How Turn Off Youtube Autoplay

How Turn Off Youtube Autoplay – Unfortunately, with all the content available, it’s all too easy to go down the rabbit hole of YouTube videos and lose track of time. It’s even easier to get addicted if you let the platform’s autoplay feature, which automatically plays related videos, stay on while you watch videos.

YouTube’s autoplay feature is on by default, so you’ll have to physically decide to turn it off if it becomes a problem.

How Turn Off Youtube Autoplay

How Turn Off Youtube Autoplay

Also, while the feature is designed to play videos related to the one you just watched, some users feel that it misses the point too often. In this article, we will show you how to disable autoplay on YouTube.

How To Turn Off Youtube Autoplay Thumbnails On Android

The YouTube autoplay feature was introduced to users in 2015 and is available on all devices that support YouTube. This includes Windows PCs, Macs, and Chromebooks. When you click on a video, YouTube will automatically queue a similar video to play when the first one ends.

How Turn Off Youtube Autoplay

For example, if you’re watching a music video, the autoplay feature will queue up a song by the same artist. This can be a handy option if you don’t want to search your device for a new song to play every time the video ends.

However, it can be annoying if YouTube makes what you think is the wrong choice. So, let’s see how you can disable YouTube autoplay on your computer using any of the available browsers:

How Turn Off Youtube Autoplay

Autoplay Videos Come To Youtube For Android

Note that YouTube recently upgraded this feature and previously had an autoplay switch outside of the video, in the top right corner of the screen. If you’re used to seeing it there, don’t worry, the feature is still there. It has just been moved.

The Autoplay function is also available on mobile devices – smartphones and tablets. Whether you are an Android or iPhone user, the process to turn off autoplay will be the same:

How Turn Off Youtube Autoplay

That is all. You will no longer have YouTube videos playing automatically on your mobile device.

How To Stop Videos From Automatically Playing

YouTube Music is a streaming service that allows users to listen to all their favorite music from YouTube based on their preferences. The platform will automatically create a playlist of songs when you start listening to the music.

How Turn Off Youtube Autoplay

There is no way to disable this feature. At best, you can click on a song and have it play on loop. You can do this by clicking on the “Repeat one” function in the lower right corner of the screen.

As with YouTube Music, you can’t turn off autoplay on YouTube when you click on a YouTube playlist. Actually, the concept behind playlists is to play videos in sequence or shuffle.

How Turn Off Youtube Autoplay

How To Turn Off Youtube Autoplay Videos

If you have a subscription to YouTube TV, you can also turn off the autoplay feature when you’re not using it. Here’s how to do it:

YouTube introduced the playback feature a few years ago, allowing users to view videos while scrolling through the home screen. They also generate captions and you get a better idea of ​​what the videos are about. However, this can affect your Wi-Fi and data, so you may want to turn it off. Here’s how: u003cbru003eu003cbru003e • Open the YouTube app and go to Settings. /U0020T-UP/U202202000/7.JPGU0022 ALT = U0022U0022U003EU003CBRU003E • Изберете „Общи“, последвано от „възпроизвеждане на заглушаване в потоци.“ U003CBRU003EU003CIMG КЛАС = U0022WP-IMAGE-246880 = =u0022u0022u003eu003cbru003e• Kies “Off.”u003cbru003eu003cimg class=u0022wp -image-246878u0022 style=u0020px/20020px2/20020px2/200202/00201 -7.jpgu0022 alt=u0022u0022u003eu003cbru003eDit sal die automata terugspeel afschekel while you blaai. You can also select the “Wi-Fi Only” option to make sure it only works when you’re connected to a wireless network and not while using phone data.

How Turn Off Youtube Autoplay

Note that regardless of whether you choose to leave the autoplay feature, this setting will apply every time you use the platform, regardless of device.u003cbru003eu003cbru003eThere may be times when having autoplay turned on is very useful. For example, listening to back-to-back episodes of podcasts. In other cases, letting YouTube automatically pick the next video might not seem like a good idea. Ultimately, it will depend on the user and their own preferences.

How To Turn Off Autoplay Videos

YouTube enables autoplay by default because they want users to spend as much time as possible on the platform. This means more subscriptions, more advertising and ultimately more revenue for the company.

How Turn Off Youtube Autoplay

And let’s face it, YouTube has so much content. There’s something for everyone, and Autoplay might just work for you. But if you want to turn it off, now you know how to do it.

