recommend that you only configure access to a specific group. You can create a group in Computer Management, or you can use PowerShell to create a new Windows user group. Make sure this user group has access to the folder path you choose for FTP files.

Then you need to open the ports in the firewall, in my case this is port 21.

Setup Ftp Server On Windows

Installing And Configuring Ftp Server On Windows Iis 7

You can start using your FTP server now, if you want to test it, you can use the following commands:

I hope this post was helpful. Alternatively, you can also use PowerShell to upload and download files from an FTP server.

Setup Ftp Server On Windows

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Setup Ftp Server On Windows

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Setup Ftp Server On Windows

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Setup Ftp Server On Windows

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Installing A Secure Ftp Server On Windows Using Iis: Step By Step Guide

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Setup Ftp Server On Windows

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Setup Ftp Server On Windows

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Setup Ftp Server On Windows

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Setup Ftp Server On Windows

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