Lesson Plans On Equivalent Fractions

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Fractions are such abstract concepts that children need very concrete and representational (pictorial) experiences to truly understand the meaning of a fraction. Concrete learning also allows students to explore concepts and build understanding on their own, rather than simply relaying information from a teacher.

Lesson Plans On Equivalent Fractions

Lesson Plans On Equivalent Fractions

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I developed this activity for my third grade teacher to explore equal parts. Students learned about fractions as part of a group, as a set, and as a line. While studying these concepts, some students have already noticed and commented on the same number of verses. In other words, they have already discovered that the same parts exist independently. This activity is used in jobs.

Lesson Plans On Equivalent Fractions

Now consider how the Mathematical Practice Standard is embedded in this activity. Students use tools (controls) and models (drawing parts) to represent and explore parts. They look for structure when they are asked to consider what all the halves have in common. At the end of the activity, they discuss their ideas with mathematicians so they can justify their solutions and critique the reasoning of others. And since they already know about the parts and the teacher isn’t directly teaching, I’d say it involves problem solving. That’s a lot of practice packed into one event.

After studying fractions equal to halves, students will study fractions that are equal to half; there are four of these tables.

Lesson Plans On Equivalent Fractions

Maths Games For Ks2

These charts are perfect to use with segments in the learning resource, but I realized that not everyone has this resource, so I made a set of segment tape that you can print (in color or white), cut out, and use. Activity:

Download Sectional Activity Sheet and Sectional Tile Sheet here. As always, I would love to read your comments!! These free cards are a great way to increase your standard hand to 100. I like to use them for casual games like Go Fish and memory games, and the built-in scenes provide a natural transition. For students!

Lesson Plans On Equivalent Fractions

Sections like this fascinate my students. The fact that two numbers actually represent the same quantity is unlike what they experienced. Usually ten means ten, any other number means something else. The same parts can be REFLECTIVE.

Equivalent Fractions Song

I like to let my students study and practice the same parts. Today I’m sharing 6 of my favorite games and activities that I use to practice with my students when I meet with my small groups.

Lesson Plans On Equivalent Fractions

I love giving students visual references, so it’s no surprise that this is one of my favorites. I love that it’s free and can be a group, shared math experience around the same unit.

All you need to do is cut the paper into squares (postal or printer paper is fine, card stock is better for durability). Depending on the group in front of you, choose how you want to distribute or have students choose their own sections.

Lesson Plans On Equivalent Fractions

Lesson: Comparing And Ordering Unit Fractions

After students create their visuals, I ask them to place them on the number line we created together. This can be lined with clothing, taped to the wall, placed on the floor or posted on a bulletin board. Whatever you have, it works.

Students will use what they have learned about fractions and comparing standard fractions to help them manage our fraction number lines and order their fractions accordingly. Then we label the segments and write a list at each position on the numeric string of the same segments that belong to that position.

Lesson Plans On Equivalent Fractions

Personally, I like to click on the notes afterwards because they’re easier to move around the board as we build our screens. If you want a free collection of blog post templates, you can grab them below.

Fall Equivalent Fractions Worksheet

Looking for a concrete way to help your students visualize fractions? Glue, print, and color your students’ sections to create useful visuals in your classroom.

Lesson Plans On Equivalent Fractions

Once this is done, we have a powerful visual representation of the same parts, including placing them in a row.

Any chance I get I will make my own similar pieces for the students I take on. In this case, I like to let students use one scene to help them create another scene.

Lesson Plans On Equivalent Fractions

Equivalent Fractions Word Problems Worksheet

All you need for this activity is a set of stickers (if you’re a domino lover like me, I also have a domino version), paint/markers/crayons, and a copy of the activity.

Students create fractions to generate their own fractions. They use the left square to generate their fractions. Then, they use the appropriate square to add or subtract the area and make an equal division. They complete by making a mathematical sentence that shows the equality.

Lesson Plans On Equivalent Fractions

Another variation of this activity focuses on dealing with a similar section. However, this activity focuses on dividing number lines, not dividing shapes.

Equivalent Fractions Lesson Plan

If your students have mastered fractions but are struggling with fractions on the number line, this can be a great way to support them.

Lesson Plans On Equivalent Fractions

MORE VISUALS PLEASE! I like to use flash cards for several reasons, but my top two are:

It really has to be in the top three because I can quickly go through the cards and see what their comprehension level is and we’ll correct mistakes now without an eraser or cutting things up. This can be a great help to students who struggle with self-confidence.

Lesson Plans On Equivalent Fractions

Equivalent Fractions In 3rd Grade

If you’ve been here for a while, you’ll love my students. Like LOVEEEEEEEEE! It’s such an easy and fun game for students, so why not make an equal parts puzzle version, right?

For this version, I’ll use a spiral, so depending on which part they’re spiraling, they can cover the corresponding equal part. This is another great way to help students see the points because the visuals are built into the game itself.

Lesson Plans On Equivalent Fractions

Sometimes it’s just good to have a choice. Split dominoes are great because students can create chains on their own, work with a partner, or play a complete game with a small group.

Compare Non Equivalent Fractions Math Videos For Kids

I appreciate that with this activity you can already prepare for the event, but then take the pulse of your classroom and see which option works best in that moment. Love the versatility and how it supports classroom management.

Lesson Plans On Equivalent Fractions

Looking for a fun way to challenge your students? I can’t get enough of magic square logic puzzles because they encourage students to apply what they understand about such parts instead of answering questions on a worksheet.

I have a bunch of these puzzles (different themes) in one center where my students can pick and choose. They can work on a puzzle by themselves or with a partner, and when they’re done, they can start a new one.

Lesson Plans On Equivalent Fractions

Teaching With Fraction Strips

These puzzles actually come in three different levels for different puzzle concepts, so it’s easy to differentiate.

All of these activities can be found in my Episode Mega Pack. It’s just a 400-page fraction activity that includes comparing fractions, comparing fractions, equivalent fractions, number line fractions, and improper and mixed fractions. It’s called the MEGA PACK for a reason. Check it out here.

Lesson Plans On Equivalent Fractions

5 Favorite Checklists and Easy Ways to Use Them Learning Blocks on the Number Line: favorite activities and games to represent face tables

Equivalent Fractions Equations Worksheet

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Lesson Plans On Equivalent Fractions

Thanks for stopping by our little corner of the internet. I’m so glad you’re here. I was a struggling student turned passionate educator. My dyslexia, ADHD, and sensory/auditory processing issues went undiagnosed for most of my career. My school experiences have shaped how I teach and connect with my students. Read more of my stories here. There! I don’t know about you, but we’re deep into studying parts. There is so much to learn and so little time to learn it all. I’ve posted a few times about the different activities we’ve been doing, especially around fraction operations, but this time the focus is on fraction concepts. There are many basic concepts we will cover: simplifying fractions, finding equivalent fractions, working with fractions on a number line, comparing fractions, improper fractions, and mixed numbers. Below you will find some

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