404 Not Found Nginx How To Fix

404 Not Found Nginx How To Fix – Among the many possible errors that you may encounter on your WordPress site, the 404 Not Found error is one of the ones to fix. But that doesn’t mean it’s not annoying when you or your visitors try to browse your site and keep getting 404 not found error messages. That’s the last thing you want potential customers to see your brand for the first time. A 404 error can also be an indicator that something has changed or moved and a 301 redirect may need to be added for SEO.

In this post, we will try to help you get your website working again by explaining a few things:

404 Not Found Nginx How To Fix

404 Not Found Nginx How To Fix

A 404 (Not Found) status code indicates that the origin server did not find an existing representation for the target resource or is unwilling to declare that it exists. The 404 status code does not indicate whether this lack of representation is temporary or permanent; Status code 410 (Gone) takes precedence over 404 if the origin server knows, possibly through some configurable means, that the status may be permanent.

How To Serve Nginx Subdomains Or Multiple Domains

Whenever you or one of the visitors to your website, your browser sends a request to the web server and gets back data including something called an HTTP header. The HTTP header includes an HTTP status code to explain “what happened” with the request.

404 Not Found Nginx How To Fix

Most of the time, the request works perfectly and you never actually see the HTTP status code (

, your web browser will usually display a message with an HTTP status code to indicate a specific problem.

404 Not Found Nginx How To Fix

Planka Behind A Nginx Reverse Proxy Not Working

Like other error messages (error 500, error 502, error 503, error 504, etc.), the 404 not found error message is the result of that process.

. The visitor will then see a 404 error because even though your web server is working properly, the requested resource does not exist.

404 Not Found Nginx How To Fix

It’s not just post or page, any missing content can generate 404 error on server such as missing image file, missing JavaScript, missing CSS etc.

File Not Found

If you see this error on all of your website content, it is usually due to an issue with the permalinks on your WordPress site. However, if you only see it on individual pieces of content, it’s most likely because you changed part of the content slug without setting up a redirect.

404 Not Found Nginx How To Fix

Also, a 404 error isn’t always a bad thing—it’s only bad when it affects usability. And sometimes things are out of your control!

For example, someone may sometimes enter the wrong URL in their address bar. In that case, they’ll still see the 404 error, but there’s no real problem with how your site is configured. This is really the desired response and you can create your own custom 404 page to help direct visitors to the right place (

404 Not Found Nginx How To Fix

Error 404 Guide For Seo & Usability

Because different browsers display the error message differently, you may see a different message for this error. Other popular variations include:

The 404 Not Found Error message is also unique in that many sites will actually create a custom page to resolve the error, instead of displaying one of the above messages. Some WordPress themes also include custom 404 pages by default. For that reason, you may not actually see the error message as many sites will use fun or creative 404 pages instead.

404 Not Found Nginx How To Fix

Here is an example of our own 404 page. We include a search box and some of our recent blog posts to help visitors find what they’re looking for. Always include a search function on your 404 page.

Error On Any Post Request

The 404 Not Found error has no inherent negative impact on SEO. But it can have a negative effect depending on why the error occurs.

404 Not Found Nginx How To Fix

For example, if a visitor simply enters the wrong URL and gets a 404 error – SEO won’t be negatively affected. But if you have individual errors due to broken URLs, it will limit Google’s ability to crawl your site properly and thus have a negative impact on SEO.

Additionally, if the permalink issue causes a page-wide 404 error, Google may not be able to crawl any content on your site. In other words, always fix your 404 as soon as possible.

404 Not Found Nginx How To Fix

Ways To Fix Http Error 404 Not Found [browser Error]

Many people don’t realize it, but sites that generate a lot of 404 errors can easily experience performance issues, as these responses are often not cached. We’ve seen this a lot on large sites and it can be a big deal if you’re accidentally promoting or driving traffic to a 404 page. To minimize the impact of a 404 request For website performance, we automatically cache the 404 page for 15 minutes. If you create a new page with the same URL as the cached 404 page, we’ll automatically clear the cache so your visitors can see the new page immediately. This means your site will be protected from PHP and CPU spikes caused by traffic to dynamic 404 pages.

You are probably generating more 404 errors than you think! Our My Analytics tool can help you determine the exact amount (as shown below).

404 Not Found Nginx How To Fix

You can also quickly see what the top 404 errors are. In the example below you can see that the site is missing some mobile icons, viz

Not Found Nginx

. This may be in the requested theme or plugin’s code, but the actual icons are never added. As a result, the server generates a 404 error because it cannot find the resource.

404 Not Found Nginx How To Fix

You can also check for 404 errors in Google Search Console, or install a third-party plugin, such as Redirects that log 404 errors. However, keep in mind that plugins like this also affect performance. Better to rely on a server level tool. That’s why we offer these tools to all our customers.

The reason these errors are so heavy is that many 404 pages are very resource intensive. For larger pages, you’ll want to avoid bulky 404 pages. Create a simple 404 form to avoid further querying the database if possible.

404 Not Found Nginx How To Fix

New Installation But See Nothing But 404 Error

Below, we’ll cover a few different methods on how to fix the 404 Not Found Error message, depending on whether it’s happening on a website or on specific content.

If you’re getting a page-wide 404 error when trying to access content, the most likely cause is an issue with your permalink (or your .htaccess file, if your server uses Apache). ). If you are a customer, we use Nginx, so you can rule out a possible .htaccess file.

404 Not Found Nginx How To Fix

The easiest way to fix this is to update your permalink settings through the WordPress dashboard. All you need to do is go to Settings → Permalinks and click Save Changes (you don’t need to make any changes – just click Save Changes).

Nginx] Page Install.php Show 404 Not Found [#3270579]

The user then tries to access the content in the old location and sees a 404 page instead of the resource they expected. The best way to fix this is to automatically redirect anyone who tries to access the old location to the new location. That way they will get to the right place without any 404 errors. It is also good for SEO. If you move or rename a post without adding a redirect, you will lose all domain management associated with the backlinks pointing to that post.

404 Not Found Nginx How To Fix

WordPress will attempt to redirect changed/moved content by default. But it doesn’t always work and you should never rely on WordPress for this functionality. But don’t worry, there are many easy ways to set up redirects in WordPress:

First, you can use a free redirect plugin to manage redirects from your WordPress dashboard. Once you have the plugin installed and activated, go to Tools → Redirects and enter the 404 page URL in the Source URL box and new content location in the Target URL box:

404 Not Found Nginx How To Fix

Nginx 404 Error Url Rewirte Does Not Not Working

If you are hosting with, you can also manage redirects from My Dashboard. Use . It also means you have a third-party plugin with less to worry about.

Go to the site you want to manage. Then click the “Redirect” tab. To add a new redirect, click the big “Add Redirection Rule” button:

404 Not Found Nginx How To Fix

Finally, if your server uses an Apache server, you can use .htaccess to set up redirects. The .htaccess generator site can help you generate the right code to add to the .htaccess file on your site.

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While you can do your best to prevent 404 errors by following the tips above, 404 errors cannot be completely eliminated because some things are beyond your control. It’s not uncommon for small WordPress sites to have thousands of 404 errors per month.

404 Not Found Nginx How To Fix

For example, if a visitor enters the wrong URL, or if another site links to a page that doesn’t exist, people will get a 404 error no matter what.

To provide a more user-friendly error page, you can use one of the many 404 page plugins. For example, the free 404 page plugin allows you to set up a custom 404 error page with:

404 Not Found Nginx How To Fix

Nginx 410 Maps, Matching And External Files

Another important feature

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