How To Write A Python Script In Linux

How To Write A Python Script In Linux – Did you know that the main scripting language used in Kali Linux for pen testing and ethical hacking is Python?

That is correct. Python makes Kali Linux one of the best choices for an operating system that is more suitable for programming and some steroids (pen testing, scripting, ethical hacking, etc).

How To Write A Python Script In Linux

How To Write A Python Script In Linux

You can code Python programs on Kali Linux. In fact, Kali Linux is an excellent development environment for Python programming and usage. Additionally, Python is fully supported on Kali Linux, with additional pre-installed libraries and tools commonly used to develop Python applications.

How To Open And Run Python Files In The Terminal

When it comes to writing Python code on Kali Linux, the operating system supports popular development and debugging tools such as code editors and IDEs. Some of the IDEs you can use with Kali Linux include:

How To Write A Python Script In Linux

As you can see, you have a choice of different tools that you can use to write your Python code in Kali Linux.

Also, what makes Kali Linux a better choice is that all the libraries offered in Python can be used in the Linux terminal and in these development tools. Ultimately, it makes the software engineer’s job easier.

How To Write A Python Script In Linux

Python For Linux System Administration

In general, writing, testing and running Python code is easier and more efficient on Kali Linux. You just need to open your favorite IDE or text editor and start writing your script.

Let’s take a detailed look at each process involved in writing Python code on Kali Linux. From installing/updating Python binaries to installing your favorite IDE/code editor, to executing Python scripts, to compiling Python code.

How To Write A Python Script In Linux

Make sure you have Python installed on your Kali Linux machine. For a step-by-step process on how to install Python on Kali Linux, read this guide that I prepared for you.

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If you have Python installed on your system, make sure you are using the latest version of Python 3 on your system.

How To Write A Python Script In Linux

Make sure you are not using Python version 2. For a guide on how to update Python on Kali Linux and make sure you are using Python 3, follow the same link above.

After completing the steps above, verify that you have installed the latest version of Python on your system by running the command:

How To Write A Python Script In Linux

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The python -v Linux command is used to check if Python is installed and the installed version. It should display the version number if Python is installed.

To write Python code inside your .py script, you must have an IDE, code editor, or general text editor installed on Kali Linux. The good thing is that Kali Linux supports most of these tools.

How To Write A Python Script In Linux

To install Pycharm IDE, Visual Studio Code (VS Code), or Spyder on Kali Linux, follow this guide: How can beginners learn to code on Linux?

How Do I Make My Own Command Line Commands Using Python?

Creating Python .py scripts is easy when using Kali Linux. You have the option of using the GUI window offered by the code editor or IDE or using the Linux Terminal.

How To Write A Python Script In Linux

To use the GUI window that most IDEs and editors will have, you just need to open the editor and in the File Menu or Top Bar, you will find the action to create a new file.

To create a .py script using Terminal, simply open a Terminal window and type the following:

How To Write A Python Script In Linux

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After creating your .py file, you just need to open it with your favorite IDE or code editor to write the function.

After you write your Python code, executing the script and seeing its performance is very easy in Kali.

How To Write A Python Script In Linux

Note: When executing the following command, you should be able to navigate inside the directory containing the Python files using the cd command.

Get Started Tutorial For Python In Visual Studio Code

To learn about the basic Python commands used when dealing with Python programming on Linux, here is a good introductory article on that: How beginners can learn to code on Linux

How To Write A Python Script In Linux

If you prefer courses, here’s a great course for you: A Practical Guide to Linux for Beginners

Writing and executing Python code on Kali Linux is as easy as that. How to compile Python code in Linux terminal

How To Write A Python Script In Linux

How To Create A Python Script On A Windows 11 Pc To Make Your Life Easier With These Quick Tips

One of the easiest ways to compile Python code on Kali Linux is to use the Terminal. Moreover, it is very fast.

Here are the steps you need to take to compile your Python code on Kali Linux using the Linux Terminal.

How To Write A Python Script In Linux

Once a new terminal window opens, navigate to the directory where your Python code is using

Gui Automation Using Python

The command should print the contents of a directory where one of the files must be the one you want to compile.

How To Write A Python Script In Linux

The “Linux Command Line Basics” course is the ultimate solution to all your Linux problems. Designed for beginners, this course covers the essentials of Linux, from understanding the directory structure to managing files and directories and performing user management tasks.

Through interactive video tutorials, hands-on exercises and a supportive student community, our experts will guide you through the course.

How To Write A Python Script In Linux

Automate Backup With Python Script

By the end, you’ll be an expert at navigating the Linux command line interface and have a deeper understanding of this powerful operating system.

Once you are in the correct directory, compiling your Python script is very easy: Type the following command to compile your Python files:

How To Write A Python Script In Linux

For example, let’s say I have a file in the Desktop directory called “” that I want to compile, then here are the instructions to follow:

Python Automation: 9 Scripts To Automate Critical Workflows

That all! Your Python code should now be compiled and ready to run in a Linux terminal. FAQ Why do programmers prefer Linux?

How To Write A Python Script In Linux

Programmers often prefer to use Linux operating systems, including Kali Linux, for a number of reasons specific to their needs. Some of these reasons, why programmers prefer to use Kali Linux, include:

To learn more about the effectiveness of Kali Linux in software development, read this article: Why do programmers prefer to use Linux? Do software engineers need to know Linux?

How To Write A Python Script In Linux

How To Easily Convert A Python Script To An Executable File (.exe)

As an experienced web developer, I can say that it is very useful for software engineers to have some knowledge of Linux. Understanding the basic concepts of Linux will help you become a more versatile and valuable software engineer.

That’s all for this article and if you want to learn Python or Kali Linux or both at the same time, here is one of the best courses I recommend

How To Write A Python Script In Linux

Python is a beginner-friendly Python programming language. However, it can take a long time to master a language if you don’t have the right learning strategies.

Python3 Scripting (part 1?)

Because you are smart- you should always take the shortest route; as I did in studying the right course.

How To Write A Python Script In Linux

With this course, I guarantee that you will become a proficient Python programmer who can take on any coding/job challenge like me.

All it takes is clicking on the link (Affiliate Link) and making the right decision to invest in a high quality Python course today!

How To Write A Python Script In Linux

How To Create Executable Applications In Python

This course is a great opportunity for anyone looking to improve their Linux command line skills. It covers a wide range of topics, from basic file navigation and manipulation to more advanced topics such as file permissions, shell customization, and Bash scripting.

The course is led by experienced instructors who have taught thousands of students, including me, and have received high ratings and reviews.

How To Write A Python Script In Linux

This course covers dozens of powerful commands, including search, find, grep and more. It teaches you how to combine multiple commands to build complex data pipelines, and how to master command-line navigation and Linux folder structure.

How To Run Python Scripts Tutorial

You will also learn how to create, delete, move, copy, and rename files and folders, and how to interpret and manipulate Unix file permissions.

How To Write A Python Script In Linux

Linux Command Line Bootcamp is a comprehensive course that will turn you into a command line power user. Whether you’re a Python programmer, web developer, data scientist, machine learning engineer or just a regular old computer user, the skills you learn in this course will make you feel empowered and give you full control over your machine.

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How To Write A Python Script In Linux

How To Run A Python Script Using Docker?

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How To Write A Python Script In Linux

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