Learn How To Write Chinese Characters

Learn How To Write Chinese Characters – For those learning languages ​​other than Chinese, the question of how to improve handwriting does not often arise. Some people are interested in writing and calligraphy, but beyond just writing communication, art is more than language.

To learn Chinese, there is a lot to be said for handwriting. In this article I will talk about most of them, although briefly in some cases. Here are some questions I will answer:

Learn How To Write Chinese Characters

Learn How To Write Chinese Characters

Let’s start with the basics if you are new to learning Chinese. Almost all languages ​​use a phonetic script, meaning that the written words reflect the pronunciation of the spoken language. The most familiar way to most readers is the Latin alphabet I use to write these words, but even seemingly complex scripts like Arabic and Korean are also phonetic.

Hsk 1] Simple Chinese Character Practice Sheet (with Translation, Pinyin & Stroke Order)

The Chinese, on the other hand, use characters, which are created in many different ways. The basic characters have nothing to do with pronunciation, but pictures of things, called pictograms. More complex characters often contain clues about how to pronounce them, but these require a high level of skill to fully utilize and are just that: a clue. This means that you have to learn thousands of characters if you want to read and write Chinese characters at a near-native level. For more information on how the Chinese writing system works, please visit the series starting with this article:

Learn How To Write Chinese Characters

Writing Chinese characters is more difficult because of the number of unique elements and combinations of elements you have to consider. Recognizing a character in context, such as when reading, is

Easier than typing the same letters by hand. It is possible to be a good reader but not be able to write much by hand at all, and this is very common. Native speakers often spend an inordinate amount of time writing letters, which is both impractical and difficult to integrate as a second language learner.

Learn How To Write Chinese Characters

The Smartest Way To Learn To Read & Write Chinese — Lingtuitive

Actually, if you know how to read and write French, you can write it by hand, but knowing how to read and write Chinese is

Considering the amount of time it takes to learn to write by hand, do you really need handwriting? Since the most popular input systems on phones and computers rely on how to pronounce characters, can’t you just skip handwriting? It depends on your goals. If your goal is just to learn a spoken language, skipping handwriting, or writing altogether, is not a problem.

Learn How To Write Chinese Characters

However, most students also want to learn to read and write, albeit to a limited extent. This means that you will be able to speak more than you can write, for example, which seems the most natural way to me. I have argued elsewhere that delaying character learning should be the default in most cases, see for example Should you learn Chinese before learning Chinese characters?

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It also seems natural to be able to write fewer letters by hand than you can type, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you should avoid handwriting altogether. I think all students who want to learn to read and write Chinese characters should also learn to write by hand, not because it’s necessary (it usually isn’t, even if you live in a Chinese-speaking world), but because it is. help you understand Chinese characters. Whether that means learning 100, 1,000 or 5,000 characters is up to you. Read more here:

Learn How To Write Chinese Characters

Well, let’s continue by looking at what is required to write Chinese characters in terms of knowledge and skills. Success depends on the ability to:

As you can see, this is much more difficult than writing by hand in other languages, where handwriting is slower and, at least for some, more scribbled. If I can write a word in English, I know how to write it by hand. This is not true of Chinese, where writing only requires you to recognize characters, but handwriting requires much more, as I have shown.

Learn How To Write Chinese Characters

Learning To Write Chinese Characters By Hand

To explain with an example, I know how to write the character 想 (xiǎng) and you can too. But does the character come out as you plan every time? Probably not, unless your writing is at an expert level. You may find things you didn’t write on purpose. Maybe the 木 is taking up too much space, or the bottom of the 目 extends all the way down, or the tip of the 心 has accidentally caught the hook. You never thought it would happen, but it did. If you overtype the character, you may get the same or wrong results.

Having an accurate mental picture of the character (intention) requires learning about Chinese characters, but writing (execution) requires more practice, that is, writing more by hand.

Learn How To Write Chinese Characters

Compared to speaking and pronunciation, it is often easier to distinguish between mistakes (problems with execution) and errors (problems with your mental image). For example, if you intend to write 目 (mù), you will not accidentally write 日 (rì), and if you intend to write 木 (mù), you may not write 未 (wèi) . If you do, I’d take that as a pretty clear sign that you probably don’t know the characters well enough, so it’s a problem of intent, not execution.

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As a counterexample, if you write 未 (wèi) instead of 末 (mò) or 已 (yǐ) instead of 己 (jǐ), it could be a spelling mistake. I don’t know how to look at a handwritten character or you accidentally put the pencil down (problem with execution) or you don’t know how to distinguish between these characters.

Learn How To Write Chinese Characters

The bottom line is this: If you set out to write the wrong letter, it will be wrong every time you try to write it, no matter what. If you intend to write the correct character, it may be wrong due to imperfect execution, but more practice will solve this problem. I wrote more about intentions here:

When starting to learn Chinese, it is important to have a role model who is accurate, or at least a model who follows the standards in your focus area. This also applies to Chinese speaking and pronunciation, not just handwriting. Your teachers and textbooks probably do a good job of this, although there will always be inconsistencies.

Learn How To Write Chinese Characters

Learning Mandarin Chinese

However, these days most people learn Chinese through their mobile phones and computers. When you do this, make sure you have the right font. This will prevent a lot of confusion later on and is worth spending a little time on when you’re starting out. I didn’t do this when I started learning Chinese, but I soon realized that I was actually learning standard Japanese for many characters because that’s what my computer used!

However, these are computer fonts and are not suitable for manual practice. In this guest post, Harvey Dam talks specifically about manuscripts. The article is full of real examples of real handwriting (not computer letters) and should be read by anyone who cares about handwriting!

Learn How To Write Chinese Characters

If you think you know what the right character looks like, how can you improve your execution, or your ability to transfer your mental image from pencil to paper? Of course the answer depends on your current level, but I’ll give some general advice:

Is Chinese Hard To Learn?

There are many apps, websites and books about Chinese handwriting and characters. This is not meant to be a complete list of all the resources I know of, but to include a few different ones. For more information, see Hacking Chinese Resources.

Learn How To Write Chinese Characters

* Please. Note that I work for Skritter, but I recommended the app long before I started doing this.

As a publisher, you probably don’t need to think too much about how your manuscript fits into a larger framework, but as you go along, you should ask yourself what you want from your manuscript and then develop a strategy that fits your needs. fit. .

Learn How To Write Chinese Characters

Chinese Characters For Kids

For example, I teach Chinese, and I appreciate the ability to write the most used characters for this reason. I rarely write by hand in any other situation, so if it wasn’t for the tutorial, I would have spent less time on handwriting. I found a simple way to achieve my goal while spending as little time as possible on the manuscript.

This method works for me, but may be too ambitious for you! Or maybe you care more about handwriting than I do, so my approach is wrong. I wrote more about my minimal approach here:

Learn How To Write Chinese Characters

I have been learning and teaching Chinese for over ten years. My goal is to help you find a learning style that works for you. Subscribe to my newsletter for a 7-day crash course on how to study, as well as weekly ideas to improve your studies!

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Learn How To Write Chinese Characters

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