Html Contact Form With Captcha

Html Contact Form With Captcha – A contact form is an essential element for websites. Allows the visitor to communicate with the site administrator by submitting a form. The contact request form is used for many purposes, such as sending inquiries, suggestions, requests, etc. Contact form functionality can be easily implemented with PHP. Generally, contact request information is sent to the administrator via email. You can create a contact form with email functionality using PHP.

The captcha function is very useful for protecting the form of bots. Make sure captcha validation is added to the contact form to protect against spam. Google reCAPTCHA is the most effective solution for integrating CAPTCHA into a contact form. This tutorial will show you how to create a contact form and integrate Google reCAPTCHA with PHP.

Html Contact Form With Captcha

Html Contact Form With Captcha

Before you can start using Google reCAPTCHA, a site key and a secret key are required to use the reCAPTCHA API. Register your site in the Google reCAPTCHA admin console and receive your site and secret keys. You can go through the step-by-step process to create a Google Recaptcha site key and secret key.

How To Integrate Google Recaptcha With Contact Forms In Joomla

Define some HTML elements to accept user input. The following HTML form contains several input fields (name, email, subject and message) for submitting a contact request.

Html Contact Form With Captcha

) for treatment. Include the server-side forum submission script at the top of the file where the contact form is located.

This sample script creates a simple contact form with captcha and email functionality using HTML and PHP. It helps to integrate the functionality of the contact form in the website and protect against bots and spam. You can use this contact form PHP script on any website including mobile responsive website layout.

Html Contact Form With Captcha

How To Use Recaptcha For Your Divi Contact Form Module

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Html Contact Form With Captcha

Would you like help installing or customizing a script? Submit a request for our script customization, existing web application support and new development service. Contact forms are one of the web elements that have been around in web design and development since the early days. In the early nineties, the Internet was not as fast as we use it now. You may have read stories before that a pigeon could deliver a message faster than email. Each search and query should be requested via a web form and processed individually. Although forms are old web elements, shapes have evolved a lot. Marketers and conversion experts debate how a form should be designed to improve results and conversions. In this list, we have collected modern free HTML contact forms to help you use them on modern websites. Some basic rules for creating an appropriate contact form are

How To Add Contact Form Widget To Html Website

The free HTML contact forms collected in this list follow all the basic criteria listed above. We have collected templates that reduce the work of code editing for developers. All you have to do is choose a template that you want and integrate it with your template or platform that you want.

Html Contact Form With Captcha

Dark black fonts and colorful vectors look even more vibrant on a clean white layout. The creator has used fonts of good thickness so that the audience can see the information they are typing on the form. Since this template uses the latest CSS3 script, all modern colors and gradient schemes look natural. You can add custom animations to make your contact form template more attractive to your audience.

V15 is a free HTML5 contact form that looks fun. All code files are included in the download file, so you can easily use the design in your project.

Html Contact Form With Captcha

How To Integrate Google Recaptcha With Joomla Contact Form

In terms of design, this is an ultra clean contact pattern. The creator added a character to the shape with a font style. Because modern fonts look more natural and realistic, you can clearly convey your message in the tone and feel you want. The default template is made for a full contact page design; You can reduce the design if you plan to use the contact form as one of the elements on the page.

The HTML code of the contact form is very simple so that developers can understand the design and features with just one glance. In addition, developers can easily add PHP functions to the contact form to make the form fully functional. In terms of design, the split style of the contact form gives you more than enough space to add a map on one side and a contact form on the other. Unless you have special needs, you can use the default template as such and save your time.

Html Contact Form With Captcha

Contact Form 1 is an interactive form template. Instead of providing a boring static contact page, you can use this interactive form. The mail icons on the left move according to the movement of the mouse, it’s a little trick but it works. The visual effects on the form fields are really useful, they show the user which field they are editing. The form fields you get with the contact form are name, email, subject and message field. All fields support field validation, when the user misses a field it is marked with an exclamation point. The contact form is responsive, so adding it with an existing responsive website template won’t be a big deal.

What Is Smart Captcha?

Contact Form ColorLib is a simple and practical contact form template. Because of this simple design, you can use this contact form on any website, landing pages and apps. Form field labels are cleverly used to display important fields and optional fields. Since this is a concept model, the creator has kept the text sizes at a standard readable size. However, you can easily change the font and font size based on your design needs. Like most of the other free HTML contact forms on this list, this one is made with the latest HTML5 and CSS3 scripting. So it can handle all modern fonts and styles.

Html Contact Form With Captcha

In this example, you get a large contact form with long form fields. Because of this long form field, the user can see all the input details in one line. Smooth text field animation effects are used to indicate in which field the user enters information. For more interactive text input field animations, check out our collection of CSS input text designs. Since this form template is made for professional purposes, you get neat and easy to read fonts. The code script is simple and neat for easy use in your project or existing website. This is the best option for you if you are looking for free HTML contact forms that can be easily used in your design.

This is a multipurpose form template that can be used for registration and contact forms. In the default design, the creator uses a pure white background. Most of the free HTML contact forms use a white background as it helps the user to read the content easily and also increases the readability. In the contact form you get dropdown menu options, calendar input options and standard text fields. This template may impress you if you are looking for free HTML contact forms with easier input options. The code script is simple and flexible so you can easily add the form fields you need and the options you want.

Html Contact Form With Captcha

How To Stop Contact Form Spam In WordPress [11 Ways]

If you are looking for free HTML contact forms with split screen, this template might impress you. The creator uses split screens with equal spacing, so you don’t have to squeeze the form fields in the design. Each form field is given more than enough space so that the user can easily interact with the form. The second part of the split screen is used to add a short bio with a call to action button. If you plan to use this type of free HTML contact forms on a medical website, you can use the information section to add emergency details and a link to an ambulance.

In this sample form, you have an image background. Since the creator used an almost neat background, the letters are visible and easy to read. If your background image seems to interfere with the visibility of the text, you need to adjust the font style and size based on your design needs. All basic optimizations are done in this form template so you can use this template on your mobile responsive website without any problem. Using well-optimized free HTML contact forms like this will make your job easier and allow you to concentrate on the customization and integration part.

Html Contact Form With Captcha

Contact Form 2 is a colorful form template. This full-width form template helps you easily create a contact page, or you can just use the contact form in an existing template. The large rectangular shape gives you enough space to add as many form fields as you want. The default demo has form fields for name, email and message. Subtle animation effects are provided in form fields to indicate to the user in which field they are entering information. Call to action button

Example: Contact Form

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