How To Turn On Zoom On Iphone

How To Turn On Zoom On Iphone – Many iPhones have a “Display Zoom” setting that magnifies everything on the screen. Not just text, but icons, controls, buttons, everything. It’s really great. This feature, which has been around for years, wasn’t available on the iPhone X, Xs, or 11 Pro until iOS 14, and there’s a technical reason for that.

The technical reason is interesting, but knowing how to enable Display Zoom is even more interesting, so we’ll start with that.

How To Turn On Zoom On Iphone

How To Turn On Zoom On Iphone

Remember, if you’re using an iPhone X, Xs, or 11 Pro, it will only work if you’re on iOS 14. It won’t work on iOS 13 or earlier.

Display Zoom Comes To The Iphone X, Xs, And 11 Pro

When you first look at the screen zoom settings, they will say “Standard”. Click on it and you’ll see three examples of how your iPhone would have shrunk.

How To Turn On Zoom On Iphone

The samples show the rendering of home screen icons, notifications and messages. If you like the zoomed version, click Zoomed, then click “Set” at the top right. The iPhone will reboot quickly, and when it does, zoom will come back.

This is much better than enlarging the text, because everything is bigger. Larger icons and buttons are easier to touch. What is bigger is easier to see. Bigger is better.

How To Turn On Zoom On Iphone

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Now the Zoom feature has magically appeared for a technical reason thanks to iOS 14. It has to do with why Zoom works in the first place.

Basically, iPhone screens are rectangular pixels. Different iPhones have different screens and therefore different pixel counts. What Apple does is that when you select “Enhanced,” it treats your iPhone as if it were a different model: one with a smaller screen and fewer pixels. If you take a photo that fits a smaller screen, but stretch it to fit a larger screen, everything looks bigger. And that’s how Zoomed works.

How To Turn On Zoom On Iphone

It’s a great system, but it only works if Apple has a smaller iPhone model with the same screen aspect ratio as yours. For example, the iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone 8 have the same aspect ratio (1080 x 1920 on the 8 Plus, 750 x 1334 on the 8), so Apple displays an iPhone 8 image on the iPhone 8 Plus screen without distortion. visible, and of course everything is bigger. (Divide the height by the width on both phones and you get a nearly identical ratio: 0.5625 for the 8 Plus, 0.5622 for the 8. Close enough.)

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The iPhone 11 Pro Max has the same aspect ratio as the iPhone 11 Pro (1242 x 2688 for the 11 Pro Max, 1125 x 2436 for the 11 Pro, 0.463 vs 0.4618, close enough), so if you zoom in on the 11 Pro Max, what you’re actually seeing is an 11 Pro image stretched to fit the 11 Pro Max screen.

How To Turn On Zoom On Iphone

All iPhones with a zoom feature set it the same way. Apple treats the iPhone as if it were an iPhone model with a smaller screen and scales the image to fill the larger screen.

The iPhone X, Xs, and 11 Pro don’t have the same aspect ratio as the iPhone models, so there’s no iPhone screen that Apple can scale to fill the screens of the X, Xs, and 11 Pro. So you’d think Screen Zoom would never exist…but now it does!

How To Turn On Zoom On Iphone

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What is happening is that Apple is aware of an iPhone model with the same screen proportions as the iPhone X, Xs and 11 Pro, and they have informed iOS 14 about it…

This means we now know that a new iPhone will be released, sometime during iOS 14’s lifetime, with similar aspect ratios to the X, Xs and 11 Pro (1125 x 2436 all-screen, or 0.4618), but smaller. . The iPhone screen is being stretched to (almost) fit the X, Xs and 11 Pro screens; that’s why the zoom function works now.

How To Turn On Zoom On Iphone

Please use the “Share” buttons to share what’s interesting with your friends. It helps your friends and it helps me too. Thank you very much! Multiple participants in a Zoom meeting cannot share the screen. That’s because Zoom only allows the host or co-host to share their screen by default. If the host also wants other participants to share their screen, they must enable screen sharing for participants. This is exactly what we will walk you through.

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When screen sharing is disabled, Zoom participants will receive a notification that says, “The host has disabled the participant’s screen sharing.” To fix this and allow others to share the screen, the host must allow screen sharing.

How To Turn On Zoom On Iphone

So if you’re hosting a Zoom meeting, these steps will help you enable screen sharing for participants. Let’s see how to enable screen sharing on Android, iOS and desktop. First, we’ll go over the steps for individual meetings, and then we’ll enable screen sharing by default in all meetings.

You can allow participants to share the screen for the current meeting using one of two methods.

How To Turn On Zoom On Iphone

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Once you’ve joined a Zoom meeting, click the Security tab in the bottom bar of the Zoom window. Under “Allow Participants” click Share Screen to enable it. When enabled, participants will be able to share their screen.

Pro tip: You can also enable or disable other features for participants, such as chat, being able to change and disable their name from the security setting.

How To Turn On Zoom On Iphone

After joining a meeting, click the small arrow next to Share Screen. Select Advanced sharing options.

How To Share Your Screen On Zoom

A pop-up window will open. Click All participants who can share the setting. Click the Close (X) icon in the pop-up window to save the setting. Now other participants can share their screen.

How To Turn On Zoom On Iphone

As a host, you have a few other privileges when it comes to screen sharing. You can allow multiple participants to share their screen at the same time instead of just one. To do this, click the small arrow next to Screen Sharing. Then click on ‘Multiple participants can share at once’.

Also, when you tap Advanced sharing options and enable screen sharing for all participants, you can change who can share the screen when someone else is sharing. These two options are host only and all participants. Choose according to your requirements.

How To Turn On Zoom On Iphone

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To allow participants in the current meeting to share their screen as a host, follow these steps:

Pro tip: As a host, you can enable/disable a chat or remove the ability for participants to enable and rename themselves from the same screen.

How To Turn On Zoom On Iphone

Ask attendees to register now. They should be able to share their screen using the Share button in the Zoom apps.

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The above methods allow you to enable screen sharing only for the current session. If you host multiple meetings that require participants to share their screen, you can enable the default setting for the same feature in your account. That way, any meeting you host will have screen sharing enabled for all participants.

How To Turn On Zoom On Iphone

To do this, you need to access your Zoom account settings from the Zoom website. Here are the steps:

Step 4: Scroll down and you will find screen sharing settings. First, turn on the switch next to Screen Sharing. Then select All participants under Who can share.

How To Turn On Zoom On Iphone

Phone Stuck In Zoom

You can also enable or disable screen sharing notifications from this screen. Additionally, if desired, you can customize what participants can share by enabling the Disable Desktop/Screen Sharing switch next to users.

As a meeting participant, if you are greeted with “The host has disabled participant screen sharing”, you should first notify the host. You may have forgotten to enable the setting. If they’ve enabled it and you still get the same error, leave the session and rejoin. That should solve the problem. If that doesn’t work, sign out of your Zoom account and sign in and join the meeting.

How To Turn On Zoom On Iphone

If you don’t get this error but can’t share your screen, you should first restart your device (mobile or computer). Then follow the direct steps to share your screen in Zoom.

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Make sure you’re running an updated version of the Zoom app and that screen sharing is compatible with your device. Zoom supports screen sharing on Android devices running Android 5.0 or later and iOS devices running iOS 11 or later.

How To Turn On Zoom On Iphone

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How To Turn On Zoom On Iphone

How To Turn Off Display Zoom On Iphone

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