Overlord Ainz Ooal Gown Power

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Overlord Ainz Ooal Gown Power

The maximum number that a level 100 player can learn is 300. However, Ainz used his special ability “Dark Wisdom” to learn and pick up 718 different spells. Even the potions he had not studied could still become weapons to read his opponents’ strength once Ainz knew about them. As part of Ainz’s Ooal Gown, he was easily in the top five among his teammates when it came to magical knowledge.

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Although his class and abilities are not good for PvP, Ainz Ooal Gown is a PvP / PKER guild in YGGDRASIL, showing that he is very good at fighting and counterattacking, which allowed him to win against the best players in PvP many times. . His chances of winning PvP battles are very high. However, Ainz usually wins against players with full builds. Despite his weakness, Ainz was very confident that he wasn’t someone who relied on high stats to defeat him easily. In addition, he was well aware of the valuable information from his fellow guild director, Punitto Moe regarding the fighting players.

Later, those skills and knowledge became very important to him once he was in the New World because of his current skill experience making him a capable military leader or advisor. This was evident when both Neia Baraja and Gustav Montagn√©s were really impressed and impressed by Ainz’s skill and skill in warfare and strategy and they later sought him out for advice. For example, he helped them in their campaign to reclaim the land and kingdom they lived in. This caused someone like Neia to develop a deep respect, admiration and even loyalty to the Master King.

Due to going for the Overlord race class, it will take a small RPG approach to the game by focusing on classes and abilities that are directly related to death magic. This means that he doesn’t focus as much on pure combat magic as other magics are translated. Some proved to be stronger than them in normal combat. In the game, Ainz could not be counted as the greatest among the YGGDRASIL players.

Meanwhile, there are other players out there who are better than him in PvP, and his chances of surviving against stronger players than him are not good. Although he won PvP battles and surprisingly all the time, it was only when he won the first round of each match. Because he was so adept at using the information he gathered, Ainz’s technical skills were suddenly high. On the other hand, if he were to fight against an enemy he had never met before, his chances of winning would be very high. Ainz was well aware of his abilities and was deeply grateful if he didn’t meet a strong opponent he didn’t know anything about before.

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During his time in YGGDRASIL, Ainz spent at least a year memorizing every position of the spell that contained each of them. Ainz always felt that his good PVP story was due to his diligence in the matter.

In addition, Ainz belongs to the category of “Others”. In the group, Ainz Ooal Gown, “Others” are players with a strong class that can adapt to many different situations. Ainz used PKing drops – the corpses of other players – to learn many different potions. Because of this, he is often placed in that position when raiding a prison. However, he was not given this status because he can use many different types, but because he can use drugs for the right situation. Since he had to do the hard work, Ainz’s most important thing was to focus on dealing with PKing corpses, as a sign of his teammates’ faith in his skill.

In the new world, because Ainz doesn’t underestimate his enemies and is careful around them, he wants to plan the battle before he can quickly put them into battle. Ainz had to make continuous preparations first and desperately wanted to use every advantage he could to be one step ahead of his opponent. This includes collecting money, using the resources of his team, or ordering himself before launching an attack on Shalltear Bloodfallen. As an arcane magic player, Ainz had become a strategic and aggressive player who could hold his own in battle, even against a warrior. This was shown when he defeated Shalltear, who was strong against necromancy and summoning. If Ainz was put in a situation where he had to prepare his equipment for battle, after evaluating the skills and abilities of his opponents and planning his strategy, he would be very confident that he could choose something. the appropriateness of the application and the best. . to fight the enemies he faces.

For a pure arcane magic caster like Ainz, the weapons he chooses are very limited, especially with wands, knives, and so on.

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Although Ainz couldn’t use certain weapons due to his class limitation, there was a way to avoid such setbacks. In particular, something like a long-range weapon with magical properties can remove the class restriction and let him use it.

In addition, he adapts from new world items, such as the Frost Pain weapon to use his “Icy Burst” spell.

At the same time, while another crack like “Perfect Game” is still valid, it cannot use the rest of the resources. In this form, he can also remove class restrictions, allowing him to support things without incurring any class penalties.

On the other hand, Ainz could use his mind connection with the monsters he summoned for orders to command them.

Ainz Ooal Gown

Similarly, Ainz could send another type of mind command to his prototype staff, which was used to initiate weapon power for aggressive tactics in battle. Like natives like Clementine in the New World, it can release “Fireball” or acid-type elementals from weapons like stilettos, if magicians like Fluder Paradyne will use their own magic did it. Also, Ainz could use an unknown ability to make his first rank equal to 10th for a while.

In addition, Ainz claims that he has an anti-insult shield that works against magic spells, preventing enemies like the Sunlight Bible from being seen by their superiors. With the barrier used, it can also combine other advanced attacks such as backstabbing with the sorcerer from their position.

On top of that, his magic resistance can destroy the effects of low to mid-level, no matter how powerful their casters are.

In close combat, Ainz’s power comes from his past knowledge and combat experience during his time in YGGDRASIL, using it to defend the citizens of the new world with their skills. But at the same time, he develops and gains new knowledge and experience based on his encounters with Gazef Stronoff and Clementine since then as a front-line fighter. Now, he is undergoing continuous training under Cocytus as a hero who tests the character by fighting the staff.

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Such efforts are also shown during Ainz’s battle against the Lord’s forces including the use of other abilities such as Desperation Auras or Negative Touch. During his fight against Buser, Ainz showed some skill in using the halberd and planning a closing attack.

Unlike YGGDRASIL, where he summoned undead everyone has a set time for when they will disappear, Ainz can summon/create some of them in the New World without needing time. In particular, Ainz’s mid-level undead was the only known type that could stay alive and not disappear with the help of his corpse or body parts.

Therefore, Ainz was able to gather an army of mid-level undead composed of Death Knights and Soul Eaters over time. With such great powers, he would cause them to be transported to his chosen destination through the clearing [Gate]. Despite having a large number of immortals in his possession, he had trouble telling the difference between the Death Knights.

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