How To Turn On Push Notifications

How To Turn On Push Notifications – Push notifications have an average engagement rate of 10% across all industries. This makes it a very effective marketing channel, especially when combined with other app inbox channels.

Used wisely—as part of a multi-channel strategy or as a stand-alone campaign—app push notifications can significantly improve the quality of interaction between your brand and app users. Marketers investing in this channel find it especially useful when it comes to remarketing to existing customers, restoring abandoned carts, and re-engaging lapsed users.

How To Turn On Push Notifications

How To Turn On Push Notifications

The main focus of all these objectives is the timing of the announcement. And that’s what we’re going to cover in this tutorial. We will break it down into three areas; purpose, frequency of messages and optimal sending time.

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As we cover these topics, we’ll also touch on the key components of an engaging message that drives clicks and conversions. relevance, personalization, segmentation and real-time event triggers.

How To Turn On Push Notifications

In an article published on Medium, Tom Farrell asked whether marketers need their own Hippocratic Oath. The point of this doctrine, which is very dear to doctors, is that when we are faced with a problem, we should do nothing and not make it worse.

Now, he wasn’t suggesting that we as marketers should be idle (far from it), but that we should be disciplined and hold back at times.

How To Turn On Push Notifications

Five Mistakes In Designing Mobile Push Notifications

Above all, we want to avoid excessive messaging in our database and damaging customer relationships. The last thing we want is for our users to experience notification fatigue and completely revoke our permission to message them.

This idea is not as simple as you might instinctively think. At a basic level, it refers to the tipping point where the recipient of your nudge is being messaged too often and has a negative reaction.

How To Turn On Push Notifications

You can also be unlucky and the push you send all month comes at a very bad time. It’s not your fault per se, but your brand is now bearing the brunt of this particular user’s frustration.

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Excessive texting is also a very personal thing; some people may click after the fifth notification, while someone else will happily click or swipe through a dozen a day and not get too frustrated.

How To Turn On Push Notifications

So yes, you may be unlucky from time to time, but if you follow our best practice recommendations, you’ll reduce the likelihood of that happening.

To establish a baseline for how often you should send push notifications, you first need to answer the following question.

How To Turn On Push Notifications

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There are basically 5 reasons to send a push notification app and you could say they all apply to your brand at different times.

What is the difference between education and information? In terms of notifications, education refers to product and service updates or new features, while information refers more to transactional messages (purchase confirmations or estimated arrival times).

How To Turn On Push Notifications

It is possible for the same statement to serve two purposes, but in general they are more effective when they serve one clear purpose at a time.

App Push Notifications

Considering that 70% of people who download an app are inactive (ie inactive and likely to delete) within 3 days, it’s fair to say that initial push notifications are very important. We typically see brands that successfully sign up have a high percentage of new users who send three or four notifications within the first 3 days of download.

How To Turn On Push Notifications

These messages are typically used to increase registrations (especially in the sports betting industry), encourage account creation and first purchase (for e-commerce brands), and promote some key app features or most valuable content (this applies to the travel and transportation industry and online publishers ).

Of course, sending all these messages manually will be incredibly time consuming. That’s why we recommend brands create automated welcome campaigns using a visual journey builder. New users can then be immediately included in the workflow. Depending on their engagement behavior, they are sent different messages, all a/b tested and optimized for goals.

How To Turn On Push Notifications

How To Enable Push Notifications

The frequency of these notifications really depends on how often you have something relevant to inform users about. This is an important caveat, by the way. Just because a post is important to you doesn’t mean your audience has to know about it, or even want to know!

You should only send these suggestions for changes to the app, service, or products that will directly affect users. Otherwise, keep it to yourself.

How To Turn On Push Notifications

This category of notification can hardly be overstated. In fact, I would say that these messages should be sent as often as needed. Readers who currently use a neo bank such as Revolut or Monzo (among a growing number of brands) will be familiar with regular account transaction notifications.

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They are very useful and only a small percentage of users would even consider turning them off. A large number of traditional, legacy banks are looking to engage push app providers to provide this option and improve their customer experience.

How To Turn On Push Notifications

It would not be unusual for publishers to send 3 or 4 notifications to an individual each day, depending on the number of recent news updates and the user’s interests.

This is a fairly broad category and includes offers, discounts and promotions as well as recommended reading (for publishers). Any push notification sent with the intention of increasing revenue (regardless of your exact business model) can be considered a “sale”.

How To Turn On Push Notifications

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We’ll talk more about this in the next section, but marketers should be careful about the frequency of sales-focused notifications. Perhaps more than any other type on this list, segmentation is critical. This is one way to provide value to both the customer and the brand. That’s what individual marketing is all about!

It’s also important that you keep track of engagement levels to find the sweet spot between frequency and conversions. The law of diminishing returns definitely applies to sales incentives!

How To Turn On Push Notifications

The ideal sales incentive is one that is triggered by specific events; for example. a particular product was recently viewed but not purchased, as in the above example. The brand uses the information it has to intelligently target individuals based on their recent behavior.

What Does It Mean To Enable Push Notifications?

This includes cart recovery and re-engagement campaigns. 50 to 70% of online sales are abandoned at checkout. Ideally, you have an automated campaign set up that sends in-app prompts to encourage customers to return to their cart and re-engage lost sales. If you have the right solutions, they are not difficult to implement and will significantly increase your sales numbers.

How To Turn On Push Notifications

To re-engage inactive users, it’s important to have an accurate idea of ​​how many users are “active” and how often they use the app.

Without this customer data, you won’t be able to identify and target users who are at risk of leaving. For publishers and sports betting brands, two highly competitive industries, re-engagement announcements are strategically important.

How To Turn On Push Notifications

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As you can see in the example above, the best re-engagement efforts are personalized and include offers and content that the recipient has shown interest in. Use this data to deliver compelling messages that win back customers and keep them strong. connect with your brand.

Along with the reasons for sending them, the value of push notifications to the customer is another factor in determining their frequency.

How To Turn On Push Notifications

For example, ride-sharing apps may send two self-delivery notifications (eg “ride is on the way” and “ride is here”) in the same transaction. You wouldn’t say that was an exaggeration of the news, would you?

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And if the customer used the service two or three times a week, you still expect them to send a notification each time. And the customer would always like to receive them.

How To Turn On Push Notifications

In this example, the value of each press is clear; there is no risk of irritating the user so that they form a negative opinion of your brand and leave it.

But now let’s imagine that there is a third notification that is sent 10 minutes after you arrive at your destination. This will take you back to the app where you can write a review. It’s a very different kind of push; it only serves the interests of the brand, not both parties.

How To Turn On Push Notifications

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How does a carpooling service prevent this? They incentivize reviews with a 5% discount on your next trip. Now the balance has been restored. It has something for them and for you.

We need to ensure that every time we send a notification, it adds value to the user experience.

How To Turn On Push Notifications

Instead of worrying about how many pushes you should send, focus on making them all relevant. It’s a better way. One precise, targeted announcement a week is worth more than a handful of generic blasts.

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Services such as ride-hailing or food delivery apps have a clear advantage in terms of shareable content compared to merchants working in e-commerce or publishing and media, for example. They have what you might call “built-in compliance.”

How To Turn On Push Notifications

So how does a digital publisher or an

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