How To Write Comedy Script

How To Write Comedy Script – Writing a script for a comedy can be a complex process. There is a long way to go from the moment you get an idea to the moment that idea is realized.

A comedy script shares many similarities with other types of genres, but there is one major difference – it has to be funny. While horror scripts rely on scares and action scripts rely on suspense, the bread and butter of a comedy script is laughter.

How To Write Comedy Script

How To Write Comedy Script

And that’s the purpose of this guide – to give you guidance on how to write a comedy script.

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(This guide assumes you already have the general idea of ​​what to write about.)

How To Write Comedy Script

So you’ve got a great idea for a comedy TV show, movie or play, and you want to start writing it.

What is a script? A screenplay is everything: all the elements – sound, visuals, behaviour/movement and dialogue – required to tell a story through film or television.

How To Write Comedy Script

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During this tutorial, I hope you get a clearer picture of how to put together a script for your idea.

A good place to start is to look at other scripts. It will get you into the mindset of screenwriting.

How To Write Comedy Script

You don’t need to find new scripts – find one for your favorite movie or TV series. You will access many of these online, just search for header script. Examine it carefully, the way of writing: descriptions, dialogue, actions.

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As you read the script, try to imagine how each scene plays out. If you go back and look at the material, it will probably closely resemble the script in terms of dialogue, location, behavior and aesthetics.

How To Write Comedy Script

Think about how you can apply this to your script – write down exactly what you want to get out of your idea and how it will work.

Your instructions, dialogue, and scene details should be descriptively explained and clearly laid out in your script.

How To Write Comedy Script

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For many creative types, formatting is an afterthought, but look at any script and you’ll realize there’s a protocol you need to follow to make your text universally traceable.

The technical aspects – such as page size, font, indentation, bolding – must remain consistent throughout, so decide how you’re going to lay out your script and stick to it throughout.

How To Write Comedy Script

A good idea is nothing more than an idea until you boil it down as a concept. This is a great starting point to get the idea – at least you have an indication of where you’ll end up. It’s a matter of figuring out how to go about making your idea a reality.

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You can work forwards or backwards as long as you have a starting point. It can be an integral part of the script, or even a little joke you want to introduce – it’s still a starting point that you can expand on.

How To Write Comedy Script

Think audiovisually – what will sound and look good. Will it work with your idea? How could you do it more?

Write down everything you want to happen in your script as a rough exercise – you can refine it later.

How To Write Comedy Script

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Once you’ve specified at least the essential elements of what you want to happen in your script, you can start putting the story together.

Every script should contain 3 components – beginning, middle and end. It may seem cliche and obvious, but sometimes it can be very helpful to look at your story in 3 parts.

How To Write Comedy Script

What’s most important at this stage is that you understand what’s happening and where it’s happening in the script – don’t get bogged down in the small details of the comedic elements of the script, they can come later.

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Your introduction section should do just that – introduce the viewer to almost anything. The characters, the setting, the tone and at least part of the story. This section should be very strong as it will be the section that will attract people’s interest. If someone doesn’t like the beginning of something, they may not see it all the way to the end.

How To Write Comedy Script

In a comedy script, it’s important that what makes your characters “funny” is clear from an early stage. Think of all your favorite comedy shows and movies – within the first few scenes, the tone for the character and production is set. Since this is the case, it is important that the beginning of your script is very strong.

That doesn’t mean the next two parts aren’t either! The middle section is the longest and is, without saying too bluntly, the middle to get from beginning to end.

How To Write Comedy Script

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The middle part of the script takes what you set up in the first part and takes your characters on some kind of journey (doesn’t have to be a literal journey).

In a comedy script, this part of the story is where you can fit parts that just wouldn’t work in the introduction and conclusion. Character development can happen during the middle section, and there should be continuity throughout (assuming that’s what you’re going for).

How To Write Comedy Script

Once you’ve reached the final part of your script, it’s time to tie up. When you think about your favorite comedy shows and movies, it usually ends with some sort of resolution.

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In a comedy script, character is essential. Again, when I think of your favorite productions, I bet you’re drawn to them by the characters – Ron Burgundy, David Burnett, Chandler Bing – interesting and relatable characters can be a classic comedy (that doesn’t mean they can’t be funny ).

How To Write Comedy Script

A couple of things to consider when creating your characters – make your characters “human”. A lot of comedy is channeled into matching, so at least some of the characters in your script will need traits that will resonate with the audience.

The characters are probably more important than anything else. The setting can come right after the characters are created.

How To Write Comedy Script

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Perhaps when it comes to the setting, you can choose a relatively down-to-earth place, a place where comedy is not expected. Some of the most popular comedy shows and movies ever made have taken place in unlikely settings – government buildings, newsrooms, coffee shops – the world is your oyster when it comes to setting.

Another important element in choosing a setting for your script will be how likely it is to be executed – is the location you want possible? Will it be safe to take pictures there? Questions like these are a nuisance to creativity, but should be considered nonetheless. Ideally, the fewer locations needed, the better.

How To Write Comedy Script

The plot of the story is there, now you need to start adding the elements that will bring it to life. A comedy script needs some comedy, that should go without saying.

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What kind of comedy is up to you – it can be slapstick and outrageous; or subtle; or a combination of both. It is up to you to decide.

How To Write Comedy Script

Once you have your characters, your setting, and an idea of ​​how you want the story to go, you can start looking at the project with the goal of adding laughs wherever possible.

Comedy can be found almost anywhere, so think carefully about what you want your characters to do and how it can be funny. Sometimes it can be something as simple as a fun act to light up a sequence.

How To Write Comedy Script

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What scenarios will your characters find themselves in? How did they get into them, and how do they get out? These questions will form a platform for creating comedic scenes in your script.

You know your story and you know where the comedy is coming from, now it’s time to start writing the scenes. I guess when you think of a screenplay, you think of a collection of scenes, so it’s an integral part. Although this is a big part of the screenwriting process, you’ve already done the bulk of the work, just expressing it.

How To Write Comedy Script

Although you set your story into action, and then your action into the scenes, you don’t necessarily need to formulate your dialogue at this point. Also, at this stage, don’t limit yourself to writing something because you think it will be too much or take too much time – excess content can be dealt with later.

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Dialogue – at least in part – can be left until closer to the end of the script creation process. This is especially the case with comedy writing, as your dialogue needs to be refined over and over again so that your comedic elements have the maximum desired effect.

How To Write Comedy Script

Obviously, the type of tone you go for will affect the dialogue. As a writer, it is important to understand how important dialogue can be in a script. If it’s cliche or too cheesy, it will be immediately obvious to almost anyone who reads it. It doesn’t have to be too complicated, but it has to be interesting and concise.

Dialogue can be used as a main feature of a character. An audience will establish itself

How To Write Comedy Script

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