How To Update Intel Drivers Windows 10

How To Update Intel Drivers Windows 10 – Intel has announced its own Windows Modern drivers for Windows 10, as Microsoft looks set to change the way the operating system works with hardware drivers.

According to Intel, Microsoft recommends Windows Modern drivers for Windows 10 version 1809 (October 2018 Update), and to meet the requirements, Intel will start releasing new Windows Modern drivers this month.

How To Update Intel Drivers Windows 10

How To Update Intel Drivers Windows 10

Modern Windows drivers, also known as Universal Windows Drivers, allow developers (such as Intel) to create a single set of drivers that will run across multiple formats, including desktops, tablets, and future devices.

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Universal drivers can be installed using built-in Windows Update, or customers can download them from Intel or the manufacturer’s website.

How To Update Intel Drivers Windows 10

WMDs (Windows Modern Drivers) are another attempt to improve the experience of different hardware. A chip maker like Intel can develop a modern driver that can be released to machines.

OEMs can still customize WMD for their devices. However, Microsoft will be able to test the core drivers on compatible Windows 10 hardware.

How To Update Intel Drivers Windows 10

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“Because the base driver can be used on any system that shares a piece of hardware, Microsoft can broadly test the base driver with the Windows Insider flight, rather than limiting distribution to specific machines,” Microsoft explains in a document support.

Intel says it will ship modern Windows drivers today, and those drivers can be installed on Windows 10 Fall Creators Update or later.

How To Update Intel Drivers Windows 10

There is nothing to worry about as Intel and Microsoft have worked together to make the transition smooth. Intel version is the first WMD or UWD based driver available for download from the Intel website.

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Intel Graphics Driver UWD version is available for Windows 10 Fall Creators Update, Windows 10 April 2018 Update, and Windows 10 October 2018 Update.

How To Update Intel Drivers Windows 10

This new version of the Intel graphics driver is based on UWD or WMD, and these drivers are not compatible with previous graphics drivers that are not considered legacy graphics drivers.

For any reason, if you decide to go back to the old driver, you will need to uninstall the new drivers using Windows Apps and Services and restart your system. “Failure to do so may cause minor or catastrophic system problems and system instability,” Intel warns.

How To Update Intel Drivers Windows 10

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Intel also notes that you should not use the Have Disk or INF file to install the latest drivers.

As always, you can use the Intel Driver & Support Assistant (Intel DSA) to download and install the latest drivers for Intel products for compatible drivers.

How To Update Intel Drivers Windows 10

To get the new Intel Modern driver and install it manually, visit the Intel website.

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Intel Graphics driver includes many new changes and improvements. This update provides support for 12 new games, including Fry Cry 4, and introduces some new features below:

How To Update Intel Drivers Windows 10

The update fixed a bunch of bugs. For example, we fixed a bug where Windows advanced display settings could show the wrong bit depth on some primary displays, and you’ll no longer see inaccurate colors.

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How To Update Intel Drivers Windows 10

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Chrome sidebar behaves better than Microsoft Edge. is google bard integration next? Mayank Parmar – July 30, 2023 02In 2018, Intel announced “Windows Modern Drivers” for Windows 10 processors, which were later renamed DCH drivers. Intel DCH drivers are available for many graphics adapters, including the Intel HD/UHD Graphics 620/630.

It’s been a few weeks since Intel last updated its graphics drivers in Windows 10, and today the company is rolling out a new update that pushes the DCH driver to version with some performance improvements for gamers.

How To Update Intel Drivers Windows 10

To check if the Intel DCH drivers are installed on your device, open Device Manager, expand the Display Adapter branch, and right-click the display adapter to view the version number. If the driver version is higher than, then the computer is using the DCH drivers.

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Intel DCH driver version, released on September 25, includes a fix that may cause users to experience graphics issues when opening the Windows 10 Start menu and the Microsoft Store. It’s possible that the update also fixed issues with the Start menu and the Microsoft Store.

