How To Write A Short Video Script

How To Write A Short Video Script – Writing short films can be challenging, but it’s one of the best ways to improve your script and get noticed. But not one drawer is full of scripts for short films that will never see the light of day, much less the light of the cinema.

Writing a short film can be a lesson in filmmaking, but it can also be a calling card when seeking representation or funding. So how do you write a great short film? How does a short script differ from a function? And where do you go when you want people to pay attention?

How To Write A Short Video Script

How To Write A Short Video Script

Today we’re going to tell you nine essential dos and don’ts when writing short films. Follow the rules and you’ll be writing short films that connect readers, audiences and agents, not just credit card companies.

Short Script Writing

A short film is a film that is not long enough to be a feature film. Although there is no official consensus on this, it usually means that your short has a total length of 45 minutes or less, including credits. This is different

How To Write A Short Video Script

If there’s one universal rule of thumb for short film writing, it’s this. Don’t forget the K.I.S.S. – Be easier, students.

Many screenwriters complicate stories that can be told quite simply. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t challenge yourself. Push the boundaries, follow what you like, write what you think is right.

How To Write A Short Video Script

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But making a mountain out of a molehill is never a positive thing. When brainstorming your short film, don’t try to cram too many twists into it.

Of course, there are many stories, time periods, or points of view that can be pulled, but they should all raise a big red flag. Complexity requires a compelling reason in a short film.

How To Write A Short Video Script

The more complex the story you create, the more danger you run in connecting with your audience. It’s because you deviate from this simple rule: K.I.S.S.

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This is used as a metaphor for telling a very bare and truncated story that gives the viewer enough information to evoke strong emotions and allows them to fill in the blanks with their own imagination.

How To Write A Short Video Script

Filmmaker Rob Hardy wrote a great article on Glacier Storytelling where he explains the concept through an Ernest Hemingway story.

You want to be noticed. You want to do something good. So it’s only logical that you’re now looking around to find out what’s generating the heat. It’s all good.

How To Write A Short Video Script

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But jumping on the bandwagon is a sure way to get disappointed. Copying the latest trends in feature film or the festival circuit is the number one way to blow your script and your film out of the water.

What’s in fashion right now, you still need to come up with a unique, personal take on your material.

How To Write A Short Video Script

This is an example of short film ideas you can come up with: a unique concept. One place. Two actors.

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Choosing a unique concept doesn’t mean you have to start from scratch. Whether you write short dramas, comedies, science fiction, horror, or anything else, telling a familiar story in a fresh way can get you noticed.

How To Write A Short Video Script

Most of the best short films are based on proven stories. This often happens in functions as well.

Draw from folklore, current events or history. Take these stories in a bold new direction and you could be a winner at short film festivals.

How To Write A Short Video Script

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Tells about the disaster at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant in 1986 through the eyes of one person. It’s a compelling take on a well-known event.

Follows all three rules we’ve discussed so far: keep the story simple, embrace a unique concept, and approach the material with a creative twist.​

How To Write A Short Video Script

And see if you can spot all three of these forces. Click below to read the full scene:

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The environment and especially the details of the human mission to open the door are unique and specific.

How To Write A Short Video Script

And the familiar scene of a cozy family apartment in the neighborhood with an otherworldly and mysterious setting, with the cries of a security guard behind the scenes, deftly crosses our expectations. Attract the audience. Are we in a post-apocalyptic alternate reality? Or our world, and if so, when? We want to keep watching to find out what Nicholas is up to and what kind of world we live in.

If you’re writing a short film that will get into short film festivals and get noticed, it’s important to pick one genre and stick with it. Remember that writing short films requires simplicity. If you use one genre, you will have a pre-set guide for the simplicity of the story.

How To Write A Short Video Script

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The Hollywood graveyard is full of feature and short films that mix genres. These movies leave viewers wondering, “What the hell am I supposed to watch?” gray area.

Terror? Comedy? Romance? West? Drama? Especially when writing a short film, you’ll want to point to your genre and confidently say, “This is it!”

How To Write A Short Video Script

Mixing and subverting genres — yes, definitely. Not if you’re writing short films with the goal of getting Hollywood attention.

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Take all your ideas, personality, passion and channel them into a single genre. And take your genre by the horns.

How To Write A Short Video Script

Even the best directors in the world get into trouble when they can’t stick to one genre. The Coen brothers are objectively, subjectively, collectively brilliant. But welcome, Caesar! tanked in all directions. What genre is this? Comedy? Thriller? Gladiator movie? Drama? Political satire? An old piece from the 1950s?

Then go ahead and write your short film within your genre. The 2013 short film Lights Out knows its genre and owns it. This three-minute horror film led directly to a feature film for writer-director David F. Sandberg.

How To Write A Short Video Script

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As mentioned above, a short film is any film that is less than 40-45 minutes long. If you want to get noticed, your short film should be under 10 minutes. Ideally within 5-10 minutes.

It comes out on a small five pages. Read the entire script in minutes and get a lesson in meaningful, emotional storytelling right here:

How To Write A Short Video Script

If you’re writing short films that are more than 30 pages long, you might be better off converting that material into something else.

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You need to show the world that you can create emotion, connect and tell a story in minutes. Become your own movie production SWAT team: get in, get out. Quick shot.

How To Write A Short Video Script

In addition, short film festivals prefer to program as many short films as possible. A five-minute short will take up less screen time than a 40-minute short. You have a better chance of getting into a festival if you make short films that are really short.

Writing a short film can lead to a feature film. Undoubtedly. But only if your short film is a short film.

How To Write A Short Video Script

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If your story really makes the best version of a feature film, write a feature screenplay. Or find inspiration in a particular element, moment or feeling of your story. After that, it grows into an impressive, fully realized self-contained short film.

In these cases, the filmmakers devoted time and energy to writing short films that stood on their own. These are emotional, fun, dramatic, exciting short films, regardless of the properties that spawned them.

How To Write A Short Video Script

Proof of concept is any way of pre-visualizing or realizing a project before meeting actual needs for creation.

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Proof of concept can be a video, moodboard, animation or storyboard that demonstrate the feasibility of the presented project. A proof of concept can be as true as resources allow.

How To Write A Short Video Script

Are film producers or sales reps willing to take on your project but need to see what it will look like first? Do investors require test shots before expansion? Is Denzel Washington ready to act, but only if you can better pitch him the movie you’re pitching?

It’s part of a free seven-episode TV series writing workshop that will help you break out of the pack and bring your idea to the small screen. Although the series focuses on television, almost all of the concepts are applicable to your short film and how it can be used for a larger project (if you package it carefully).

How To Write A Short Video Script

How To Write A Stellar Short Video Script

Short. Even if it’s never made into an Oscar-winning film, this short will still be worth your time.

Writing a short film and having trouble completing it? Are there any other related stories that this one inspires? Is your main character so dynamic that they want to do and say more?

How To Write A Short Video Script

Maybe, just maybe, it’s not a short film. If you really want to tell more about this story, this might be an opportunity to turn it into a pilot script and/or show the Bible.

Short Film Writing And Production

Was a short film that was made as a Christmas card in 1992 called The Spirit of Christmas. It became one of the longest-running shows in television history, cartoon or otherwise.

How To Write A Short Video Script

You can make your short film YouTube-friendly. Maybe you’re writing short films that you want to submit to festivals. Whatever your purpose, the work should stand on its own.

List of Academy Award-winning short films.

How To Write A Short Video Script

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