My Shower Won T Turn On

My Shower Won T Turn On – You’ve just come from a hard day at work and are ready to step into an oasis. When the water is at the desired level, you turn on the bathroom faucet. However, the bathroom faucet won’t turn off! Don’t panic, but if the bathroom faucet won’t turn off, turn off the water supply to your home. What could be the reason for this? Let’s find out how to turn off the main water supply and what the reasons for this may be. Also, when to learn these areas and when to call in a professional.

In a situation like the one above, you need to know where the main water shutoff valve is located. In houses with a basement, it is usually located at the front of the house and where the water meter is. However, if your home is tiled, the main water shutoff valve is usually located in the garage near the hot water heater, or it may be in the backyard. In addition, it is very important to turn off the water supply to avoid flooding the house.

My Shower Won T Turn On

My Shower Won T Turn On

Valves control the flow of water, and when they wear out, they need to be replaced often. Contacting a professional is recommended as the valves will need to be removed from the wall and replaced. This is not an easy task for someone who is not familiar with this plumbing problem.

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Sometimes the problem is that the handle is broken. This handle has a rod inside and allows water to flow from the faucet and then into the tub. However, if the handle is cracked, it won’t hold the handle and you won’t be able to turn off the water, so replacement is the only option.

My Shower Won T Turn On

Dual handle tubes are easier to remove and replace. Keeping up to date can be a bit more difficult. If you need help, contact an expert to help you.

2. Make sure the main water supply valve is turned off. As mentioned above, it is in your basement or garage.

My Shower Won T Turn On

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3. Take your phone with you and take pictures of faucets and handles. Because it will be easier to explain the problem to the locksmith. You may also find it helpful to find replacement handles at your local hardware store or head over to Amazon.

4. Take a flat screwdriver and place it under the cover and unscrew the handle screw. Use a Phillips screwdriver to tighten the retaining screw.

My Shower Won T Turn On

5. Turn on the valve on the water line and turn the faucet on and off to see if that solves the problem. Yes? very good! If not, feel free and read on!

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1. Turn off the main water supply again. Turn the handle to the right and it should come off the rod. You may need to use a wagon or a gentle tug to do this.

My Shower Won T Turn On

2. Look at the bottom of the faucet for any problems. There are ridges on the stem, and if the ridges are worn, there is nothing to hold the faucet.

4. You will need some duct tape and wrap several times around the end of the valve stem. Then, remove the handle and press the bar through the tape. Another method is to rotate the handle over the stick and let it tap into place.

My Shower Won T Turn On

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5. Remember that this is only a temporary fix and may last a month or 2 years, but you will need to replace the faucet handle.

While you’re working on fixing your faucet, other home improvement ideas may be on your mind. There are other technical issues you can also deal with, such as:

My Shower Won T Turn On

You can see the smell coming from the bathroom drain. This P trap can be dry and thus sewer gases can escape. You’ll want to fix this right away.

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This would be a good time to give the bathroom a good cleaning. See the white silicone with the mold growing on it? Take the time to clean it up before it gets worse, and check for leaks next door.

My Shower Won T Turn On

Check the floor next to the toilet and see if there is any water leaking under it, which may be a seal or pan that you need to fix.

If you’re unsure why your bathroom faucet won’t turn off or need plumbing service, call a professional. There may be several reasons listed above, but you can always turn to a professional for help.

My Shower Won T Turn On

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Not being able to turn off the water in the bathroom and turning off the main water supply can be frustrating. With that in mind, follow the steps above or contact a professional for help. We inspect bathtub and shower faucets during home inspections in New Hampshire and Southern Maine. Introduction Repair a shower faucet that won’t turn off. Most handle and cartridge faucets can be repaired in an hour or less with basic tools.

To flush the shower head, replace the old cartridge with a similar new one. In this article, we will focus on repairing a cartridge-style faucet by replacing the shower valve cartridge. Cartridge valves have a single handle and operate when the cartridge is moved and operated. Don’t confuse them with single-handled ball-style faucets, which have a domed body under the handle.

My Shower Won T Turn On

We are not dealing here with two-handled faucets, which can be valve type or ceramic disc valve. Learn more about replacing a shower faucet cartridge in the steps below.

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Turn off the water supply to the shower. Then remove the handle cover with a small pocket knife to expose the inner handle screw.

My Shower Won T Turn On

Loosen the set screw and remove. Pull the handle and set aside. Turn off the water at the faucet shut-off valves or at the main valve in your home. Turn on the faucet to make sure it’s turned off. Remove the handle as shown in Figures 1 and 2. If the handle is sticky, try heating it with a hair dryer on the “hot” setting. If you can’t get it off, use a special-handled puller—an inexpensive tool available at plumbing parts distributors or home centers.

Remove the stop tube. Lift the clip holding the cartridge with a small screwdriver or screwdriver. Remove the handle washer, then twist the cartridge rod and pull it out with the screws.

My Shower Won T Turn On

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If it becomes jammed, use a special cartridge puller. Tighten the six screws and six nuts until the threads are visible. Slide the puller over the cartridge tray, align the tools with the cartridge slots, and twist to remove. Almost every faucet manufacturer has a different way of attaching the cartridge to the faucet body. Locate and remove the clip or spring (Figure 3). Cartridges are often difficult to remove. Some manufacturers include an ejection port with new cartridges. Align the cover with the old cartridge case and try to twist the cartridge loosely. Then remove it with plates.

If you cannot move the old cartridge, you will need a cartridge puller. Make sure the faucet you buy works with your brand. Look at the handle or trim for the brand or manufacturer of the faucet. A knowledgeable person at a plumbing supply store can identify the brand and model from a photo. See Figures 4 and 5 for instructions on how to use the cartridge puller. Release the cartridge before removing it (Figure 4). Take the old cartridge to a plumbing parts store or home center to have it properly replaced.

My Shower Won T Turn On

Turn the six screws clockwise. Tighten the six nuts by hand and tighten the cartridge holder. If the cartridge does not eject, hold the trigger handle firmly and fully tighten the six nuts. Remove the cartridge from the faucet body. Buy the same replacement cartridge, align it properly, and reassemble the parts.

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We no longer support IE (Internet Explorer) as we strive to provide the best site experience for browsers that support new web standards and security practices. A few months ago we had an emergency. Look, our house is 30 years old, (I know, it’s not that old) and everything is original. Experienced homeowners may have seen this coming, but turning the faucet on and off will be so difficult that it will eventually become impossible. And that’s exactly what happened, the water in the shower wouldn’t turn off. Luckily I have a strong boyfriend who pushed really hard and was able to turn it off. Then it went into use for a few months. Maybe 3-4. Until last weekend!!!

My Shower Won T Turn On

You’re wondering why we decided to fix this now, so there’s only 4 months left. What’s the rush? Then I would

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