How To Write A Music Video Script

How To Write A Music Video Script – Whether you’re doing a flashy promo or a spontaneous social media video, a script is essential. A good audio-visual (AV or video) script is a critical aspect of keeping post-production on track and on budget.

In this article, we’ll examine how to write an effective video script, regardless of your project or experience. You’ll find free storyboard templates and storyboards to get you started.

How To Write A Music Video Script

How To Write A Music Video Script

Think of the AV script as a “blueprint” for your finished product. Although this type of script can be used for a recording script, an effective AV script serves as a guide for the video editor. It’s usually created after you’ve determined your video concept and, in most cases, after the actual footage has been acquired or shot. No matter what type of video you’re making, every AV script should contain a few key elements for clarity and ease of editing.

Kinds Of Screenshots You Need To Start Using Immediately

Writing an AV script means planning the visual and audio appearance of your video. The most common format for this is a two-column script. It’s a simple but extremely flexible layout. You may need more columns when writing more complex projects, but for now let’s focus on learning the standard two-column format.*

How To Write A Music Video Script

The AV script separates the audio and video segments into two columns and separates each “shot” into a new row. Think of each row as a set of instructions for that particular recording – “We’re watching this and this ” – so the contents of the columns should match in all rows.

The Audio column contains information about dialogue, sound effects, and music. The video column describes all related visual aspects or what is displayed on the screen when a particular line is active. Breaking each scene into a new order makes it easier to visualize the flow of the script and understand what is needed to transition from one shot to the next.

How To Write A Music Video Script

How To Write A Video Script (a Practical Guide)

Post-production should not begin until your script is 100% approved. Once you have your first draft, review it and edit it to cut out unnecessary content. Changes to the script after post-production has begun can quickly throw you off schedule and possibly over budget. Go over your script several times before hiring voice talent or handing it off to your video editor. A good edit is to consolidate the script to gain strength and keep what’s important. Remember to get lots of feedback on your script from your team or client before finalizing things.

Sometimes words look good on paper but don’t flow well when spoken. If your script contains spoken words, you’ll need to read them out loud to make sure they work. Read it all the way through and note any messes or stumbling blocks. Keep editing the script until you can read them all at once. Record yourself saying the lyrics and play them back to find out what the voice track really sounds like.

How To Write A Music Video Script

Be detailed but brief. Include only what you need in your AV script. If your video is complex and the script seems cluttered, consider adding columns to better meet your needs. Maybe you need an extra column. As long as they’re not redundant, extra columns will help keep your script organized and accurate.

How To Write A Script For A Documentary

Use abbreviations for repeating punctuation marks to optimize space, and include color associations or font styles to further organize your script. Here’s a list of common abbreviations for video and audio signals that you’ll want to become familiar with:

How To Write A Music Video Script

To effectively write and produce your AV script, you need to be aware of time constraints. Timing affects every aspect of the video, so don’t write anything until you set the playback time.

Once you have a first draft, go through your script’s lines of dialogue with a program like to see an estimated reading time. If you find that lines of dialogue are taking up more time than corresponding visuals, give your script another pass to replace the line of dialogue with an attractive visual. Don’t specify what you can show. Let your images do the work and make every second count.

How To Write A Music Video Script

Six Basic Steps In Music Production

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If you don’t have time to start from scratch, download our free script and screenplay templates. You can even try it out by creating your own script template to have ready the next time inspiration strikes.

How To Write A Music Video Script

There you have it – everything you need to write an effective video script. It might seem intimidating at first, but you know what they say: practice makes perfect. No one writes a screenplay right the first time, so write and rewrite – and then write again.

Write For You A Script For Your Music Video Clip By Shellyaronov

The stronger your script, the more creative you can be with your final product and the less headaches you’ll suffer along the way. At the same time, set yourself up for success by defining clear goals and thoroughly vetting your story before entering the scripting process. en Change language Close menu Language English (selected) Español Português Deutsch Français Russkij Italiano Română Bahasa Indonesia Learn more Loading. .. User settings Close menu Welcome! Advantages of downloading the language (EN) Read and enter the free FAQ

How To Write A Music Video Script

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This is the first draft of the script for our music video, including camera movements, lyrics, effects and music. Some changes have to be made in meditation. If you’ve ever seen a music video script, you know it’s pretty straightforward. They provide you with all the information in the form of a spreadsheet document, such as an AV script. This makes me wonder why the video part isn’t working.

How To Write A Music Video Script

Free Downloadable Shot List Template

Instead, it tells you what will happen on the screen. Why use words to describe a shot when you can use pictures instead? Today I want to show you how to create a storyboard for a music video using the shot list and storyboard features. Follow along as I show you step-by-step how to turn a music video script into an advanced version of a traditional AV script, using Leon Bridges’ “Above” as my example.

Before we get into that, let’s explore together what a music video storyboard is and what it looks like.

How To Write A Music Video Script

A music video storyboard is a variation of a film script where the visual elements of each frame are presented. In a traditional AV script, video (what we see on the screen) is expressed on one side, while audio (what we hear) is expressed on the other side. For a music video script, we can have song lyrics in the right column and associated visual descriptions or script panels in the left column.

Explainer Video Script Cheatsheet [infographic]

A music video storyboard works in many ways like a traditional film script. At the same time, there are special considerations for a music video scenario. Brent from ShareGrid walks us through the process of creating a playlist for a music video shoot.

How To Write A Music Video Script

Okay, now that we’re clear on what a music video script is, I mentioned that I’m using Leon Bridges’ “Above” as an example. I mean just the first 30 seconds, but you can enjoy the whole thing before we start.

So now we’re on the same wavelength, let’s get down to it. We’ll start by watching.

How To Write A Music Video Script

How To Write A Video Script [template + Video]

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