Joomla 404 Page Not Found

Joomla 404 Page Not Found – We are excited to introduce you to a new feature. Ladies and gentlemen, meet the Custom 404 Page Editor! Yes, with Joomla Website Builder Gridbox 2.4.8 you can create a custom 404 page without a line of code. Creating 404 pages has never been easier with Gridbox.

The 404 page is one of the most popular errors on the Internet. Also known as “Page Not Found”, this is where users land when they try to access a URL that doesn’t exist.

Joomla 404 Page Not Found

Joomla 404 Page Not Found

By creating a custom 404 page, you can use it to your business advantage. For example: increase your sales, create an interesting and beautiful design that leads to trust and can turn a lost visitor into a regular customer.

How To Create A Great Custom 404 Error Page (with Examples)

To start editing the default 404 page and creating your own, go to the Gridbox control panel, on the left side you will see a new icon “System Page”, click on it.

Joomla 404 Page Not Found

The 404 Error Page comes with all the standard features of a Smart Box page. Therefore, you can use the full power and flexibility of Gridbox. Create new sections, rows, columns, video backgrounds, gradients, parallax, libraries, page blocks, plugins, everything is available to you! What you have is a very simple and accurate 404 Error Page Editor.

To inspire you and show you what the 404 page editor can do, we want to show you some examples of 404 pages we created with Gridbox!

Joomla 404 Page Not Found

Top Of Error Page Messed Up · Issue #33687 · Joomla/joomla Cms · Github

In addition to a large set of design tools, 404 Page comes with basic settings that allow you to rename the page, choose a theme and enable or disable the header and footer on on the Error 404 page.

To open the basic settings of the 404 page, right-click on the page, in the context menu select “Settings”.

Joomla 404 Page Not Found

Clicking on a broken link is a pain, but a simple 404 page with a good design will sweeten the bill. So, use the Gridbox Page Editor and turn a potentially negative experience into a positive one. Create your custom 404 page, just like any other GridBox page. It’s time to forget about the annoying 404 page and create a well-designed 404 error page.

How To Edit 404 Page In Magento

On a website, everything must be perfect, and a custom 404 page is the same. 404 page design is an art!

Joomla 404 Page Not Found

We are always working on new features for Joomla Website Builder Gridbox. If you have questions or want to share your opinion, don’t hesitate to write in the comment form below, Let’s Rock! As you know, the status code HTTP 404 indicates that visitors can communicate with the server, but can’t receive the requested content. Then, when your visitors try to open a page that is not on your site, they will be shown a 404 error page. Some popular reasons for a 404 error message are:

So, if you want to create a 404 error, what should be added? A good and effective 404 page should have clear navigation. This means you must show:

Joomla 404 Page Not Found

Jp Ce 404 Helper For Yootheme Pro

If you’re using Joomla 4, there are several compelling reasons to consider creating a 404 error page for your site:

After looking at some basic information about the 404 error page, it’s time to look at how it works.

Joomla 404 Page Not Found

On the blog, we want to provide you with two ways to create a custom 404 page. So, you can read and choose the best one for your site.

Tips To Improve Joomla Performance

First, you need to create a new menu item for your 404 page. To do that, just go to Menus -> Main Menu Blog -> New.

Joomla 404 Page Not Found

Then, just fill in the title, and click the Select button from the Item Type section in the Menu.

An Item Type menu pop-up will appear for you to choose from. Then, choose Document -> Single Document, and the popup will close.

Joomla 404 Page Not Found

Site Title Not Displayed On 404 Errorpage Title · Issue #32097 · Joomla/ Joomla Cms · Github

Next, let’s get into the title of the article. After that, in the Header Text, you need to fill in the content that you want to display on the 404 error page. You can add text, images, links, and more.

Then, you need to go to the Connection Types tab and disable the display option in the menu.

Joomla 404 Page Not Found

If you turn off the show menu option, the menu should be saved. Additionally, you should note the document ID number in the link box.

Creating A Custom Error Page For Your Joomla Site

Close the menu and you will see the menu ID. So, all you need to remember is the menu ID number of the 404 error page.

Joomla 404 Page Not Found

In the next step, open System -> Site Templates, and click to edit the template you are using in Joomla 4. In our example, we are using Cassiopeia, so we open it and set it up.

Don’t forget to replace XX with the document ID, and YY with the menu item ID you created earlier.

Joomla 404 Page Not Found

Joomla 5 Is Coming, Time For A New Look For All Our Sites? Join The Challenge And Have A Say.

So, you can simply test the product on your site. After the URL, just add whatever you want to view the 404 error page for.

We start the second method by downloading SP Page Builder and installing the extension on your Joomla site.

Joomla 404 Page Not Found

Once you have successfully installed, you just need to go to Components -> SP Page Builder -> Pages -> New. After that, add a new page title and save. You can configure it from the terminal editor.

About 404 Page

SP Page Builder supports you to customize the page with drag and drop style. Therefore, it is easy and convenient for you to customize the page in your own way.

Joomla 404 Page Not Found

Add a line and select the plugin you want to use. In the next step, just enter the title and add the image you want to display on the 404 error page. In addition, you can edit the text and image and more useful part. If you want to add a button link to navigate visitors to your home page, you must use the premium version with additional plugins.

Now, go back to your admin panel and create a new menu item. Just open the menus -> Blog Main Menu -> New.

Joomla 404 Page Not Found

How To Create A Custom 404 Error Page In Joomla 4 2023

In the Select Page section, select the 404 page you created in the previous steps. After that, just save the menu item and note the page ID in the Link box.

Next, go to the connection type tab and turn off the show menu option. Save again.

Joomla 404 Page Not Found

Finally, all you need to do is open System -> Site Templates (on the Templates tab), and click to edit the template you are using.

Change 404 Error Page Display Settings

Change XX to the page ID number you created earlier and save it.

Joomla 404 Page Not Found

Finally, we are happy to show you how to create a 404 Error page in Joomla 4. So, we hope the blog will be useful for you. If you have any related questions, leave your comments below. Also, if you want to use another template for your site, don’t hesitate to visit our Joomla 4 Templates. Since the collection contains many templates for many different topics , you can just choose what you like.

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Joomla 404 Page Not Found

Hi, My Site Is Working, But When I Try To Go To The Address Gives The Material A 404 Not Found · Issue #8837 · Joomla/joomla Cms · Github

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Joomla 404 Page Not Found

Technical storage and access is required for the legitimate purpose of maintaining unsolicited preferences of the subscriber or user.

Create A Custom 404 Page With Joomla Website Builder Gridbox

Technical storage or access used for statistical purposes only. Technical storage or access is used for anonymous statistical purposes. Without a call, such as your Internet Service Provider, or other records from a third party, information stored or retrieved for this purpose only will not be used to identify you.

Joomla 404 Page Not Found

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I installed it! on my website i publish the first article and submit my website and it works, but when i try to delete that article and publish my article, i get a 404 when i try to refresh on my website. I will post the pictures below which may help

Joomla 404 Page Not Found

Responsive Joomla Template

If that is your home page, and if the default menu item (Home) is of type Articles » Previous, the 404 should not have occurred.

But, if that page is menu item

Joomla 404 Page Not Found

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