How To Turn On Wifi On Gopro

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In these steps I will show you how to easily control the GoPro Hero 4 and GoPro Hero Session 5 using an Arduino wifi board. You’ll learn that these instructions can be easily adapted to any type of GoPro equipment.

How To Turn On Wifi On Gopro

How To Turn On Wifi On Gopro

This is useful when you want to create your own custom controllers for your project. You don’t need to hack your existing controller, you can just use the Arduino to communicate with it directly using some basic network commands. Not only can you control your GoPro’s features, but you can also receive camera status updates. This makes it a versatile solution for many different types of projects, including custom robots and drones

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First, you’ll obviously need a GoPro camera. These instructions are for the latest model (GoPro Hero 6). However, I’ve only personally tested it with the GoPro Hero 4 and GoPro Hero Session 5. The Hero Session model is slightly different than the others, but we’ll get to that later.

How To Turn On Wifi On Gopro

You’ll also need an Arduino MKR1000 or Arduino MKR Zero. I am using the MKR1000 in these instructions. You might be able to use another Arduino-compatible Wi-Fi-enabled microcontroller board (like the Feather), but I haven’t tried it myself.

You’ll also need a USB cable for the Arduino, a computer running the Arduino development software (which I assume you have), and a smartphone with the GoPro app installed.

How To Turn On Wifi On Gopro

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If you don’t have or have never used an Arduino before, I highly recommend reading the Arduino course before starting this project!

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How To Turn On Wifi On Gopro

The first thing you need to do is turn on and configure the camera’s Wi-Fi connection. I won’t dwell on this too much as there are already many tutorials out there.

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On the GoPro Hero4, the easiest way is to follow the instructions in the app to connect the camera to the phone.

How To Turn On Wifi On Gopro

Once the phone is paired with the camera, use the app to open the camera settings and give the Wi-Fi network a new name and password of your choice.

On the GoPro Hero Session 5, the same method works. To get started, follow the instructions in the app to connect the camera to your phone. This will automatically configure the Wi-Fi network name and password.

How To Turn On Wifi On Gopro

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After enabling WiFi, you need to find out the MAC (Media Access Control) address of the camera. This address is a great piece of information when dealing with GoPro’s legacy Hero line. However, if you are using a GoPro Hero Session, you must have this address.

To get it, first connect your computer to the camera’s Wi-Fi network using the network name and password from the previous step.

How To Turn On Wifi On Gopro

Once logged into the camera’s Wi-Fi network, open any old web browser on your computer and visit the following URL:

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The bits in the string we are interested in are the sequence of numbers following “ap_mac:”. This 12-digit string of numbers and numbers is the MAC address. In my case it was

How To Turn On Wifi On Gopro

In order for an Arduino to communicate with a GoPro Hero series camera, it must be paired using a PIN code. To get the passcode, go to the phone menu and pair the camera with the app. This should generate a 4-digit PIN on all later camera models (Hero 3 and earlier models have a 6-digit PIN).

You must manually enter the PIN twice in two places in the code below:

How To Turn On Wifi On Gopro

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After entering the PIN, you have less than three minutes to upload it to the Arduino and establish a connection with the camera.

For all intents and purposes, nothing seems to happen after you successfully upload your code. However, if you return to the video screen from the GoPro’s settings menu, you should now be able to send commands to it (we’ll talk about that later).

How To Turn On Wifi On Gopro

If you are unable to send commands to the camera in the following steps, go back and repeat this step.

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GoPro Session does not have a PIN. However, he has his own idiosyncrasies and being associated with him is really boring. You’ve probably noticed that once you’re done shooting, or for that matter, once you’re done using your camera, it shuts off and goes into sleep mode.

How To Turn On Wifi On Gopro

Before you can send any commands to your GoPro Hero, you need to wake it up. The easiest way to do this is to manually press the menu button on the back of the camera and send it a command within a few seconds of the window it wakes up. However, it’s boring and not particularly functional in any way.

A better way to wake up your GoPro is with a VOL bag or “magic bag”. The acronym stands for Wake-on-Lan, a protocol for remotely waking a computer from sleep mode. It needs to send bytes from Arduino to GoPro using UDP protocol to wake up. This is a bit annoying because it’s a different protocol than the one you send with all the other control commands. If you’re new to programming, the code isn’t as pretty and it’s a bit complicated to use.

How To Turn On Wifi On Gopro

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But when it works, it does work like magic. It always amazes me to see my camera wake up by sending a command from the Arduino.

Function in your code) should be sent before most other commands, and should usually be delayed by 1-2 seconds. Basically, it has to be sent every time the camera needs to be woken up (most of the time). After sending the command, you have to pause for a moment to allow the camera to actually wake up.

How To Turn On Wifi On Gopro

In the example below, the VOL function is called in the settings, so it only wakes up your camera the first time you boot it up.

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In this example, I’ll show how to send commands to start and stop video recording.

How To Turn On Wifi On Gopro

Additionally, using the same method demonstrated here, you can send commands for almost any function within the camera. GoPro Hero 4 controls appear to be standard on all subsequent models. However, some newer cameras have new features and camera-specific controls worth exploring. You can find camera-specific commands on the unofficial GoPro WiFi API github page by clicking the link for your camera model.

The example below includes recording for 5 seconds, stopping recording, waiting another 5 seconds and starting over. If you’re using Hero Session, be sure to uncomment the line of code that wakes up the GoPro.

How To Turn On Wifi On Gopro

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Http:// When this connection is called, it provides a JSON object that can be parsed using this camera status guide.

The easiest way to view it is to use a computer connected to the GoPro’s wifi network and use a web browser to load the link above.

How To Turn On Wifi On Gopro

Honestly, every time I try to do this with my Arduino, it somehow crashes my GoPro. I’m no longer spinning my wheels on this part since the larger project I’m working on doesn’t require this functionality.

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Create a modern triangular pixel LED clock using andrei.erdei’s VS2812 LEDs and Vemos D1 mini modules in LED lights. Can you guess how many different ways you can open your GoPro? The answer is…it depends on the model you have. On the Hero7 Black, there is

How To Turn On Wifi On Gopro

Four ways to open it. Read on to learn how to turn on your GoPro camera depending on your model.

Let’s start with some GoPro tips for beginners. These are some standard things to check before opening your GoPro, and they apply to all GoPro models.

How To Turn On Wifi On Gopro

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Ok, now we can go. We have a fully charged battery and an SDmicro memory card. Now to turn on your GoPro, press the Mode button on the side. Ok, so there are a few GoPro buttons… which one is the mode button?

When you turn on your GoPro, the touchscreen on the back should light up. The status screen on the front should also start showing some information.

How To Turn On Wifi On Gopro

GoPro cameras have a feature called QuickCapture. This is the fastest, easiest, and best way to open your GoPro

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