How To Write Testing Scripts

How To Write Testing Scripts – What You’ll Learn How to Convert Postman Collections to Scripts How to Run Scripts Generated by Converter in Presentation

In this post, I’ll explain how to use the Postman collection I created to test our test API As shown below, the process is very simple Feed the exported Postman collection to our Postman converter and use the generated script to test your API.

How To Write Testing Scripts

How To Write Testing Scripts

To demonstrate its power in different scenarios, we have created our test API with different endpoints, which can be found at test-api. These endpoints are found in the Postman collection:

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View to test all public and private APIs For private APIs, a user is created and a token is issued The generated token is then used to make other API calls The directive is very important in private APIs, because you cannot delete a resource that does not exist In fact, the alligator is our macho

How To Write Testing Scripts

To simplify testing our test API and demonstrate our Postman usage of the transformation, I’ve created a Postman collection with all of our test API requests. You will see how to get this postman collection quickly

This collection includes collection variables, environment variables, prescriptions, tests, authorization with two different methods, and usage of the Postman Sandbox API.

How To Write Testing Scripts

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We’ve created a tool that converts your Postman collection into a script, called Postman-To. You can read more about the features in the release notes

I’ve created a repository for this post with an exported Postman set of converted scripts and related files. You can close the repository and import the test-api.json and env.json files into the Postman application and play with them if you like.

How To Write Testing Scripts

This repository contains everything we need to test our test API, so you can skip step 4. When using your own collection, you need to take all steps to get your mail audience to be a script from the collection. You can run your load test with it

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For this I highly recommend using something like nvm which is a Node.js version manager so you can have multiple Node.js versions on your machine at once and quickly switch to any of them.

How To Write Testing Scripts

Postman is designed as a tool to help you convert queries in your Postman collection into scripts, which are JavaScript code.

The exported package is named test-api.json, you can run this command to convert it to a script. Env.json contains all your environment variables exported from Postman

How To Write Testing Scripts

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If you want to further customize your test, such as adding data or changing environment variables in your code, see the POST Train Options section of the README.

The script generated by the converter should look like below As you can see, I manually increased the time (test run) by 1 minute and also increased the Virtual Users (VU) count. Both of these options allow the script to run for 100 minutes with 100 virtual users. This will try to make as many requests as possible to test the 100 VU server, which you will see in the next script

How To Write Testing Scripts

The script you want is slightly different from the standard script, as it includes different wrappers to support different Postman functions, but you can combine them with standard http requests. Next to the script, there is the libs directory which contains the shims and libraries needed for Postman scripts to work properly.

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It supports various platforms including Windows, Linux, Macross and Docker Just follow the installation instructions for your system

How To Write Testing Scripts

If you are using Switch as a boarding pass, no. If you expect to constantly change your collection and not have to do a lot of manual editing afterwards, then yes.

Since we believe it is more editable and less likely to degrade over time, we recommend that you use the converter as an easy way to onboard and then write your scripts in dummy code. If you frequently switch between mailer sets and run the script output as is, it may be useful to keep it as is.

How To Write Testing Scripts

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No. Because it uses Gojan to run JavaScript and is not compatible with browsers and the Node.js API, there are some missing functions. This can be fixed by importing the packaged JavaScript module Please see jslib for compatible libraries

First, I removed the script containing pm.sendRequest, because it is not supported by the switch I then replaced the jsonData.hasOwnProperty syntax with the same syntax to retrieve the JSON response data: response.json(“selector”).

How To Write Testing Scripts

Here is a quick comparison of the API with the Postman API To be fair, I have included features from the Postman GUI application Since it will be scripted from scratch, you have the option of writing the logic in JavaScript Postman supports JavaScript to perform a variety of tasks, but the focus is on exposing features through rich GUI components.

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As you can see above, many features are supported by each API, each at a specific level Some features require external libraries, some internal Both APIs are scriptable in JavaScript, and not all are supported with the various browsers and Node.js APIs used in the library.

How To Write Testing Scripts

However, some features are only available, partly because Postman is available for API testing or API functional testing, but focuses more on API load testing.

Functional testing involves providing input to the system (like a black box) through an API and testing the results, while load testing basically does the same thing as functional testing but with an additional load on the system’s input.

How To Write Testing Scripts

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Functional testing provides input to each endpoint, and the returned results are checked against the correctness of specifications. In turn, load testing assigns a maximum load to each endpoint, and instead tries to summarize the metadata returned by all responses.

Regarding metrics, metadata includes the time taken to resolve the query and the response time, which is measured by various metrics. For example, you can measure the HTTP request duration of all requests and get the minimum, maximum, average, median, 90th and 95th percentiles.

How To Write Testing Scripts

If the test does not reach a certain level(s), you have the option of pass/fail For example, you can specify that you want the average response time to be less than 500 ms If the average is less than that, the test, like software testing, fails

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Since you are handling many different results from different endpoints, your life will be easier if you can filter the results. Accounts are supported to meet these requirements

How To Write Testing Scripts

In terms of protocol functionality, WebSet is a unique feature compared to Postman and you can install your WebSet server with it.

In this article, I have tried to give a quick introduction to Postman, our Postman converter and load testing tool. All these tools together help you turn your API requests into scripts in Postman Many features of Postman are supported by Postman for devices

How To Write Testing Scripts

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How To Write Testing Scripts

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How To Write Testing Scripts

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How To Write Testing Scripts

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