Disclaimer: Some pages on this website may contain an affiliate link. This in no way affects our main article. We’ve all been there. You’re watching YouTube, and as soon as your video ends, another seemingly unrelated YouTube-recommended video automatically starts. This feature, known as autoplay, can be great for fun, but a time-wasting productivity bug. Let’s discuss how to turn off autoplay on YouTube.

How Turn Off Youtube Autoplay

How To Disable Autoplaying Videos In The Youtube App’s Home Tab

To turn off autoplay on YouTube, click on a video to start playing it and move your mouse over the main video area. The autoplay slider is located in the video controls; click it to turn the feature on or off.

Autoplay is YouTube’s way of getting you to watch more content. Instead of stopping playback at the end of the video you want to start watching on its own, YouTube’s algorithm chooses either a video that contains content related to your current video or a video related to your watch history. This video will then “autoplay” or play automatically.

How Turn Off Youtube Autoplay

To do this, tap on your profile picture > Settings > Autoplay. In the autoplay menu, you can tap the autoplay next video slider to enable or disable the feature.

This Hidden Setting Allows You To Disable Youtube’s Autoplay Feature

To find the autoplay controls, go to any video you want and start playing it in the YouTube app. Tap anywhere in the video to reveal the controls.

How Turn Off Youtube Autoplay

The autoplay slider is located at the top next to the Broadcast, Subtitles/CC, and Settings buttons. Tap the slider to turn the feature on or off.

If the slider is on the right and there is a play triangle in the middle, then autoplay is on. If the slider is on the left and there are pause lines in the middle, that means autoplay is off.

How Turn Off Youtube Autoplay

How To Use Auto Play Button On Youtube: All You Need To Know

Autoplay on YouTube is one of those features that is often enabled by default. Follow the steps above to disable autoplay. World Backup Day Deals Best Cloud Storage Options Apple AR/VR Headset Uncertainty Samsung Galaxy A54 Pre-Orders iOS 16.4: What’s New 10 Best Foods for PCOS 25 Easter Basket Ideas COVID Reinfection: What You Should to know

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How Turn Off Youtube Autoplay

Just what we needed, an easier way to enter the YouTube whirlwind where you innocently arrive with the intention of watching a video or two for a quick break, only to find yourself an hour later from one related video to the next jump . YouTube added an autoplay feature that automatically starts a new video after the current video ends. Learn how to disable the feature if you want to keep your protection against YouTube’s time-sucking maelstrom.

How To Enable And Disable Autoplay On Youtube

To disable the feature, click the blue autoplay slider located in the upper right column of next videos. It’s that easy, and when I turned it off, YouTube remembered that I did it after restarting the browser and system.

How Turn Off Youtube Autoplay

You can also leave autoplay on and prevent the next video from starting when your current video ends. The autoplay feature loads the next video, but gives you a few seconds before it starts playing. During these few seconds, click Cancel to stop the procedure.

YouTube appears to have only added autoplay to its desktop site. Its mobile apps don’t seem to have gotten the feature.

How Turn Off Youtube Autoplay

Tip: Stop Youtube’s Annoying Video Autoplay ‘up Next’ Feature Within Ios App

It’s been a YouTube-centric week here at How To. Learn more about YouTube’s new interactive maps and discover 3 ways to turn off YouTube annotations and maps. Late last year, we reported that YouTube was working on a new feature that would automatically play videos found in the home section of the mobile app. Now it looks like the Autoplay on Home feature is rolling out to the masses. Here’s how to disable the YouTube app from auto-playing videos in the home stream…

First, open the YouTube app on your Android smartphone. Then tap your avatar in the upper right corner of the interface to launch the account menu. From there, select Settings.

How Turn Off Youtube Autoplay

Now select the Autoplay category at the top of the list. Here you should see the option for YouTube to autoplay a video after you finish watching it, and a new item listed as autoplay on the home page. Tap this second choice.

How To Stop Video Ads From Automatically Playing

In this final step, you’ll have three options to choose from when deciding when you want the home page autoplay to start: Always On, Wi-Fi Only, and Off. Choose your preferences.

How Turn Off Youtube Autoplay

After choosing the option you like, you should see the change in your home stream in the YouTube app. If you’ve chosen Always On, just know that you’ll likely see more data usage from the app than you would

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