How To Write Video Scripts

How To Write Video Scripts – This step-by-step tutorial will show you how to write a video script from start to finish. You’ll learn best practices for script planning and writing. As a bonus, get downloadable video script templates that you can use right away.

It’s no secret that video is one of the most powerful marketing methods. Video drives more attention and growth than any other form of media.

How To Write Video Scripts

How To Write Video Scripts

This doesn’t mean that every video needs a Hollywood budget, but you should spend some time planning and scripting your video. Post your spontaneous selfies on Facebook Live and Instagram.

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The good news is that learning how to write a good video script is easier than you think. This guide covers the basics of scripting and provides some examples to help you write your own video script.

How To Write Video Scripts

Of course, you don’t have to write the video script yourself. Video script templates are the secret weapon of busy video creators. Your audience will never know the difference.

If you don’t have time to develop a very fancy script, you can work with one of the video script templates and get a great video. At the end of this guide, we’ll present you with our favorite ready-to-edit script templates for intros, promos, and explainer videos on your site.

How To Write Video Scripts

How To Write A Powerful And Effective Explainer Video Script

Before we get into the video, let’s make it clear: keep it simple. When you’re planning and scripting your video, it’s easy to start throwing out all kinds of interesting ideas. After all, you can do anything with a video, right?

With an unlimited budget, of course. But we’re sure your budget is tight. So make your video as simple as possible. You’d be surprised how much work goes into creating very little effect on screen.

How To Write Video Scripts

This is key to any type of marketing or copywriting. You have to target a very specific audience with your content or it won’t resonate. It may be tempting to make it as broad as possible to appeal to every potential buyer. Avoid this temptation. What works for everyone will not suit everyone.

A/v Script Formatting Opinions

If you need help determining who you want to reach, follow the exercises on this worksheet from

How To Write Video Scripts

Next, you need to know what the meaning of the video is. It depends on where your audience will watch the video, at what stage of the marketing funnel they use the video, what you want the audience to do after watching the video, as well as the key performance indicators you use to track your success.

But if you want your audience to do something specific after watching your video, you need a call to action. Make sure your call-to-action aligns with the purpose of the video. Check out this video from FreshBooks. The purpose of this post is pretty self-explanatory, even if it isn’t stated.

How To Write Video Scripts

How To Write A Music Video Script (with Expert Tips)

If you have too many people participating in your video, it can be hard to follow and distracting. Defining a protagonist does two things.

Some videos, such as product reviews, have very little history. But it’s best to have one person do most of the talking. If you’re making a narrative video, it’s best to focus on the main character.

How To Write Video Scripts

In any case, you need to know who will be on the screen. If you need two or more people in your video, choose one person to show most of the screen time.

How To Write An Effective Explainer Video Script

Bonus tip: If you can, use the same spokesperson for all of your videos. This creates continuity and familiarity in your video content. That’s why brands create almost mascot-like characters like Progressive’s Flo.

How To Write Video Scripts

It’s a very simple exercise: tell someone in one sentence why they should watch this video.

When you start writing your screenplay, answer this question as close to the beginning as possible. Let your audience know straight away what you’re going to get, and you’ll get more viewers.

How To Write Video Scripts

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As a bonus, the video description will tell you what video you need.

If you plan well, it will be very easy to write. You have already created a map. Just follow.

How To Write Video Scripts

This is especially important when you’re doing voiceovers with visual effects that transition to different shots. Even if your video is just one shot of someone talking, include visuals and audio in your script.

Write A Video Game Script With Scrivener

A script is a set of instructions for the people making the video, and you want the video crew to know without a doubt what needs to happen in both the visual and audio elements.

How To Write Video Scripts

A simple table with two columns is an easy way to format a script. It’s easy to read and see how the video will look and sound. Here’s a quick example of a two-column video script:

Depending on the type of video you’re making, everything may need to be compressed to 15 or 30 seconds, or it may take a full three minutes or more to run.

How To Write Video Scripts

How To Write Youtube Video Scripts Like A Pro By Chimp Gurgaon

But when you start writing, focus on saying everything you want to say. Once you’ve recorded all the dialogue, check the word count, cut and rewrite until your time limit is met.

Once the dialogue is clear, you’ll know roughly how much footage and what footage you’ll need. If you’re using voiceovers, be sure to get a few extra frames to keep dialogue breaks and visuals out of the frame.

How To Write Video Scripts

It’s not technically part of the screenplay. But that’s about writing your script. It all boils down to one question: why write a script if you’re not going to implement it? It’s like paying an architect to draw up a plan and then build your house on a whim.

Video Script Templates That Will Make Your Videos Stand Out

Once you start shooting, stick to the script as much as possible. Some small changes are fine, and professional actors or voice actors can add some flair. Or, if you find you don’t have the resources to do what you planned, you may need to make changes or go back and rewrite the script.

How To Write Video Scripts

But avoid making major changes to the script just because you thought of something cool. Special variations and promotional variations rarely lead to better results. Explosives are great, but don’t do everything just for fun.

Some videos do one of these two, while others do both, but to make things easier, we’ll divide the different types into one of these two categories.

How To Write Video Scripts

How To Write A Good Video Game Story — E.m. Welsh

Short information is easier to remember. Therefore, the phone number has seven digits. So keep your videos short and break them up into manageable chunks of information to help your audience retain what you’ve shown them.

Also, include appropriate visuals to show and tell your audience what you’re explaining, which will increase retention even more. Here’s a great Mint explainer video:

How To Write Video Scripts

Watch it more than once because it’s fun. But once you stop spitting out your coffee, notice how the conversation breaks into 10-15 second chunks separated by funny visuals. Clear and memorable blocks of information.

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To help you create your own explainer or demo video, we offer you editable video templates. Here are sample scripts for intro and explainer videos to get you started:

How To Write Video Scripts

Promotional and promotional videos are designed to encourage people to do something. The action you’re looking for isn’t always an outright purchase. You can use compelling videos to entice people to use additional promotional content.

Customers often watch these videos on social media or in the sidebar of a website. Getting to the point and being short is non-negotiable. A call to action is also essential.

How To Write Video Scripts

How To Write A Documentary Script

These videos are often viewed with the sound turned off, so write a script and plan for the visuals to run without sound. Enabling subtitles is also a good idea.

You’re probably thinking, “Great! I’ll save time and create a video without dialogue!” This is a great idea, but don’t skip the script, even if your video doesn’t have dialogue. Write a demo script so you have a plan to work with.

How To Write Video Scripts

Notice how short they are. Note that they are all silent consumables. But the key takeaway from these videos is that you need to grab attention, get your message across, and leave before the viewer swipes away from your screen.

The Art Of How To Write A Promotional Video Script

We know it’s hard, so we’ve created a starter set of video style collections that you can use and edit yourself:

How To Write Video Scripts

So you have knowledge. You have models. You have a video editor (of course) and you have all the options. Now go forth and make great videos. The success of your video starts with your strategy, and once you have that in place, you need a script. Your script takes an abstract idea — an idea made up of your strategy and creativity — and starts turning it into something.

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