Recover Files From Broken Flash Drive

Recover Files From Broken Flash Drive – Today I will show you how to fix a broken USB flash drive and recover data. I will show you several different damage scenarios and my way of repairing them.

If you have some very important files on a damaged USB drive, you should use a professional data recovery service instead of trying to recover it yourself. I should have mentioned this.

Recover Files From Broken Flash Drive

Recover Files From Broken Flash Drive

Someone had a failure when this flash drive was connected. Shortly after the accident, the flash drive was no longer detected by any computer. It’s a cheap drive, but the data on it is priceless.

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If you look at the drive from the side, you can clearly see that the USB port is curved upwards, and not straight.

Recover Files From Broken Flash Drive

It’s hard to see with the naked eye what’s wrong, but under a microscope, the problem is immediately visible.

One of the pads came loose from the PCB, resulting in a broken wire between the pad and the PCB. One of the pins on the USB port no longer makes contact with the PCB. Can you see the gap between USB pin 1 and the board? This is problem!

Recover Files From Broken Flash Drive

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Looking at the drive from a different angle, I noticed that the second pad (data-) was also torn off the PCB.

The 3rd (data+) and 4th (ground) pads looked ok, but I checked the continuity with a multimeter to be sure. Both have been successfully tested.

Recover Files From Broken Flash Drive

I was able to fix this flash drive in 4 steps. It was a temporary fix, just letting it run and recover data from the USB drive was enough.

How To Fix A Broken Usb Flash Drive & Recover Data (2023)

With the pads removed, we now have a clear view of the PCB. I was able to trace where these pads should be connected on the board.

Recover Files From Broken Flash Drive

The protective coating was scraped off the round pad with sharp, needle-tipped tweezers. After the copper surface was exposed, I applied new solder to the pads and the two pins of the USB port.

For such a repair, you definitely need a microscope, a good micro-soldering station and a steady hand.

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After the repair, when I connected the flash drive to the computer… BINGO!!! The blue LED lit up and started flashing. The USB stick installed fine and I was able to recover all my valuable data from the drive.

In this example, we have a flash drive with the USB port completely removed. When such damage occurs, it is common for some of the wiring on the PCB to be damaged as well.

Recover Files From Broken Flash Drive

In this particular case, only one solder pad (+5V VCC) was missing, while the other three pads were intact.

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To repair such a flash drive, you need to solder a new USB port (borrowed from another drive) and connect a jumper to the damaged wire. Installing a new USB port uses the same technique as soldering the DC power connector.

Recover Files From Broken Flash Drive

This is a nightmare data recovery scenario when a flash drive breaks in half. This is what I just put on the bench. You can see that the USB port is completely ripped out, the tracks are damaged, and the logic board is broken in half.

It is very difficult to recover data from such disks, but in this particular case I was lucky.

Recover Files From Broken Flash Drive

Ways To Recover Corrupted Files From Usb Flash Drive

Using a 10x microscope, I was able to locate the damage and solder a jumper wire from one part of the board to another. Have you ever inserted a flash drive into your PC or laptop and found that the system cannot read it, then you might be wondering how to recover information from a broken flash drive. Before answering this question, you should know that there are many reasons why this happens, but the term RAW is usually applied to the unfortunate state that the card has fallen into.

If your flash device is detected as RAW, it means that the file system is corrupted for some reason. Luckily, there are several options for recovering data from corrupted USB drives. Let’s see how to remove the RAW card/flash drive and recover the data inside.

Recover Files From Broken Flash Drive

There are several things that can damage a USB drive. One of the most common cases where a card becomes unreadable is when the card is removed from a computer or laptop without first safely removing the device. If you do this once or twice, you might be lucky. If you keep removing the card/flash drive without properly removing it from the operating system, the chances of the file system becoming unreadable increase exponentially.

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Obviously, there are many ways to damage these cards and wands. But how to recover data, let’s figure it out. First, let’s see how to fix a RAW USB device.

Recover Files From Broken Flash Drive

There are several ways to recover RAW USB devices. These methods include:

The USB drive may be unreadable due to the drive letter assigned to it. To resolve this issue, insert an SD/USB device and change the drive letter by doing the following:

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If the USB device does not appear, insert a USB device and create a new volume on it to resolve the issue. Please do the following:

If your USB port isn’t working, try blowing air into it and see if that fixes the problem. If not, you may need to replace the port (meaning you should go to your local PC repair shop).

Recover Files From Broken Flash Drive

If your USB device requires special drivers in order to be used on your operating system, you may need to reinstall those drivers. For this, as for any other application, you will need to download and install drivers from the manufacturer of your device.

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If your USB port is bent or broken and you can’t fix it manually, you will probably have to buy a new PC (if it’s a PC port) or a USB device (if your USB device is bent or broken).

Recover Files From Broken Flash Drive

If the USB drive is bent, carefully bend it and try to restore its original shape. Be careful with this method. Applying too much force can damage the internal circuit board and make your data unrecoverable.

If a flash drive is infected with malware, it becomes unreliable and unreadable. Even worse, a malware-infected USB drive can spread to other devices, leading to a cascade of catastrophic data loss.

Recover Files From Broken Flash Drive

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We also recommend that you format your USB flash drive as described earlier in this article. Thus, you can be sure that even the most persistent malware can be removed.

USB sticks can be damaged due to many reasons such as improper ejection, software bugs, surges/power outages, etc.

Recover Files From Broken Flash Drive

In many cases, when a USB drive becomes corrupted, a “Repair this drive” window appears with useful options for finding and fixing file system errors. Alternatively, you can tell Windows to manually repair your flash drive by doing the following:

How To Fix An Unformattable And Unusable Usb Drive In Windows

To avoid similar problems with corrupted USB drives in the future, we recommend that you always safely eject the drive before you physically remove it from your computer.

Recover Files From Broken Flash Drive

New data cannot be saved to USB when USB is in read-only mode. When I try to write data, I get the message “Disk is write-protected”.

If your USB has a physical write-protect switch, simply flip it to the unlocked position. However, if you don’t have a physical switch that you can disable, you should instead remove the read-only attribute that is currently associated with your USB device. Do the following:

Recover Files From Broken Flash Drive

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Once you do this, the USB will no longer be read-only and you will be able to save files to it again.

To conserve power, Windows is preconfigured to turn off power to unused USB ports. In most cases, this is a good idea, but sometimes you may run into problems where the USB ports do not work when you plug anything into them.

Recover Files From Broken Flash Drive

Fortunately, this setting can be disabled or enabled as you wish. If you are connecting USB and it still doesn’t show up, try the following:

Usb Flash Drive Broken Stem Repair By Sert Data Recovery

Data recovery specialists are highly skilled at recovering data even from drives and devices that seem too far removed to recover. If there is no one in your city who specializes in data recovery, you can also request an online service. There are many services, such as the Data Recovery Center, that can recover data from seemingly hopeless situations.

Recover Files From Broken Flash Drive

If you want to learn how to recover files from a damaged flash drive, you are here. There are several options for recovering data from RAW USB devices. One of the best options for recovering corrupted data from a flash drive is to use third-party software. One such tool is Disk Drill. Let’s see how to use this tool to extract files from a broken flash drive.

Step 4. Select “All Recovery Methods” from the drop-down list on the right side of the window and click “Find Lost Data”.

Recover Files From Broken Flash Drive

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Step 5Allow Disc Drill

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