How To Write Actions In A Script

How To Write Actions In A Script – Many writers are praised for their witty and engaging dialogue. However, a skill that is far too underrated is the ability to effectively incorporate action into a dialogue scene. Let’s take a look at how to write action breaks in dialogue and why using action breaks in dialogue can instantly enhance a scene.

Incorporating action into dialogue scenes is never a bad idea for a number of reasons (which we’ll get to in a moment). So let’s talk about how to write dialogue breaks correctly. First, let’s look at the two most common ways to write action in dialogue sequences in a script.

How To Write Actions In A Script

How To Write Actions In A Script

Parentheses The first way to include action in a dialogue scene is to use parentheses. It’s easy when you use a screenwriting app. Just select the new parenthesis line by selecting the “Parentetical” icon on the top toolbar. Then put a parenthesis in the dialog box where the action occurs.

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Note that the actions described in parentheses are very brief or very subtle, such as smiling, kicking, or laughing.

How To Write Actions In A Script

A perfect example of this can be found in The Dark Knight, one of Christopher Nolan’s best films.

In this interrogation scene, minor actions such as the Joker smiling, laughing, spitting out a tooth, and showing off are shown in parentheses.

How To Write Actions In A Script

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As you can see, the actions described in parentheses were minor. The larger actions in a battle are described using another technique – action lines.

Action lines, also called action descriptions, allow you to describe longer sequences of actions in the middle of a dialogue scene. In the program, you can create a new action line in the middle of a dialogue scene by selecting the “Action” icon on the top toolbar.

How To Write Actions In A Script

This is typically used when larger chunks of action interrupt dialogue sequences. We see this in the opening scene of Deadpool’s hilarious and action-packed script.

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We ported the Deadpool script to a storyboard app to analyze the use of action lines. Notice how the dialogue between Deadpool in Taxi Driver is punctuated by precisely placed action lines.

How To Write Actions In A Script

Notice again how action lines are used to describe more specific and specific actions that occur in dialogue. Action descriptions are also conveniently placed in the dialogue. Let’s look at the final scene to see how little things are done in a dialogue scene.

Is a great example of how action, no matter how big or subtle, can enhance a simple dialogue scene. Many professional screenwriters agree that incorporating action into dialogue scenes is a good idea. Let’s see why that is.

How To Write Actions In A Script

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The action in the dialogue scenes does not refer to “action” as in the fight scene. Action is more of a physical activity performed by the character. Incorporating action into dialogue scenes can enhance a scene for many reasons.

Dialogue is a very effective way to tease exposition in a film. However, it can be very “on the nose” and unnatural. The use of actions in a dialog box can have exposing features.

How To Write Actions In A Script

Watch this script lesson video to see how presentation through action and dialogue is handled in a Matrix scenario.

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The action in a dialogue scene can also be used to describe body language. The way a person moves and behaves physically says a lot about how they feel about the person they are talking to.

How To Write Actions In A Script

This is especially true when writing a “cute rendezvous” scene. See how action is typically used in dialogue to create romantic scenes in our lovely video essay below.

Action in dialogue is an effective way to set the tone of a movie or the mood of a scene. This is especially useful when you’re trying to incorporate humor into a dialogue scene, as we saw earlier in

How To Write Actions In A Script

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The dialogue scenes themselves can support the plot. But they often appear when the characters are doing something. Describing what the characters do when they speak helps keep the action moving.

Even in dialogue-heavy scenes like the one in The Social Network’s script, action is incorporated into the dialogue to keep the plot moving. In this scene, Mark and Eduardo are talking while an alcohol coding competition is being held on Facebook for potential interns.

How To Write Actions In A Script

Watch short actions in dialogue fuel the rivalry as Mark and Eduardo do the same through dialogue.

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Finally, adding action to dialogue scenes can also add excitement. Film is both visual and audio medium. Even the best dialogue can benefit from a little action. Whether the action is to express a character’s emotional state or as a means of comedy, finding opportunities to act in dialogue will lead to a more engaging dialogue scene.

How To Write Actions In A Script

Incorporating action into a dialogue scene is an effective way to make dialogue feel more natural. However, nailing the dialogue itself is important for creating authentic dialogue scenes. In our next article, we’ll explore some basic approaches to writing realistic dialogue in compelling stories. How to write an action scene in a script? How detailed and technical should you get? Or maybe it’s better to simplify the description of the event, knowing that the details of the event will be worked on by the director, choreographer and stunt coordinator? Different writers answer these questions differently, and there is no ONE right answer. Since there are many ways to approach an action, let’s learn from examples and look at scripts that handle an action in three different ways.

The biggest difference when it comes to writing fight scenes is how detailed the descriptions should be. You can turn to many credible sources who would tell you to avoid blow-by-blow writing at all costs. However, there are many successful screenwriters who struggle with the action scenes in their script.

How To Write Actions In A Script

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— a lot has changed between writing and filming. In the movie, our first look at John Wick in action is the shooting at his home…

Instead, the script’s first action sequence is a shootout in Aurelio’s garage, followed by an extended car chase sequence. This action sequence never made it into the movie, so let’s use it as an example and try to imagine this scene as it was written, as the director would read it when he first read the script.

How To Write Actions In A Script

We see that Kolstad describes this vehicle action sequence in great detail. It describes shifting gears and pressing the accelerator that other writers might have skipped in favor of spectacular moments. So how does he manage to keep the scene engaging to read while delving into so much detail?

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Kolstad uses multiple lines of action in the script to describe the sequence, but by keeping each line short and snappy, he makes it quick and readable. Most lines of action are in one sentence and never exceed two sentences. It separates the different rhythms of the action with a combination of ellipses and dashes so that the pages don’t become intimidating walls of text. Perhaps most importantly, the action is clear, precise, and easy to imagine as written.

How To Write Actions In A Script

For more on this, be sure to check out how to write a car chase and check out John Wick style fight scene writing.

For more examples of scenarios getting rough, read Die Hard or check out screenplays from Shane Black’s best movies.

How To Write Actions In A Script

How To Write Action Line In A Script

Keeping the action scenes generic is probably a more common approach to writing fight scenes in scripts than delving into silliness. Some writers may abbreviate the descriptions altogether and simply write “a battle will follow.” This leaves all the details to be worked out by the production team.

Other writers could use more of a bird’s eye view to describe the atmosphere, intensity, and rhythm of the story/character of an action scene without explicitly describing each punch or shot.

How To Write Actions In A Script

Let’s take a look at the intense and chaotic D-Day landing scene that opens Saving Private Ryan. It’s a huge and complex action sequence that runs over 20 minutes. Watch the clip and then we’ll see how it was written.

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Yuck! This will always be one of the most emotional and powerful sequences. So how was that handled in the script?

How To Write Actions In A Script

Screenwriter Robert Rodat chose the outline method in writing the action in this complex sequence. Without going into gory details and choreographic intricacies, Rodato’s script effectively captures the level of chaos and panic on the beaches.

The script provided enough description to keep the story of the scene clear while Steven Spielberg and the rest of the production team were set to render the rest of the sequence.

How To Write Actions In A Script

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We see that the details of the characters are much more scripted than the details of the carnage. Rodat, for example, devotes five lines to Miller’s hand tremble, using only two big words – “THE EXPLODING EVERYWHERE” – to effectively and generically describe the destructive environment in which the character lives.


How To Write Actions In A Script

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