How To Write Logon Scripts For Windows

How To Write Logon Scripts For Windows – I’m currently digging a bit into the Intune area. And once you think about deploying not only AADJ clients, but also local File Server data, you’ll encounter login scripts.

So I looked for a solution and found that Intune unfortunately doesn’t have anything built in for this yet. But there are some solutions around. I want to mention the solution by Nicola Suter and Matt White.

How To Write Logon Scripts For Windows

How To Write Logon Scripts For Windows

The idea behind this solution is to run a task for each use case/escalator (say Logon or Logoff). In that function you call and invoke a script which is hosted on the Internet, not on the client machine. This makes it easy to make changes in between at any time and you don’t have to worry about how these scripts get back to the clients.

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The main script behind can call other scripts, say one for driver mapping, another for different processes. You can even create helper modules that can be consumed by those scripts.

How To Write Logon Scripts For Windows

Procedure for creating a login script with the driver mapping capability in Intune. Click on the links to go directly to that section.

After creation, in the Summary section click on Container and create a new container. This is where having access to anonymous reading is important.

How To Write Logon Scripts For Windows

Setting Up A Logon Script Through Active Directory Users And Computers In Windows Server 2008

Once you have created the container, you can place the PowerShell files there. When you click on the uploaded file, you see the URL of that file that you will need in some scripts below.

In the following steps we use Invoke-RestMethod several times. When dealing with Invoke-RestMethod and Invoke-Expression it may fail due to some characters like  – this is because the requested file is not UTF-8 encoded.

How To Write Logon Scripts For Windows

This may solve the problem in some cases. But if you start inserting Invoke-RestMethod calls like I did in this example, it doesn’t help. But fortunately, the solution is simple:

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Change the encoding of your PowerShell file from UTF-8-BOM (or possibly another encoding) to UTF-8. You can check what encoding the file has with Notepad++, with that tool you can also easily convert it to UTF-8.

How To Write Logon Scripts For Windows

The logging helper module creates some logging information for us when other scripts are executed. This is useful and important to detect errors. Actually, in that script I only log to a log file. But you can think about expanding it:

The connection control service takes a timeout parameter which is 30 seconds by default. Checks if $env:USERDNSDOMAIN is reachable. If not, the script will exit, otherwise you are allowed to continue.

How To Write Logon Scripts For Windows

Logon Scripts For Windows 10, 8, 7 And Xp

This section allows us to create a group for computer images. We require Premise Active Directory to handle all groups the user is a member of. This is possible with the System.DirectoryServices.AccountManagement namespace. Here we also use $env:USERDNSDOMAIN to determine where to connect. $env:USERNAME returns the current username. For this to work, the customer must be able to contact an Executive Director.

Here we compare the list of groups that allow you to map a specific computer, the group deny list and the User Group group to determine whether the disk should be mapped or not and return that information.

How To Write Logon Scripts For Windows

If we already have a driver image that conflicts with the computer image script, we remove the image. If the drive letter and UNC path combination already exists, we return true, otherwise false.

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This function is responsible for creating an image of the driver. Checks with the helper function whether it is allowed or not. It also recognizes the replace mode, so if the $ReplaceMode variable in the configuration is set to true, a driver will be removed and added back when the script is run.

How To Write Logon Scripts For Windows

Here in this step I directly put the full script of that part. It is a personal statement. Here you have a few variables to configure at first, such as the URL path for the previous modules, whether or not you want to register, the expiration time, and the replacement method.

This is the login script that the Configuration Service will run. It simply calls DriveMappingConfig.ps1 which is responsible for mapping the drive. This scenario can be drawn with other logical logic.

How To Write Logon Scripts For Windows

Ad Security 101: Gpo Logon Script Security

With this script we create a Scheduled Task which runs in the user interface. This function runs in PowerShell, calls a URL, and calls the code. We set some parameters here as some delay drivers. This is the scenario used in Intune.

In the last part we finally switch to Intune to activate everything. For this we need to select Devices and then Scripts within Intune. Here we click Add to add the LogonTaskUser.ps1 script, after choosing a name we can now upload the file.

How To Write Logon Scripts For Windows

Important: You must change the switch for Run this script using login credentials to Yes. In other scenarios (for scripts other than User Login Scripts) you may want to enable it programmatically.

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How To Write Logon Scripts For Windows

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How To Write Logon Scripts For Windows

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How To Write Logon Scripts For Windows

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How To Write Logon Scripts For Windows

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How To Write Logon Scripts For Windows

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How To Write Logon Scripts For Windows

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How To Write Logon Scripts For Windows

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How To Write Logon Scripts For Windows

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