Save Html Page As Pdf Using Javascript

Save Html Page As Pdf Using Javascript – I recommend using the html-pdf npm package, but it downloads a modified pdf file and I want to download the pdf only when I click on the download button, otherwise I want to open it in a new tab or window without downloading. Any suggestions please? Thanks in advance.

It is, for all intents and purposes, a DOCUMENT file a bit like DocX, so it requires dual applications to view it, and the PDF.js EXTENSION / Foxit / Skia application / pdf PLUGIN built into some powerful browsers.

Save Html Page As Pdf Using Javascript

Save Html Page As Pdf Using Javascript

Just like watching DocX or video, you need to download PDF file to device and use binary.pdf as AEIOU view (Ahref/Embed/Iframe/Object/cUrl)

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So, you cannot type “open tab” or “open window” to view the PDF before downloading. Opening a window or facing a blank tab is anti-social and is usually blocked by virus protection. Also, Iframe binaries are often blocked.

Save Html Page As Pdf Using Javascript

On the plus side, offering a PDF file (href and iframe are both recommended), one option is to offer a preview of the expected download. So you can use images to download

Or the user uses internal frames BECAUSE their pop-blocker stops new tabs and new windows.

Save Html Page As Pdf Using Javascript

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Or You can use the Page as a PDF print method, but it offers to save download or print.

By clicking the “I accept all cookies” button, you agree that Stack Exchange may store cookies on your device and disclose information in accordance with our cookie policy. Web applications that contain tables, charts, and graphs often include the ability to export the data in PDF format. As a user, have you ever wondered what happens under the hood when you click that button?

Save Html Page As Pdf Using Javascript

And how do you, as a developer, get professional PDF output? Many free PDF exporters on the Internet convert HTML content into a PDF file without additional formatting, which can make the information difficult to read. What if you could add things like repeating page headers and footers, page numbers, or table column headers? Small touches like these can help make a compelling document look elegant.

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I recently searched for several solutions to generate PDFs and created this demo app to show the results. All the code is also available here on Github. Let’s get started!

Save Html Page As Pdf Using Javascript

Our demo app has a long style table and four buttons to export the table in PDF format. The app is built with basic HTML, CSS, and vanilla JavaScript, but you can easily create the same output using your own UI framework or selection library.

Each export button creates a PDF using a different method. From right to left, the first uses the browser’s print function. The other uses an open source library called jsPDF. The third uses another open source library called pdfmake. And finally, the fourth is using a paid service called DocRaptor.

Save Html Page As Pdf Using Javascript

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First, we’ll look at exporting to PDF using the browser’s built-in tools. While viewing any web page, you can click on the page, right-click anywhere, and then select Click from the menu. This will open a dialog where you can select print settings. But you don’t need to print the document. Dialog also allows you to save the document as a PDF, which we do. JavaScript is available

Method, so we can write a simple JavaScript function and bind it to one of our buttons:

Save Html Page As Pdf Using Javascript

The performance here surprised me. Although not flashy – the content is black and white – the basic tabletop styles have been retained. Additionally, all seven pages have table column headers and footers that the browser intelligently picks up because I chose semantic HTML to create a properly structured table.

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But I don’t like the additional page metadata that the browser embeds in the PDF. Above we see the date and title of the HTML page. At the bottom of the page is the website and page number where it was published.

Save Html Page As Pdf Using Javascript

My only purpose in saving this document is to view the data, and Chrome does a great job. Although additional text at the top and bottom of the document is useful, it doesn’t look very professional.

Another thing worth noting is that the browser’s native printing functionality varies from browser to browser. What happens if we print the same document using the Safari browser?

Save Html Page As Pdf Using Javascript

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You’ll notice that the table is identical to the header and footer content of the page. However, table column headers and table footers are not duplicated! This is somewhat useless because you have to go back to the first page every time you forget what column the data is in. The bottom of the table on the first page is also slightly truncated, as the browser tries to squeeze in as much content as possible before rendering the next page.

As such, browser performance is not ideal and may vary depending on the user’s browser of choice.

Save Html Page As Pdf Using Javascript

Next, we’ll take a look at an open source library called jsPDF. This library has been running for at least five years and is continuously downloaded from NPM 200,000 times a week. It can be said that it is a popular and battle-proven library.

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Class, reference the HTML content you want to export, and then add other extras like page margins or document title.

Save Html Page As Pdf Using Javascript

Under the hood, jsPDF uses a library called html2canvas. As the name suggests, html2canvas takes HTML content and converts it to an image stored in HTML

Looks great at first glance! The PDF includes our blue headers and a linear table row. It doesn’t contain any extra page metadata that the browser prints.

Save Html Page As Pdf Using Javascript

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But notice what happened between the first page and the second page. The table extends to the bottom of the first page and then rises from the top of the second page. No extra margin is used and the text content of the table can be cut in half, which is actually between six and seven pages.

PDF also doesn’t have duplicate table column headers or table footers, which is the same problem we saw with Safari’s print feature.

Save Html Page As Pdf Using Javascript

Although jsPDF is a powerful library, this tool seems to work best when the exported content fits on a single page.

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Let’s take a look at another open source library, pdfmake. With over 300,000 NPM downloads per week and a lifespan of seven years, the library is more popular and older than jsPDF.

Save Html Page As Pdf Using Javascript

When creating the export function for the demo application, the configuration of pdfmake was more complex than that of jsPDF. This is because pdfmake creates a PDF document from scratch using the information you provide instead of converting the HTML content of the page to PDF. So instead of providing pdfmake with a reference to the HTML sheet, I had to provide its information for the start, bottom, body and layout of my PDF sheet. This caused a lot of duplication in my code; I first wrote the table in my own HTML, then rebuilt it with pdfmake to export the table to PDF.

Too bad! We need to add styles for our table so that we can repeat the blue column headers and linear table rows. We also repeat the table’s column headers to make it easy to keep track of what data we see in each column on each page.

Save Html Page As Pdf Using Javascript

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Pdfmake also allowed me to add page headers and footers, so adding page numbers was easy. However, you will notice that the content of the table between the first and second pages is still not completely separated. Page Break 2002 splits the line in half between pages.

Overall, pdfmake’s biggest strength seems to be building PDFs from scratch. For example, if you want to create an invoice based on some order information and you don’t want to display the invoice on the web application screen, pdfmake would be a great choice.

Save Html Page As Pdf Using Javascript

The last option is DocRaptor. DocRaptor differs from the first three options we reviewed in that it is a paid service. It uses the Prince HTML PDF engine under the hood to generate PDF exports. This service is also available through an API, so your code reaches the end of the external API and then returns a PDF document.

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The basic configuration of DocRaptor is very simple. You give it a name for the document, the type of document you want to create (

Save Html Page As Pdf Using Javascript

In our case) and the HTML content used. There are hundreds of other options for different configurations depending on what you need, but the basic configuration is a good starting point.

Now you have a beautiful document! We do

Save Html Page As Pdf Using Javascript

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