How To Update Intel Drivers Windows 10

According to Intel, the update also fixes a bug that caused Windows 10’s HDR option to be missing from the Display Settings app. For gamers, the new driver reduces latency for remote gaming and offers better performance while playing Gears of War 5.

In Windows 10, you can download and install new, up-to-date graphics card drivers using Intel Driver and Support Assistant. Or you can download offline installers from the Intel or OEM website.

How To Update Intel Drivers Windows 10

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Intel Driver Tool is the easiest way to update drivers in Windows 10. After downloading and installing the tool, it will automatically scan, detect and download compatible drivers.

It’s worth noting that the driver update may not appear due to compatibility issues or if your computer is using OEM custom Intel drivers.

How To Update Intel Drivers Windows 10

Install Windows 11 in two clicks without third-party bloatware. Mayank Parmar – August 6, 2023 0Intel has announced that devices from OEMs (such as HP, Dell, Asus, etc.) can now be installed without installing GPU drivers. wait for device manufacturers to release custom driver versions.

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Currently, if you are using an old driver, manufacturers will block the installation of a generic update downloaded from Intel’s website because the device uses a custom graphics driver and the generic version is not validated on the device.

How To Update Intel Drivers Windows 10

The problem with this approach is that device manufacturers usually take a long time to make drivers available and often don’t even maintain custom drivers.

However, Intel has now revealed that it has changed its driver distribution policy, allowing anyone to install generic GPU drivers in Windows 10 without having to wait until the next release of a custom version of the driver.

How To Update Intel Drivers Windows 10

How To Update Windows 10 Drivers Manually

In other words, if you are using a laptop or desktop computer from a well-known brand, you can update the driver to a newer version with new improvements, features and fixes without the manufacturer’s approval.

“Starting with this release, Intel Graphics DCH drivers are unlocked, allowing you to freely update between Computer Manufacturer (OEM) drivers and generic Intel graphics drivers in the Download Center.” Intel also explains, “Your OEM customizations remain intact [with each update], and OEMs can make customizations individually through […] Windows Update.”

How To Update Intel Drivers Windows 10

The only caveat is that the limit increase is only available on computers with a 6th generation Intel processor platform or higher.

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While this new approach gives users more freedom to update drivers as new updates become available, Intel cautions that generic graphics drivers are intended for testing purposes only, “to temporarily test new features, game improvements, or verify that has any problem been resolved? . Once testing is complete, Intel advises you to reinstall the OEM driver until it validates it and releases its own version.”

How To Update Intel Drivers Windows 10

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How To Update Intel Drivers Windows 10

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I would like to ask you a small favor. This is an independent site and content production takes a lot of hard work. Although more people are reading this, many are using adblockers. Thus, advertising revenue is rapidly declining. And unlike many other sites, there are no paywalls blocking readers. So you can see why your help is needed. If everyone finds this site useful and helps support it, the future would be much safer. Thanks! Intel is rolling out a new Windows 10 graphics driver update today that includes some much-needed improvements. The changelog suggests that the latest update for Intel drivers in Windows 10 brings significant improvements for gamers, as well as bug fixes to address critical issues.

Intel Graphics driver version resolved issues with games and video playback. The update added support for Strange Brigade and Pro Evolution Soccer 2019. Version should also improve the performance of World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth and some other games, including Monster Hunter: World.

How To Update Intel Drivers Windows 10

In terms of fixes, Intel has addressed issues with YouTube and video playback. According to the changelog, the update fixed inaccurate color errors in YouTube videos. The problem reportedly occurred when a web browser was running on a hardware-accelerated device.

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Intel drivers version is available for Windows 10 devices with Intel, Celeron, Xeon, Core M and related Pentium processors with Intel Iris Plus Graphics 655 and Intel UHD Graphics 610, 620, 630, P630.

How To Update Intel Drivers Windows 10

We recommend that you download the new version of the drivers using Windows Update, but you can also download the new graphics drivers from this page.

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How To Update Intel Drivers Windows 10

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