Recover Files From Flash Drive

Recover Files From Flash Drive – Is your USB drive showing signs of damage? Don’t despair! Your valuable files can still be saved. All you have to do is use the links below to go to the most relevant section of this article.

Losing a single file can be bad. But losing an entire USB due to corruption? It can be devastating. In what seems like the blink of an eye, countless hours of work can be lost in seconds.

Recover Files From Flash Drive

Recover Files From Flash Drive

The worst part is that it crashes randomly, and if you don’t have a backup of your files on a USB, you’ll be searching the internet for answers.

How To Unformat Usb Flash Drive And Restore Data Back

Fortunately, there are solutions. To get you back to work, let’s look at proven solutions for recovering files from a damaged flash drive and repairing it.

Recover Files From Flash Drive

To give yourself the best chance of recovering data from a damaged flash drive, refrain from using the USB until you finish reading this article.

This article will primarily focus on recovering files from a logically corrupted flash drive. If you have a physically damaged USB and aren’t comfortable trying the physical troubleshooting methods we’ll cover later in this article, seek the services of a professional.

Recover Files From Flash Drive

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There are many different reasons why a flash drive can become corrupted. While it can be difficult to determine the exact cause of a damaged drive, here are some of the more common causes:

When the USB is connected to the computer, there are various processes going on in the background. If you remove the USB drive from the computer while a read/write operation is in progress, it may cause file corruption. Therefore, you should always disconnect the USB from the computer before removing it.

Recover Files From Flash Drive

If the power goes out while the USB is in use, it can cause all active operations to stop, causing damage to files or the USB itself.

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Exposure to water can short out electronics, and environments with salty air can cause contact erosion. That’s why it’s important to store flash drives properly in a temperature-controlled environment.

Recover Files From Flash Drive

During its lifetime, your USB will go through thousands of read/write cycles. NAND flash memory begins to wear out over time, because one memory location can only be overwritten so many times. This can be considered the natural aging of the flash drive and means that it becomes more susceptible to damage towards the end of its life cycle.

In most cases yes. But first, we need to understand the difference between recovering corrupted USB files from USB and recovering damaged USB, because they are not the same thing:

Recover Files From Flash Drive

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Although you can recover a damaged file from USB, you are only extracting the damaged file, not repairing it. When you recover files from a corrupted USB, you recover all the uncorrupted files that can no longer be accessed by traditional means.

If your USB is in a corrupt stage, you will notice strange and unstable performance. This includes:

Recover Files From Flash Drive

If you start to notice any of these signs and are still able to access your data, it is highly recommended that you move all of your data to another storage device for safe keeping.

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Logical corruption is non-physical damage that appears as the above errors when you try to use or save data on a flash drive.

Recover Files From Flash Drive

Just as a USB can be corrupted in many ways, there are various methods to recover files that appear to be lost.

In some cases, you won’t be able to access your USB because it doesn’t have a drive letter assigned to it. You can fix this by assigning the drive letter yourself or changing the existing drive letter.

Recover Files From Flash Drive

Usb Drive Access Denied On Windows 10/11

Windows allows you to repair a damaged flash drive using special commands in CMD. The following steps will check your USB for bad sectors (and try to fix them) and make hidden files visible.

If none of the above has worked for you, the next best option when it comes to recovering files from a damaged drive is to use USB recovery software. It is a software that specializes in recovering files and data that cannot otherwise be recovered using proprietary tools.

Recover Files From Flash Drive

Important Note: The recovery software will have access to your USB as long as it can be recognized in Disk Management. Your USB must not be accessible via File Explorer for the recovery tools to work.

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For this we will use Disk Drill USB Recovery due to its proven reliability, user interface and robust functionality. It is highly recommended as one of the best tools to recover lost or deleted files from flash drives, even for those without technical skills.

Recover Files From Flash Drive

Physical damage can be caused by anything and includes damaging the USB to the point where it either has difficulty communicating with the device or won’t connect at all.

If the USB is physically damaged, it can be difficult to recover data from it. However, there are a few solutions you can try.

Recover Files From Flash Drive

Free Usb Repair Tools For Windows 11/10 Pc

If your USB doesn’t connect to your computer when you plug it in, it could be due to a weak connection. When the USB is plugged in, its internal connectors must make contact with the connectors inside the USB port. If the connection is not established, the computer cannot read the USB and its contents.

If there are foreign objects in the USB port or in the connectors of the USB flash drive, it may prevent the USB flash drive from establishing a proper connection with the computer. This would also be a great opportunity to try plugging the flash drive into a different USB port to try to isolate the problem.

Recover Files From Flash Drive

There are many things you can do yourself to repair your flash drive to the point where you can recover your data. If the above solutions did not work for you, it is best to use a professional recovery service.

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Professional recovery involves using specialized tools to recover data on a USB that can no longer be connected to devices normally.

Recover Files From Flash Drive

The best way to recover data from a USB drive without formatting is to use software that can access files even on damaged devices. You can also try assigning a new USB drive letter to access it.

Windows allows you to check the integrity of your flash drive and recover lost files using CMD.

Recover Files From Flash Drive

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To reuse the files, you’ll need to change their extensions back to their original ones to use them with their intended application.

As much as we hate it, corruption is something that can happen to any USB. Instead of worrying about if it will happen, we should plan for when it will happen.

Recover Files From Flash Drive

Be proactive about backing up your data. Backing up is a healthy way to make sure you can recover in case the USB that holds all your precious files gets damaged.

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Recover Files From Flash Drive

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When you store important information on a flash drive, it is very important to make regular backups, because this habit can save you a lot of time and nerves one day. However, even if you haven’t backed up the USB drive in advance, you can still try to recover accidentally deleted or lost files with Raise Data Recovery, regardless of the problem that caused the loss. The program is completely intuitive, but if you need step-by-step instructions, just check out this guide.

Recover Files From Flash Drive

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First of all, check out the list of important rules that should always be followed when trying to recover data from a flash drive. They will help you avoid the most common mistakes.

And now let’s get down to business. If you need to recover files accidentally deleted or lost from a USB drive, you should do the following:

Recover Files From Flash Drive

Note that the trial version of Raise Data Recovery allows you to save any number of small files, each up to 256 KB in size. If you need to copy a larger one, you should purchase a license. Read more about choosing and ordering the right license.

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Whatever data loss problem you’re facing, follow these quick step-by-step instructions

Recover Files From Flash Drive

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