Setup Ftp On Windows Server 2012

Setup Ftp On Windows Server 2012 – Learn how to configure an FTP server on Windows using IIS (Internet Information Server). All you need to do is install an FTP server, set up your users, set up your download folders, and configure your FTP site.

To install an FTP server using IIS, the first thing you need to do is access the server using a remote connection. Once connected, open Server Manager (it should open automatically if not closed).

Setup Ftp On Windows Server 2012

Setup Ftp On Windows Server 2012

As is always the case with Microsoft, you won’t change anything in the first few windows you see. You just need to click “Next”. So we go directly to the windows where you are

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First, you need to choose the type of installation. In this guide, we choose “Role-based or attribute-based installation” (2).

Setup Ftp On Windows Server 2012

Next, you need to select the target server. Select “Select a server from the server pool” (3), then select the server you want to sign in (4). In fact, it can be left as it is, because we will install the service on the server we are already working on.

After that, you need to select the server role to install, in this case it will be Web Server (IIS) (5). A window will appear containing the necessary server functions (IIS). This is necessary for the server to work after installation, so leave all settings as they are and click “Add Features” (6).

Setup Ftp On Windows Server 2012

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“Install administrative tools (if applicable)” so that the system can configure the necessary options without requiring additional action from you.

At this point you will see that the FTP server (7) is selected. Click “Next” to continue the installation.

Setup Ftp On Windows Server 2012

After selecting all the required options, you need to confirm your installation options. Once you check that everything is correct, click Apply (8).

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At this point, a progress bar (9) will appear showing the different stages of the installation. You can close the (10) window before the progress bar is finished, as the installation will continue in the background.

Setup Ftp On Windows Server 2012

If you close the window, you can open it again by clicking the flag in the upper right corner and click Install (11).

After installing the FTP service, you need to create a user and group to use the FTP service. This will prevent users from being able to only upload content without more permissions than necessary or download content to specific folders.

Setup Ftp On Windows Server 2012

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To launch the User Control Panel, click the search bar and type “Users” (12) and select “Add, edit, or remove other users” (13).

In the Local Users and Groups section, right-click the Users folder. Select “Create User” and enter the details of the new user (17). This will be the username, full name and description. Username is the only field required.

Setup Ftp On Windows Server 2012

Once done, you will need to add additional details (18) like password and other related settings.

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In this guide, this user will only upload data, so we will choose settings so that the user will never change their password and their password will never expire. However, you may need to select different settings depending on how the user will use the FTP service.

Setup Ftp On Windows Server 2012

Next, you need to create a group. Even if you only have one user at the moment, it can be very convenient in the future if you decide to have multiple users with the same permissions. To do this, right-click on a group or white space inside that folder and click “New Group…” (19).

In the New Group window, you will need to enter a group name and description (20). Then click add to add users to the group (21). When you’re done, click “Create” to create the group.

Setup Ftp On Windows Server 2012

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So far you have installed an FTP server and created a user who can upload and download files. However, you still don’t have a folder where you can save these files.

To create a folder, open Windows Explorer and create the folder in the appropriate location. In this guide we created another “C:\FTP” (22).

Setup Ftp On Windows Server 2012

Once it’s done, you need to change the permissions of the folder, which you can do by right-clicking on the folder and clicking Properties (23).

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We need to disable all disk inheritance because we want to configure manual access. To do this, click on “Disable Inheritance” (25).

Setup Ftp On Windows Server 2012

After that, a window will appear where you have to select the option “Change inherited permissions to specific permissions for this object” (26).

In the FTP Server Properties window, click “Edit…” (28) to continue making changes to the security options.

Setup Ftp On Windows Server 2012

Internet Information Services (iis) On Server Core

At this point, it’s a good idea to use a minimal access rule, to remove all users who don’t need access to the folder. To do this, on the Security tab, select the users to be removed (29) and click “Delete” (30).

Next, we will add a new user (or new users) who will be able to use the FTP server. On the Security tab (where we were in the previous step), click Add…” (31) and enter the user or users (32) you want to add.

Setup Ftp On Windows Server 2012

After you add your new user(s), you must grant full control (33) to that user of the folder so they can delete and copy files, etc.

Ftp сервера в Windows Server 2012

At this point, you’ve done a lot of work, but you still need to configure the FTP site to allow connections, deny unauthorized access, and so on.

Setup Ftp On Windows Server 2012

First, open Internet Information Services Manager and click on “Locations” in the upper left corner of the window. From the drop-down menu that appears, click “Add FTP site…” (34).

In the window that appears, you must enter the name of the site you are going to create and the physical path (35) where you want to save the data. This folder will be the “HOME” of the application. After entering these details, click “Next”.

Setup Ftp On Windows Server 2012

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Next, you need to configure the IP address and port (36) that will listen to FTP requests. You should also consider whether to start the FTP site automatically and whether you want to use SSL (37). After you have made your selection, click “Next”.

At this point, you’ll need to consider authentication and authorization settings. In the authentication section (38), you can choose between anonymous and basic authentication. We do not recommend allowing anonymous authentication, and in this guide we only choose Basic.

Setup Ftp On Windows Server 2012

In the authorization section you must choose who can access the service (39). You can choose “All users” or “Special roles or groups of users”, then you can, for example, block all users except one.

Windows Server 2012 R2 Ftp Server

To make sure everything is configured correctly, you should try to connect to the FTP service. You can try this first on the machine itself before trying to use the remote connection again.

Setup Ftp On Windows Server 2012

After connecting, you will be asked for a username and password to gain access. Use the user you configured earlier.

It is possible to create a function that allows you to see the progress of loading on the screen as a symbol “#”. To do this, just type “hash”.

Setup Ftp On Windows Server 2012

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Once you’ve verified that everything is working properly, you can verify that FTP can be accessed from Windows Explorer. To do this, simply open Windows Explorer and type “ftp IP_Of_Server” in the address bar.

You will then be prompted for a username and password. If everything works correctly, the FTP folder will open and you will be able to view the contents of the directory.

Setup Ftp On Windows Server 2012

In this tutorial, you learned how to install and configure an FTP server using IIS on a Windows server hosted by.

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Setup Ftp On Windows Server 2012

We hope this guide will help you set up your FTP server quickly and easily. However, if you encounter any problems, please do not hesitate to contact us for assistance. Web servers are used to transmit and receive data around the world. Data transfer is done in different ways and one of the best way of data transfer is FTP (File Transfer Protocol). On Windows Server, under IIS Services, you can install an FTP server using Server Manager.

4. In Select a server, select a Windows server if your server is configured for network operation, then select a specific server from the list to continue installation → Next.

Setup Ftp On Windows Server 2012

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We assume you have created/installed IIS services and an FTP server. Now we need to configure FTP account read and write permission. Let’s get started!

1. Log in to Windows Server → go to Control Panel → System and Security → Administrative Tools and select Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager.

Setup Ftp On Windows Server 2012

4. Next, configure the IP address of the FTP site. If you have a virtual host, enter the host’s domain name. Finally, select SSL Encryption, Enable SSL, Require SSL, No SSL → Click Next.

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5. In the Authentication step, select Basic Authentication Type and ensure that you do not select Unknown. Now select the users you want to grant FTP permission to. In this article we will give FTP access to all users. In Permissions, make sure to select both Read and Write options → Click Finish.

Setup Ftp On Windows Server 2012

In this article you will learn how

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