How To Turn On Norton Auto Protect

How To Turn On Norton Auto Protect – At one time, Symantec’s Norton brand of security software had one of the most confusing lineups out there: products include Norton 360, Norton 360 Multi-Device, Norton Anti-Virus, and Norton Internet Security. Trying to decide which product was best for you, let alone the best price, was no small feat.

Fortunately, that has changed. There is now only one security software, Norton Security, which combines the tools and features of previous packages into one product.

How To Turn On Norton Auto Protect

How To Turn On Norton Auto Protect

Those who want not only multi-device protection but also a variety of Windows tools will find Norton Security to be the best choice. For $49.99 per year, the Deluxe Edition offers protection for up to five devices on Windows, OS X, Android, or iOS. (There’s also a Standard version that costs $44.99 and protects a single Windows PC or Mac, but for an extra $5 it’s definitely worth going for the Deluxe version.) The Premium version $69.99 version adds 25 GB of cloud-based storage, parental controls, and protection for up to 10 devices.

Norton™ Secure Vpn

As is common with other security suites, the Mac version of Norton is a bit sparse. It also falls in iOS, but shines with Android. Overall, though, the Windows version is the star of this security suite.

How To Turn On Norton Auto Protect

The Windows version of Norton Security offers a range of tools that go far beyond security and includes useful performance tools such as a startup manager, disk optimization, and file cleaning. Everything is presented in a main interface with four large icons that represent the main features of the software: Security, Identity, Performance and More Norton, which allows you to install Norton on other devices (by sending a download link) and display the status.

While it looks relatively clean, I found the interface somewhat confusing: at first I wasn’t sure how to zoom in to get to the tools in each feature. For example, when I first clicked Performance, I could immediately find information about the last time my PC was optimized and cleaned, but I couldn’t find any of Norton’s performance tools.

How To Turn On Norton Auto Protect

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It turned out that to find the tools belonging to each of the four categories, you first need to highlight the icon and then click on a rather inconspicuous down arrow on the right side of the main screen. Once I did, I found a huge array of tools. For example, under Performance you have a disk optimizer, file cleanup, a startup manager, and graphs that track your PC’s current CPU usage and its activity over time, including history of downloads, installations, optimizations, malware detections, malware scans, and alerts.

Those who want to customize their security go to the Advanced section of the Security category (found by clicking that down arrow), where you can toggle individual security modules, such as firewall, email protection, browser protection, and others.

How To Turn On Norton Auto Protect

Finally, the Identity category includes the Identity Safe password manager; password generator; Safe Web, which checks websites to make sure they are safe (this is enabled by default); and an anti-phishing feature (also enabled by default).

Norton Antivirus Plus

In the beginning, Norton security products used to crash your system by using too many system resources, but it has been years since that happened. Norton has slowed down over time and this newer version felt even lighter on my system than the previous one. Symantec says it now uses 20% less memory when scanning and occupies a smaller malware definition size than the previous version.

How To Turn On Norton Auto Protect

Windows 8 users can download the Norton Studio app for Windows 8, which displays the security status of all your devices. View a snapshot of the latest Norton activity on each site, including scan results, malware detected, phishing sites detected and blocked. But it’s not an active tool like Norton’s desktop version – you can’t run scans or customize how security works. I used it once and then never again.

If you are looking for security for your Mac, Norton Security is for you. However, if you want the kind of performance tools found in the Windows version, you’ll be disappointed.

How To Turn On Norton Auto Protect

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Apart from the lack of performance tools, the Mac version of Norton Security mirrors the Windows application quite well. The interface is similar, with large icons representing each of the main features of the application: Security, Scans, LiveUpdate, Advanced, and Add Devices. Protection shows the results of the most recent scans, Scans lets you tell Norton to run a scan, LiveUpdate lets you view and update malware signature update status, Advanced lets you customize how the program works, and Devices you can install Norton on other devices.

In fact, the Mac’s interface is superior to Windows in some ways: you don’t have to look for the little down arrow on the right side of the screen to get to work.

How To Turn On Norton Auto Protect

Get a full set of security tools, including antivirus, firewall, phishing blocker, and identity protection. As with the Windows version, you can activate and deactivate various components. As with the Windows version, each feature also includes layers of protection. For example, the firewall allows you to configure different blocking settings for the different networks your Mac connects to.

Norton 360 Deluxe

The result? I found the Mac version simple, straightforward, and intuitive, though it would have been nice to add some performance tools to the mix.

How To Turn On Norton Auto Protect

The Norton Android app is fantastic. It offers a comprehensive range of protection, including anti-malware, anti-theft, backup, web threat protection, and App Advisor that checks installed apps for potential problems. Icons represent each module; tap an icon to use it or see more details about it. I found it to be an example of good design and provides quick and easy easy access to all functions.

The App Advisor is very helpful. Examine all of your apps and look for potential problems, such as whether they are adware or potentially invading your privacy. Tap an app name and provide more information, such as “collect your account information.” From the same screen, you can uninstall the app or tell Norton to trust it.

How To Turn On Norton Auto Protect

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Norton’s iOS protection is disappointing. It has the usual anti-theft component of locating a lost iOS device on a map, remotely triggering a “scream” alarm and locking the device, and it can also back up your contacts, which roughly is what every backyard iOS security tool does. And that’s it – no malware scans or other similar features. Not a privacy breach checker app. No protection against web threats. The interface is simple enough to use, but that’s because the app itself does so little.

You won’t be overwhelmed by Norton’s web-based dashboard. In fact, you should not use it at all. It shows you the devices on which Norton is installed and allows you to install Norton on other devices. You can also manage the anti-theft features of your iOS and Android devices. But it won’t get you anything other than that.

How To Turn On Norton Auto Protect

This is a great security suite, providing a comprehensive set of tools at your fingertips to protect Windows systems, Macs, Android devices and to a lesser extent iOS devices. The Windows software is particularly notable for its suite of installation and maintenance tools.

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If you want iOS anti-malware, you’ll need to find another app because Norton doesn’t include it. And don’t expect much from a web dashboard, but other than that, Norton Security is the best security suite you can get.

How To Turn On Norton Auto Protect

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The Norton name has a long history in the computer security industry, with its antivirus software dating back to 1991 and the original Norton Utilities, which became popular for its ability to undelete deleted files, coming out in 1982.

How To Turn On Norton Auto Protect

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Today, the company now known as NortonLifeLock after a merger bundles many different products into one security suite and calls it Norton 360. Available in various subscription based packages from standard to premium, this is an application that can be installed on a Windows PC. installed , Apple Mac, iPhone or iPad, or Android phone or tablet.

Standard (£24.99,, the cheapest package, installs on only one device and doesn’t include Norton parental controls or dark web monitoring features.

How To Turn On Norton Auto Protect

The deluxe version (£34.99, adds these, along with the ability to install the software on five devices, while the premium tier lets you install on ten devices – handy for a house full of laptops, phones and tablets – but adds nothing else in the way of new features.

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There is also a “gamers” level, hidden on the Norton website. It costs almost as much as the deluxe tier and offers protection for three devices with dark web monitoring and a “game optimizer” that suppresses the activity of other programs on your PC.

How To Turn On Norton Auto Protect

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