Oven Won T Turn Off

Oven Won T Turn Off – Self-cleaning ovens are one of those appliances that sound pretty nice on paper, but actually come with a long list of potential problems caused by the same self-cleaning feature. Many appliance owners are not aware of exactly how a self-cleaning oven performs its cleaning cycle. To remove deposited grease and food particles, the oven self-heats to 500 degrees, or the highest maximum temperature the oven can safely reach without causing an immediate fire hazard.

Although this cycle is usually quite successful in burning the entire pile, it is not free. Operating at maximum temperature puts the oven at risk. It’s not meant to be that hot while the self-cleaning cycle lasts. Although your oven can survive several self-cleaning cycles, the more this feature is used, the more likely it is that one day your oven will not turn on after the self-cleaning cycle.

Oven Won T Turn Off

Oven Won T Turn Off

While it’s generally best to avoid self-cleaning and clean your oven with good old-fashioned elbow grease and approved cleaning products, if the self-cleaning feature has caused your oven to malfunction, here’s what you can check to make sure you can get it running again.

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Assuming you’ve already restarted the oven by unplugging and plugging it back in, we’ll address some more specific components that may be causing the problem. If your oven won’t turn on after the self-clean cycle is complete, you’ll really want to check any parts that could be damaged by the high heat. The wiring and thermal fuse are most at risk, but residual heat can also damage items such as the oven’s control panel.

Oven Won T Turn Off

If you have performed self-cleaning, but still do not come across an oven that does not turn on, instead find that the oven door will not open – wait. Your oven is designed to lock the door during the self-clean cycle to prevent it from opening and creating a hazard. This lockout will continue even after the heat has been turned off to continue to ensure the safety of others. The door will be closed until the oven has cooled sufficiently. So if this is your problem, you just have to wait. Since the door cannot be opened to dissipate the heat quickly, it cools as the heat escapes from the oven vents.

If the problem persists after hours of waiting, you can try turning off the power to the oven for a minute using the circuit breaker before turning it back on. The oven will then reset and the door will open.

Oven Won T Turn Off

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If you have never removed the oven from the niche or removed the back panel, but there are wires behind the oven tank. This link connects the most important parts of the oven to the control panel. Although this wiring is insulated to withstand the residual heat coming from the tub in front of it, over time this insulation can wear down and damage the wiring.

If you often use self-cleaning, when the oven stops working, this is the first problem to check after blowing the fuse. Damaged wiring will be very apparent upon visual inspection. Any sign of heat damage means it needs repair. Unfortunately, the only solution to this problem is to replace the damaged wires. This usually just means getting new wiring approved by your furnace manufacturer.

Oven Won T Turn Off

Like your dryer, your oven is equipped with a thermal fuse for your safety. If the oven gets too hot and could become a hazard, the thermal fuse will turn off. When it is off, electricity will no longer flow to the heating elements and your oven will not heat up. While checking the wiring in the back, you can also check and replace the thermal fuse. A common sign that the problem is the thermal fuse is that your oven screen works but the heating elements do not. If you want to be absolutely sure, check the thermal fuse with your multimeter, as a blown thermal fuse will no longer have continuity.

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The thermal fuse is a part of a use of your oven. Once it has worked, you will need to replace it with a new one. Some models may have one that you can reset, but this is usually more common in dryers than ovens because the fuse is more likely to blow in the dryer. If this happens immediately after self-cleaning, there is usually no reason to check why it is blocked, as the oven gets very hot during this cycle. A new thermal fuse should fix the problem quickly.

Oven Won T Turn Off

Like the wire on the back, the heat from the self-cleaning cycle can eventually cause damage to the control panel. However, unlike other problems, damage to the control panel can appear in a dozen different ways. It is the brain of your device and if it gets damaged, it can cause a number of problems, including malfunction.

Instead of not working anymore, you’re likely to see symptoms of damage like a non-functioning screen, incorrect temperatures, and heating element issues. You can check the control panel’s power with a multimeter and visually check for bubbles, warping, and other heat-related damage.

Oven Won T Turn Off

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Although replacing the control panel looks like one of those complicated repairs, it’s actually quite simple. Usually the hardest part of this repair is getting to the control panel, which means unplugging the furnace and hooking up the wiring in the right places. Otherwise, it’s as simple as removing the mounting screws from the plate and installing a new one.

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Oven Won T Turn Off

However, lighting the oven is another story. A small light bulb in your oven isn’t a safety hazard, and if that light isn’t going to work, it’s just as likely to default to on instead of off. This can happen for several reasons, which we will look at, along with possible solutions for each reason. Let’s examine why the oven light does not turn off.

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Not every oven has the same light switch design. Most ovens have a light switch on the control panel so that when you open the door, you can check the cooking without releasing the heat. Some ovens have a door switch, so the light turns on when the door is opened and turns off when the door is closed. Some also have a switch hidden under or even inside the oven.

Oven Won T Turn Off

A hidden switch is one of the main (and easiest to fix) reasons why the oven light stays on. If the pan or rack hits the secondary switch while moving around the food, chances are the switch is still on. Check the owner’s manual or check the inside, outside, and bottom of the oven for an ignition switch.

If you have an oven light that should come on when the door is opened, your light may indicate that the oven door is still officially open. A small set of problems can cause this. The first and easiest to control are obstacles. Check the oven racks and any pans you may have left in the oven to see if anything is preventing the oven from closing completely. Then check the hinges for burnt food residue.

Oven Won T Turn Off

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From there, check the hinges yourself. Make sure the oven door is level and appears to be securely fastened. If there are hinges

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