Lg Phone Wont Turn On Or Charge

Lg Phone Wont Turn On Or Charge – If you’ve ever wondered “why won’t my phone turn on?”, you’re not alone. Even if you are a professional Android tinkerer, things can be beyond your knowledge level and you may be wondering what to do with a phone that won’t turn on. Today we will see some reasons why your phone won’t turn on and also some solutions.

Just kidding, but seriously, when was the last time you uploaded? Sometimes time goes by while you’re having fun watching cat videos, and the next time you pick up your phone, it won’t turn on because you’ve uploaded it to YouTube ad nauseam. Grab the power supply and make sure your phone has power before proceeding. Remember, sometimes you need to charge it for a few minutes before your phone turns on.

Lg Phone Wont Turn On Or Charge

Lg Phone Wont Turn On Or Charge

This is the next possibility, the phone is on, but the screen is not working. The easiest way to test this is to long press the power button to force it to turn off and then turn it back on. You should hear the sound of the boot or feel the vibration. This means your phone is working but you have a display driver or display problem.

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If you have a computer and a cable to connect your phone, we have a guide on how to restore your phone data. As for the cracked screen, that’s a repair shop thing to do.

Lg Phone Wont Turn On Or Charge

This is one of the most common reasons why the phone won’t turn on. If you recently dropped your phone or got it wet, you might have problems. Trying to turn on a wet phone too soon can cause it to short out and fry, so if it gets wet, follow our guide on what to do with a water-damaged phone.

Simply put, if you’ve dropped your phone in water and it won’t turn on, you’ll need to get it repaired because you most likely have a hardware problem or a damaged screen. Until then you can try to get some data by following the steps mentioned in the article below.

Lg Phone Wont Turn On Or Charge

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If you notice some anomalies like crashes, reboots or anything else that doesn’t happen before your phone turns on again, you might have a software problem that can be fixed by a firmware update.

First you need to get as much data as possible, then the new software. We have manuals for popular devices at

Lg Phone Wont Turn On Or Charge

To help you out, you can also try a factory reset to fix other issues. If this sounds too difficult, take it to your carrier’s store for help.

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Another pretty obvious reason why your phone might not turn on is because the battery just gave up the ghost forever. This usually happens gradually over time, but sometimes it can happen suddenly, especially if the battery is swollen or leaking.

Lg Phone Wont Turn On Or Charge

If the battery cover is removable, remove it and inspect for damage, bulges, or leaks. If you find one, get a new battery soon and dispose of the old one safely.

Sometimes you wonder why your phone won’t turn on, and it turns out that the phone isn’t to blame at all. There have been times when even the smartest of people failed to identify that the problem was caused by a faulty charging cable, adapter or even a wall plug. So be sure to try a different USB cable, a different power adapter (if you have one) and a different outlet in your home until you know that you can definitely blame it on your phone.

Lg Phone Wont Turn On Or Charge

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If your phone actually turns on but doesn’t go past the home screen, that’s what we call a boot loop. This usually means that your phone will boot up normally, but it will stay on the logo screen forever.

If you’ve recently updated to a new Android version or flashed a Custom ROM, it can be as simple a solution as going into Recovery and wiping the cache partition or wiping data/factory reset, worst case scenario is that you might brick your phone.

Lg Phone Wont Turn On Or Charge

For a tutorial, see our guide on how to factory reset your Android phone, or search our site for your specific device. If your phone is fine and you’re reading this out of curiosity, we’d recommend backing up everything on your phone in case this happens to you in the future!

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If you’re using an Android device and you’re having trouble with your phone not turning on, then there’s another way to try to turn it on. This step involves your computer and is a solution approved by Google. This is what you have to do.

Lg Phone Wont Turn On Or Charge

If none of these tips work, it might be time to take your device to a repair shop.

Article updated in February 2022 with new screenshots and revised instructions. Previous comments have not been deleted and may refer to outdated instructions.

Lg Phone Wont Turn On Or Charge

Lg Stylo 4+ (lm Q710wa)

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Lg Phone Wont Turn On Or Charge

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Lg Phone Wont Turn On Or Charge

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Lg Phone Wont Turn On Or Charge

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You turn on your Android phone or tablet by pressing its power button, simple. If this button doesn’t work, your device isn’t necessarily jailbroken; There are ways to bring him back to life.

This problem can be caused by hardware or software issues. Your phone or tablet may not turn on because it’s broken. Either way, there are things you can recover from.

Lg Phone Wont Turn On Or Charge

Why won’t my phone turn on? Charge your phone or tablet for a few minutes Clean the charging port How to force restart an Android phone Find out if the screen is cracked How to factory reset an Android phone or tablet

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It’s every Android owner’s worst fear: a phone or tablet that just won’t turn on. There are several things that can cause this and we will try to address them all in this guide.

Lg Phone Wont Turn On Or Charge

Sometimes the simplest explanation is the reason. Your phone’s battery may be low. If you’ve been dead for a long time, the screen won’t even turn on long enough to let you know. This could be due to a bad charging cable, dirt in the port, or a faulty battery.

It can also be caused by the buttons on the device. If the power button does not work, you will not be able to turn on the device. quite simple. Or maybe it’s just on the screen

Lg Phone Wont Turn On Or Charge

Lg Nexus 5x

It doesn’t turn on, but the phone actually turns on. This may be caused by screen damage.

If your Android device is running low on battery, you’ll often see a “Battery Empty” indicator on the screen when you try to turn it on. But if you let the battery drain completely, your phone or tablet won’t respond at all when you press the power button.

Lg Phone Wont Turn On Or Charge

To solve this problem, simply plug your Android phone or tablet into a wall charger and let it charge. You can’t just turn it on and try to turn it on right away; You need to give it a few minutes to load first. Leave charging for at least 10 minutes. Come back later and try turning it on with the power button. If the problem was caused by a dead battery, it should start up normally.

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If it still doesn’t turn on, you can try the same with a different charging cable. Alternatively, you can try wireless charging if your Android device supports it. he

Lg Phone Wont Turn On Or Charge

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