Improper Fractions To Mixed Numbers Games

Improper Fractions To Mixed Numbers Games – My kids love to color. They are always looking to print out a new coloring page from their computer. It’s the perfect activity to cool off in the summer and a great internal recharger on cold winter days. But I love that I can take something they love to do and turn it into a learning activity. And that’s what this activity does, as children use patterns to turn improper fractions into mixed numbers. Your children and mine, fear to develop an understanding of improper fractions, division, mixed numbers and more.

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Improper Fractions To Mixed Numbers Games

Improper Fractions To Mixed Numbers Games

The definition is very simple. An improper fraction is any fraction whose numerator is greater than or equal to the denominator.

Changing Improper Fractions To Mixed Forms And Vice Versa

Also, 10/10 is an improper fraction because the numerator and denominator are the same, so the fraction is actually a whole.

Improper Fractions To Mixed Numbers Games

Just as we always want our kids to simplify a fraction when solving a problem, we don’t want them to give an incorrect fraction as an answer.

Have you ever really looked at a fraction and division problem? Did you notice that writing a fraction is the same way we normally write division problems? It is! We take two numbers and separate them with a slash or a horizontal line.

Improper Fractions To Mixed Numbers Games

Convert Improper Fractions To Mixed Numbers Activity

Then all we have to do is take that remainder and write it as a fraction. I have three whole pieces and I need four more pieces to make another whole because the denominator is 4. But I only have one of the four pieces.

It is important that children can imagine why numbers and formulas work the way they do. And that’s where this worksheet/coloring page comes in.

Improper Fractions To Mixed Numbers Games

Looking at the denominator, we see that four pieces are needed for the whole, and a pattern is already provided for that. Now all we have to do is paint in 12 pieces.

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We look at our denominator again and see that we need 16 pieces to make one whole, but I have 35 pieces.

Improper Fractions To Mixed Numbers Games

As you can see, I painted two whole circles and three sixteenths. So 35/16 = 2 3/16

After our little ones work through a few coloring pages, they will have a better understanding of what happens when we turn improper fractions into mixed numbers.

Improper Fractions To Mixed Numbers Games

Recognise Mixed Numbers And Improper Fractions And Convert From One Form To The Other

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Improper Fractions To Mixed Numbers Games

We use cookies to give you the best experience on our website. If you continue to use this site, we will assume that you are satisfied with it. Read More These FREE playing cards are a great way to increase your reference hand to 100. I like to use them for casual games like Go Fish and Memory Match , as well as built-in games. visuals offer a natural modification for students!

Mixed Fraction To Improper Fraction Worksheet

Understanding improper fractions and mixed numbers can be very difficult for some students. Providing a variety of games and activities to help practice these skills independently can be very helpful when teaching small groups. Today I’m sharing 5 of my favorite improper fraction activities and games that my students couldn’t get enough of!

Improper Fractions To Mixed Numbers Games

Understanding how to rewrite improper fractions as mixed numbers first requires a conceptual understanding. I like students to see what improper fractions look like first. It is important that they come to these observations themselves (or through digital conversations).

My favorite way to help students understand improper fractions is to use my fraction templates. (If you haven’t already downloaded them from my post on equivalent fractions, you can download them below.)

Improper Fractions To Mixed Numbers Games

Th Grade Change Improper Fractions To Mixed Numbers Task Cards

Looking for a specific way to help your students visualize fractions? Simply glue, print, and let your students color their particles to create useful visuals in your classroom!

We use them whole or in small groups to start looking for improper fractions. I give each student a piece of paper showing the halves. Then I write 1/2 on the board and ask them to color that fraction in their notebook.

Improper Fractions To Mixed Numbers Games

After all the students have finished shading, I write 2/2 on the board. “How do you think this faction would look colored?” Many students will agree that this would fill the entire square because 2/2 is a whole. I ask students to show the 2/2 shaded in their notes and look at their work to make sure everyone has understood.

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Then I write 3/2 on the board. I started by asking, “How do you say this fraction?” I often have students who will say two-thirds, so this is an important misunderstanding to correct from the start. When I get that answer, I’ll write 2/3 on the board and ask them what differences they notice. I let them understand that 2/3 is about three equal parts, and 3/2 is about two equal parts.

Improper Fractions To Mixed Numbers Games

Once this misunderstanding is identified and corrected, I ask, “How do you think this part looks with your money order?” It’s fun to see the students looking at their sticky notes and picking their noses. Many will say that it cannot be done. However, after a while one or several students will come to the conclusion that they need another report. I give one to the other and let them shine on the other side. It’s time to talk about what they see.

We can help them connect other post-its with the understanding that they have the whole and the remaining parts. There is a special way to write numbers like this: 1 1/2. Students can now see the incorrect part and the mixed part side by side. “What can we say about these two numbers?” My best hope is that they’ll say, “They’re the same, just spelled differently.” If they do not come to that conclusion on their own, we repeat the procedure with another denominator.

Improper Fractions To Mixed Numbers Games

Mixed Numbers To Improper Fractions

I will continue to build students’ conceptual understanding of improper fractions and mixed numbers in small groups. However, I would like them to apply their new understanding independently in the centers while I meet with other groups. Here are four of my favorite fractional fraction activities to use during our center rotation:

Dominoes are always a favorite so I pull them out whenever I can. I love how the dominoes create natural fractions when turned vertically. I created this improper fraction domino game to create a “graphic organizer” feel by turning improper fractions into mixed numbers. Having room for dividers and shadows already available to my students made all the difference!

Improper Fractions To Mixed Numbers Games

These number puzzles provide great visual information for students to connect improper fractions to mixed numbers. I love that they provide two pictorial examples that allow students to build their own understanding!

Improper Fractions Matching Games

Sometimes you just need a game that can work in multiple settings. Improper Fractions Bingo is great reinforcement for whole group and small group time. This is also something I like to include in my sub-plans because everyone wants to play and it’s almost silly!

Improper Fractions To Mixed Numbers Games

For the game, the student draws an incorrect card from the stack. If someone has a matching visual on the board, they must say the mixed number and mark their place! The first to get five in a row wins BINGO!

I’m sure there are those in your class who finish quickly! I love that these logic puzzles are accessible to students. They can be a real challenge for many and have different degrees of difficulty. I love watching them focus so intensely and persistently!

Improper Fractions To Mixed Numbers Games

Mixed Fractions Images, Stock Photos & Vectors

All of these activities can be found in my faction mega pack. Includes over 400 pages of activities, games and puzzles (hence the name Mega Pack). You can CLICK HERE or below to check.

This resource is full of fun activities for improper fractions, equivalent fractions, comparing fractions, fractions on the number line, unit fractions, and more! This 400-page packet contains everything you need to teach fractions!

Improper Fractions To Mixed Numbers Games

I hope all of these lesson and activity ideas have been helpful. Improper fractions can be tricky at first, but they don’t have to be!

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Improper Fractions To Mixed Numbers Games

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Improper Fractions To Mixed Numbers Games

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