Internet Explorer 11 Cookies Folder

Internet Explorer 11 Cookies Folder – Internet Explorer is officially retired on June 15, 2022. Microsoft no longer supports the aging browser, and hopes to remove the same program from Windows 10 in a future update. If you want to continue using a Microsoft browser, you’ll need to make Microsoft Edge home permanently.

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Internet Explorer 11 Cookies Folder

Internet Explorer 11 Cookies Folder

IE’s days are numbered for a while now, so many people already use Edge, Chrome or Firefox as their default browser. But ultimately, Internet Explorer still had a small slice of the market, which meant that some people and organizations still had to switch to another browser.

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If you’re looking to move from IE to Edge, you’ll need to import bookmarks and other data. But Edge gives you an IE mode that lets you run websites and apps that require Internet Explorer for compatibility reasons.

Internet Explorer 11 Cookies Folder

According to Microsoft, the Internet Explorer version of Microsoft Edge will be supported until at least 2029. Finally, these websites and applications should be updated to work with more modern web standards. But at least you can still rely on Internet Explorer and see who continues to use them in Edge. Now let’s see how to jump from IE to Edge.

Your first step should be to copy your bookmarks, saved passwords and other content from IE to Edge. You can launch this from any browser. It’s usually faster to do it in Edge, but let’s examine both options.

Internet Explorer 11 Cookies Folder

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Open Internet Explorer. Click on the top right icon to view Favorites, Feeds and Stories (those with a star image). Click the drop-down arrow next to Add to Favorites and select Import and Export (Figure 1).

In the Import/Export settings window, select the option to export to a file. The next window asks what items you want to export — Favorites, Feeds and Cookies. Check the box for Favorites, but leave the other two unchecked because Edge can’t import food or cookies from an HTML file. Click Next (Figure 2).

Internet Explorer 11 Cookies Folder

In the next window, select the favorite folder you want to export. If you want to copy all your bookmarks, select the Favorites folder. Click Next (Figure 3).

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In the window that asks where you want to export your favorites, choose an easy-to-find location in Edge. You can rename the file but change the HTM extension to HTML. Click Export and Finish (Figure 4).

Internet Explorer 11 Cookies Folder

Open Microsoft Edge. Click on the Favorites icon at the top right. Select the ellipsis icon and click Import Favorites (Figure 5).

In the window for importing browser data, click on the drop-down menu and change the selection to Favorites or Bookmarks HTML File. Click the Choose File button and select the exported file in Internet Explorer. Click Open. A message will then tell you that your data has been retrieved (Figure 6).

Internet Explorer 11 Cookies Folder

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Alternatively, you can import bookmarks and other content directly into IE Edge without generating an HTML file. This option also allows you to copy your browsing history, cookies and more.

In Edge, click the Favorites icon, click the ellipsis icon, and choose Import Favorites. In the Import Browser Data window, make sure the drop-down box is set to Microsoft Internet Explorer. Unmark any content you don’t want to keep. Click the import button, and your favorites and other items will be copied to Edge (Figure 8).

Internet Explorer 11 Cookies Folder

There may be one hiccup in the process. Your favorite files and bookmarks can be imported into Edge’s Favorites bar location, not where you want it to reside. If this happens, you can easily fix it.

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In Edge, click the Favorites icon, select the ellipsis icon, and then click Open Favorites Page. Check the boxes for all listed files and individual bookmarks in the Favorites window. To check them all quickly, press Ctrl + A (Figure 9).

Internet Explorer 11 Cookies Folder

Next, drag the selected items onto the Other Favorites folder at the bottom of the left pane (Figure 10).

With all your content migrated, your next step should be to make sure that sites and apps built for IE can run in Microsoft Edge. In Edge, click the ellipsis icon in the top right and select Settings. In the Settings window, select the setting for the default browser. In the Internet Explorer Compatibility section, click the drop-down menu for Allow reloading in Internet Explorer mode (IE mode) and change it to Allow.

Internet Explorer 11 Cookies Folder

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You will be asked to restart the browser. When Edge reopens, return to that settings screen. If you know of any specific websites that require Internet Explorer that you want to open using IE Edge mode, click the Add button and enter their address (Figure 12).

Finally, you’ll want to make Edge the default browser in Windows. To do this in Windows 10, go to Settings > Applications > Default Applications. Click on the current selection for Internet browser and change it to Microsoft Edge (Figure 13). Internet browsers use computer cookies to save information about your habits. So where are cookies stored? In this article we cover everything you need to know about receiving your cookies.

Internet Explorer 11 Cookies Folder

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Internet Explorer 11 Cookies Folder

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Internet Explorer 11 Cookies Folder

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Imagine having to log in every time you visit Amazon, open your email or rebuild your shopping cart. Feeling uncomfortable and frustrated, right?

This is where computer cookies come in. Cookies are created when you visit a website. These text files help identify you and streamline your online experience. Once created, cookies are stored in a file on your hard drive or browser, depending on your operating system and the browser you use.

Internet Explorer 11 Cookies Folder

You can easily delete browsing data and browser cookies in a few quick steps. To delete Google Chrome cookies, you can delete your browsing data. When you delete Firefox cookies, go to the Preferences tab to clear history. Continue reading this guide to learn how to manually delete cookies by browsing for cookies files or folders.

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Cookies are text files stored on your computer. These are small pieces of site data, including other data such as your browsing history, website permissions and settings, and information you have entered on a website.

Internet Explorer 11 Cookies Folder

Cookies cannot infect your device with malware, but criminals can hijack cookies and gain access to your browsing data. Cookies can be visible to hackers in transit and can be a serious privacy and security concern if sent in clear text. A hacker can observe the cookie file and steal the website data inside.

This could include stealing your session ID and tracking it wherever you are on the Internet. While doing this, the hacker can impersonate you, essentially stealing your identity. This process is cookie theft. Because of this issue and the privacy concerns of third-party cookies, it is important to understand how cookies are used and why you should delete them regularly.

Internet Explorer 11 Cookies Folder

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The cookie files stored in Windows 10 are hidden by default. They are marked as protected system items, so you can’t find them without allowing to view hidden files and folders.

If you want to find cookies in Windows 10, remember that these are hidden by default. You can update your privacy settings to view protected and hidden files and folders by opening File Explorer, clicking the View tab, and checking the Hidden Items option.

Internet Explorer 11 Cookies Folder

Alternatively, you can reveal hidden files and folders in Windows 10 by opening File Explorer, clicking the View tab, and following these steps:

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Normally, to go to the Microsoft Cookies folder in Windows 10 or 11, you can open the Run box, type shell:cookies and press Enter. They are located in the INetCookies folder on the C: drive. Whether you use Windows 8 or Windows 8.1, your cookies are located in the same folder.

Internet Explorer 11 Cookies Folder

The detection and removal of cookies also depends on the browser you use. For example, you can see the folder where Windows stores cookies, but you may not be able to manage them without accessing your browser.

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